Understanding the Risks and Precautions of Tattoos

Understanding the Risks and Precautions of Tattoos

Deciding to get a tattoo is a big decision. You spend time creating the perfect piece and anticipating the appointment, but don’t let the excitement prevent you from thinking about the safety risks and precautions. Before you go in for the session, make sure you understand the risks and precautions of tattoos.

Various Risks

There are skin infections and other complications that you must worry about when you get a tattoo. Follow along to explore various risks that can happen when you get one.

Bloodborne Diseases

The artist could use contaminated equipment, and you could end up with a bloodborne disease. These diseases include hepatitis B, hepatitis C, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Allergic Reactions

You could be allergic to the tattoo dyes, especially blue, green, yellow, and red dye. The allergic reaction would make your skin itchy and red at the tattoo site. Unfortunately, this skin reaction could show up years after you receive the tattoo.

Skin Infections

A skin infection is possible after getting a tattoo. The artist could use unsterile equipment, or you could provide inadequate aftercare.

Other Skin Issues

Keloids could form from your tattoo. They are an overgrowth of scar tissue that raises the area. Piercings can also cause keloids. Also, a type of inflammation called granuloma can grow around the tattoo.

If you notice any of these risks, you should call a medical professional and the tattoo artist who did your tattoo. These risks are why choosing the right tattoo shop is so important. You need to pay attention to the artist’s and shop’s cleanliness.

Aftercare Is Important

Aftercare is incredibly important. Your tattoo artist should provide aftercare details to ensure your new tattoo heals properly. Ensure you follow these directions, or you could end up with an infected tattoo.

Every artist will have their specific guidelines, but most of them include:

  • Washing the tattoo regularly with antibacterial soap.
  • Applying unscented moisturizer to the tattoo several times a day.
  • Avoid wearing anything tight that could stick to the tattoo while healing.
  • Keep the tattoo out of the sun for a few weeks.

Safety Precautions

Before you book the appointment for the tattoo, ask yourself these questions about the shop. Does the tattoo artist use the correct equipment? Is the nondisposable equipment sterilized? Does the tattoo artist wear a fresh pair of gloves? Answering no to any of these is a red flag, and you should avoid this studio.

Understanding the risks and precautions of tattoos is important. Now you can walk away from a tattoo parlor not following standard tattoo procedures. It will save you a lot of pain and heartache in the end. Don’t forget to call a medical professional immediately if you believe you’ve had an allergic reaction or infection.