In need of stylish outfit ideas? Check out these 15 amazing outfits from Milan fashion week winter/fall 2022

Milan fashion week

The Milan fashion week is back in 2022 and it was bigger than ever this time, see 15 standout styles from the masterpieces displayed.

After two years of sheltering away due to the sudden and unwelcome appearance of COVID-19, the monumental fashion event flared to life this year. Classic Italian designers such as Giorgio Armani showcased their fabulous works on elegant women as they strutted down the catwalk. Budding artists vied for their names to resonate throughout the year, the Milan fashion week was indeed a spectacular event.

The bi-annual event did not fail to deliver. It revealed a splendid collaboration between Gucci and Adidas; Moschino dresses fashioned to mimic home appliances reminiscent of characters-turned-objects from The Beauty and the Beast, like Lumière and Cogsworth.

But just what factors coalesced to birth this captivating fashion show? What unseen fingers caressed the molds of history to produce this breath-taking work of art?

History of Milan fashion week: A trip down memory lane

For a long time, Milan fashion, and indeed Italian fashion, was enjoyed by locals and locals alone. Never crossing international waters and catching the eye of foreigners.

It wasn’t until after World War II that Italian fashion dipped its toes into these waters, and even then, Milan was nowhere on board. At the time, when it was asked what city was the center of the country’s fashion, leading Italy to new heights, the answer on everyone’s mind was Florence.

Florence was a booming city when it came to fashion, and the country’s fame was spearheaded by a designer by the name of Giovanni Battista Giorgini.

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How Italian fashion designers led to the birth of the Milan fashion week

Giovanni’s popularity took its first baby steps when he hosted fashion shows in his own home. These shows became genuinely famous, mainly when they were attended by other Italian designers like the Fontana sisters and Emilio Pucci.

The Fontana sisters—Giovanna, Micol, and Zoe Fontana—had had an intoxicating taste of fame three years before Giovanni invited them to participate in his first fashion show. That was when Hollywood star Linda Christian wore a beautiful satin dress with a five-yard train that had been designed by the sisters for her wedding with fellow actor Tyrone Power.

Popularity only burgeoned when Giovanni moved the shows from the walls of his home to Sala Bianca in Palazzo Pitti. These events drew in international journalists and buyers, like the American retail store known as Saks Fifth Avenue.

But in 1958, Milan came into the fold with the formation of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italia, the Chamber of Italian Fashion. The non-profit aimed to promote Italian fashion designers by giving them a platform to showcase their fabulous wares, and it was Milan that this organization was based in. Thus, Milan Fashion Week was born.

Soon after, numerous fashion houses joined the association, giving their designs the spotlight. These houses included Etro—famous for its paisley patterns—and Missoni.

Milan fashion week winter/fall 2022 highlights

Giamani addresses Ukraine invasion

This year’s Fashion Week saw the presence of protestors seeking to draw attention to the invasion happening in Ukraine, holding placards saying, “Stand With Ukraine,” and “No World War III,” as well as “No Putin.”

Giorgio Armani chose to address the invasion of Ukraine during his runway by refusing to play music while the model donning his wares strutted down the catwalk, becoming the first designer to make a statement.

“My decision to not play music in the show was made as a sign of respect towards the people involved in the unfolding tragedy in Ukraine,” said the designer in an Instagram post.

15 Best looks from Milan fashion week winter/fall 2022

Designers awed onlookers with an array of fabulous color combinations, writhing patterns that caressed the eye, and clothing pairs that absolutely dazzled.

Here are 15 of the best looks from the fashion week, and the names of the brands behind the beautiful list:

15. MM6 Maison Margiela

Maison margiela Milan fashion week

MM6 Maison Margiela impressed viewers with this beautiful combination. The model dons on a black overcoat, grey elbow gloves with its patterns in a darker shade of grey, brown sneakers, and a grey scarf wrapped elegantly around her neck. The model indeed turned her back to dropped jaws and fascinated gazes. If you cannot afford the entire assembly, it is an inspo to get the affordable individual items on Amazon and combine them yourself!

14. MM6 Maison Margiela

MM6 Maison Margiela stunned us again by unveiling an eye-pleasing pair between a dark bottle green leather jacket, light grey scarf, dark grey blouse, and black trousers.

13. Port 1961

Port 1961 Milan fashion week

Chilly outside but tired of simple sweaters or coats? Port 196 adds an appealing spin on warm clothes by showing just how chic you would look if you slipped on a dark jungle green jacket over a black fur coat high boots rising from below. Port 196 was founded by the fabulous Canadian fashion designer Luke Tanebe in 1961.

12. GCDS

GCDS dazzled with this princess-like dress. Dominating its surface is a mixture of cadet grey and slate brush strokes, and this chic dress is paired with similarly colored heels and elbow-length fingerless gloves that shift tones between the faintest and the darkest shade of blue.

Interesting bit of trivia:

GCDS—founded in Milan by the brothers Giuliano and Giordano Calza—is an acronym for God Can’t Destroy Streetwear.

11. Ambush

Back in black, Ambush gifts us this eye-candy. The genius fashion minds paired a black leather jacket that only buttons at the top, leaving the bust free with short wings at the sides, black leather trousers, leather gloves, and a black fur hat to top it all up.

10. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana Milan fashion week

Bringing the heat in red-red-red are Dolce & Gabbana, unveiling this fantabulous wear. Puffed up jacket so glossy you can almost hear it squeak through the picture, a miniskirt of the same material, black tights, dark fingerless gloves, red shoes.

And to top it all up, dark shades to protect your eyes from the stunning glare of your own clothes. Thanks, Dolce & Gabbana: now, whenever I think red-hot, this image will pop into my head.

9. Blazé Milano

Blazé Milano gives us a subtle combination of colors in this outfit; a taupe jacket was thrown over a white blouse tucked into shorts and below that black riding boots. Nothing fancy, but it certainly screams its elegance with its subtlety.

8. Fendi

Fendi Milan fashion week

If someone pitched you an outfit comprised of a sleeveless dress and long trousers, surely you’d cock a brow, even—if it’s a complete stranger—back away slowly.

The fashion-wiz at Fendi made it work, and it certainly is no nightmare of a combination. The potter’s clay dress pairs nicely with the rhino-colored trousers, with black shoes ending the chic look.

7. Del Core

On a quick glance, you might decide that Del Core has simply gone with a lemon ginger long-sleeved shirt and paired it with trousers of the same color.

However, upon closer examination, you would notice that…those pant legs are suspiciously loose, and that’s because their model isn’t wearing trousers but a mid-thigh skirt with pant legs clipped to it. The geniuses at Del Core have done it yet again, yielding an absolute masterpiece that slays.

6. Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti has come to dominate this fashion week. The dress their model donned will most certainly be the talk of the town for months: black glass mosaic sleeveless dress with tassels rising from the collars and blanketing the shoulders, paired with high boots of a similar fashion, this outfit all but shouts chic.

5. Bally

Bally graces the fashion week with a dapper outfit, combining a dove grey suit jacket with an iridium pair of pants. Footwear is where they drastically shake things up, yet odd as the color and pattern of the shoes are, they fit the combo made above it snugly.

4. Jil Sander

With picture-perfect elegance, the outfit from the brilliant minds of Jil Sander graces the catwalk: a Buddha gold dress seemingly constructed of multiple flower heads sprouted from thin stems that crisscross the frame. Truly a masterpiece.

3. Etro

Step Milan fashion week

Now that’s hot (pink)! Etro makes a move to make even the Pink Panther jealous, unveiling a beautiful pink jacket hugged at the waist by a black belt with a large buckle, and below this, a pair of trousers colored in twilight lavender.

2. Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti Milan fashion week

Alberta Ferretti rocked the house with its stellar design and fantastic combination. When unveiled on the catwalk, it featured a beautiful overcoat thrown over a blue shirt tucked into a lovely pair of maroon oak trousers. The outfit was drawn to its end by dark footwear, belted at the hip with a beautiful shade of wine and a gorgeous dark sienna hat at the top.

1. Emporio Armani

Last but most assuredly not the least, we have this splendid design by Emporio Armani strutted up and down the checkered catwalk.

The jacket is a lovely blend of a fur coat and a regular jacket, with pink fur sprouting from the collars, ends, and sleeves. The model threw the coat over a dark dress with an absolutely stunning pattern. The look finishes with a dark pair of slitted footwear worn over socks.




And with that, our list comes to an end. While there are many unique and impossible-to-replicate combinations enumerated above, there is a handful that can inspire you to look breathtakingly chic this year.

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