Office Wear Style: 15 Ideas for Stylish Corporate Women

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Office wear style is what you make of it; you only must work with your body figure to find clothes that flatter you. From dresses to pants, dressing with formality is the code to nailing office looks. However, you do not always have to look prim and proper; switching up or dressing down is acceptable. There is an unspoken rule that guides your selection of office wear styles. When wearing a dress, be sure it fits you perfectly and falls modestly around your knees. Skirts should follow the same rule, especially if you like wearing tightly fitted pencil skirts.

While trying to appear modest, you also need to look bright and ready to navigate meetings and offices easily. Sometimes chic layering is all you need to look stunning; other times, you need to coordinate your outfit. The style info is a lot to take in, and you might feel overwhelmed; not to worry, your days of boring outfits are over. If you have landed here searching for an office wear style, scroll down to view all the classy and gorgeous outfit ideas below.


1. A blazer jacket outfit

A blazer jacket is one of the classics for office wear style and versatile ways to style it. The easiest way to look put together is by layering the jacket with a button-down shirt tucked into dress pants. You can always go the chic yet straightforward route with a camisole or thin-strapped top layering. Be sure to wear colorful layering if you’re wearing a dark-toned jacket for a pop of color. Even on days when you have to dress down, a blazer jacket can add the touch of formality you need. You can wear either flats or heels in black or matching colors with your layering choice for footwear.

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2. Three-quarter sleeved dress with belt

Going for a knee-length or midi dress with belts is an intelligent option you must try. Wearing such dresses is the perfect combo of decent meets stylish. The look is worthy enough to wear to the office and other formal events since the belt adds a design feature of sophistication. You can style such looks with pumps or stiletto heels or simple flats; they all will work for this dress.

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3. Two-piece skirt suit

With a two-piece suit outfit, you do not have to start scrambling to combine different pieces. The only thing to think of is your layering of choice and the accessories to elevate the look. It is one fail-proof outfit; you can wear on days when you have an important meeting planned. Or better if you wish to look classy yet fashionable at the office.

Two Piece Set Two Piece Set

4. Blue office dress

One popular color in office wear is blue, and it might look basic on button-down shirts, but on a dress, it appears regal. Blue symbolizes several things, but in the corporate world, it shows loyalty, hence why you can safely wear it for interviews. You also make a great first impression with shades like royal blue, and everyone’s wardrobe should at least have dresses in two shades. If you want to update the look, you can easily pair it with other colors such as yellow and white.

5. African print office wear style

Suppose you’re looking for something bold and unique that will have you receiving compliments, then try an African print outfit. They look cute when made into dresses and other clothing items. If you find a lovely shirt, pairing it with dress pants for work and formal events is excellent. The skirts also make for a chic coordinated outfit, and your top should be one focus color from the skirt. You can add accessories to enhance the look, like matching bags with shoes and handbags or color contrast that works. The dress is effortless to style; find one with design details that accentuate your body modestly and rock.

6. Flared office dress

Enough with tight body-hugging dresses, right? A flared skirt is here for the rescue. The sleeves can be any length, but the dress should get to your knees. A beautiful flare dress, even in print, still allows flatters of your figure since the flare design usually starts from under the waistline. It is a great way to appear professional but not so stiff. When appropriately accessorized, you have a great transitional dress to take you from work to evening dinners.

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7. Skirt and blouse office outfit

Pulling off a cute skirt outfit looks easy until you want to appear extra stylish. If you wish to keep it simple, go with a shirt and a pencil skirt. Go with a sweater with some impression for an elegant update, even if it’s a pine striped shirt. With blouses, avoid plain design if you hope to appear fashionable; it’s time to pull out peplums and pussy bow tops. Sometimes a dramatic sleeve design feature works too for a simple straight skirt design.

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8. Black chic dress

A staple office apparel is a black dress that every lady should own, as it saves you on days when you cannot think of anything to wear. You elevate the dress when you put in a bit of effort to style a black dress, like adding a brooch, scarf, or a pop of color. You do want to leave your black dress to do all the work, so you must invest in some accessories to style them.

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9. Casual office wear style

Not all offices accept casual dressing, but for those who do, it’s just a day in the week; usually, Friday is set aside to dress comfy and intelligent. The ultimate casual wear style is straight-leg jeans (black or blue) and a button-down shirt or simple top of any color. Prints and stripes are also suited for such days to add vibrancy to the outfit. You can be the ultimate relaxed queen with trainers or boots being your choice of footwear. However, if you feel like the look is too laid-back for your office, you can wear a jacket and heels to update the look.

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10. Wrap dress outfit

Step into work looking like a boss chic with a wrap dress. The gathered details help accentuate your curves and give you room to move around. Pair your dress with pumps or heeled strappy sandals, and update it to posh with simple jewelry.

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11. Patched dress outfit

An excellent to appear vibrant yet formal is with a patched dress. It features a plain color base which can be black, white, or blue, with patches of other colors. TheThe patches can be in the form of boxes or circles in contrasting colors that complement the base color. On the other hand, they can also be as ruffles details on the side or hem of the dress.

Sabra African print Ankara patch work yellow midi office dress
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12. Sleeveless dress outfit

If you come across a beautiful sleeveless gown or have one at the back of your closet, you get put off wearing the dress. It is time to think again, as the lack of sleeves can serve for different outfit combos for different seasons. The first option will be to throw a blazer jacket over the dress, but you might find out it doesn’t pair well. You can try something new with a colored coat, especially if it’s a dark-colored dress.

However, going with the seasons for summer, you can layer the clothing with a fitted T-shirt on casual days. Or a dramatic sleeved top made with light fabric like chiffon and organza. Your layering options will shift to turtleneck tops and chic jackets when the temps drop.

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13. Jumpsuit office wear style

The perfect jumpsuit for your body saves you a lot of stress thinking of how to combine outfits. Women of all shapes and sizes can rock a tailored jumpsuit to the office, even on formal days. On days when you feel like rocking a causal piece that somewhat looks like a onesie, it best is on a Friday. You can even get away with embellishes and thin-strapped jumpsuits with jacket layering. Such an outfit makes doubles as both work and a party-ready look. Do not forget to accessorize with a matching bag and heels.

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14. Shorts office wear

Some offices are so laid back that you can wear shorts to work, but because informal wear is acceptable doesn’t mean you should look shabby. Always add a formality to your shorts with a top like a button-down shirt and blazer jacket. Better you can go for two-piece shorts set, like this one from Shien, that allows the dress to work stylishly. Do not forget to add a matching color camisole as layering to finish off the outfit. Your shoe choice can be anything from sneakers, boots, heels, and a bag that pairs with your attire.

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15. Print pants

Printed pants are the next outfit you must try to work to stand out and look formal. It would be best to opt for floral or stripe patterns, the easiest being plaids. They make for an excellent pairing with your plain tops to update and coordinate the blouse’s bags.

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Your outfits say a lot about you, and it becomes even more intense in the corporate. The best office wear style makes you appear confident yet comfy to carry out your duties. With the selection above, you will always look your best to work.

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