The best tuxedo dresses to shop in 2022

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It is nothing new in fashion to mix different styles or strip a design of some elements to create something unique, and the tuxedo dress is one such example. Other references are the hybrid fashion such as skorts, cotigans, and shackets. As far as the something borrowed style can take us, this manly spin to create a woman’s dress is welcomed.

The tailored look does have some similarities to a blazer jacket, hence the nickname (blazer dress), but with details a nipped waistline for a more flattering fit. So, even if it has the elements of a suit, it is chic enough to be worn to formal events, date night and evening dinners, brunch, and wherever you want.

Some brides fancy this modern tuxedo dress for the second wedding look. Since the dress has a jacket silhouette, it is a classic functional piece. Also, the simplicity in the design makes it easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion. If you are ready to create statement outfits with a tuxedo dress, you will love to shop from this list below.

The tuxedo dress timeline in fashion history

Initially, men wore tuxedos in the 1800s because most preferred the short jacket style over tailcoats. So, brands started to make dinner jackets readily available for purchase. Savile Row, a London-based tailoring house, created one of the earliest designs. However, the formal attire is named after the Tuxedo park in New York. Since at the time where the jacket design came to the limelight, it was the place where the influential hangout, so the name was only fitting.

As time went by into the 1900s, the tuxedo jacket became more fashionable; women fancied the design, and more brands made female iterations. And in 1930, there was a tuxedo dress feature by Marlene Dietrich in the film Morocco, which shot the dress to staple status. More fashion houses shelled out the dress from then on, and women ate up the look.

Fast forward to 1966, with the B.S of restricting women from wearing trousers into an establishment. This prompted a socialite Nan Kempner to take her pants off and walk into the place with just her blazer jacket. Talk about an iconic boss, move while making a fashion and feminist statement.

Nowadays, there are more iterations of the tuxedo dress than you could choose from. Even the A-Listers have been spotted on the red carpet, wearing the dress design. The timeless classic never gets old, and it is a given that every woman needs one or two of these beauties in their wardrobe.

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Why you should wear the dress design

It is pretty hard to clearly define what a tuxedo dress is, not to mention why it should be a part of your wardrobe. Most people cannot even tell the difference between a tailored dress or just an oversized jacket. Simply put, it is a dress with a defined shape and is more streamlined than a blazer jacket. Which often looks like a union between a suit and a mini-dress.

They are an alternative to a two-piece suit if you don’t want to look too formal. This is an art the Duchess of Sussex Meghan has mastered over the years, so see seems more accessible since it is dressed to appear minimal yet fancy, with versatile pairing options.

Tuxedo dresses can be easily incorporated into your fashion choices, with the varieties of styles available. And, it might just be what you need to up your fashion game. Here are some of the basic iterations they come in.

Naturally, tuxedo dresses are made short of replicating the length of a suit jacket, but since the design is ever-changing, there is a more extended version for those who are not fans of the mini-dresses. They are, of course, elegant and stylish in a vast array of colors and designs. So, you get the same feel of the traditional look, but with extra length to feel comfortable in the beautiful dress.

The tuxedo dress design is hybrid fashion, so it’s only fair to embrace the style fully. And a sleeveless iteration is the perfect edgy choice to nail the look. When the sleeves are taken off a tailored dress, it becomes a re-invention of the design. The style is so effortless that it can feature a halter neck on a tailored dress, which is excellent to wear for warmer temps, and a great way to stay formal and chic.

If you are new to the dress design, then going for a black number should be your first thought. You can hardly go wrong with a black tuxedo dress, and most designs stick to the original style of defined shoulder and lapel details. However, you don’t have to play it safe by sticking to one style, as there are plenty of spin-offs with unconventional designs to choose from. There are versatile ways to style from velvet to faux leather, flare, cut-out, and satin pieces.

The Lion King' film premiere, Arrivals, Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, USA
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A white tuxedo dress is another essential piece that owns a place in your wardrobe. Wearing one is not only a way to appear elegant but also clean and airy. The bright shade makes it a magnet for all other colors to shine so that you can pair them with anything. For brides who fancy the dress design, white is always the color of choice because even if it is different, the dress still packs a lot of punch to deliver a fashion statement.

An uneven outline spin on the tuxedo dress is also chic; the twist on the classic design works well with the traditional look. Any clothing that features this will have a longer front side or at the backside. It can also feature a dipped hemline or a cut to give an unbalanced proportion, making it a great choice to wear to a simple formal party with a promise of dancing.

Here are more options to shop.

1. Misguided: Black Velvet Tux Dress

This sleek dress is made in the traditional style of a long-sleeve jacket but looks feminine with a low-cut neckline. To help show off a bit of cleavage and give a resting place for jewelry. The double-breasted fastening also gives a cinch in the waistline for a flattering figure. A perfect pairing will be gold accessories from earrings to shoes.

2. Classicist personified: Good American White Exec Blazer Dress

The classic approach never gets old, if styled correctly, the dress may look minimalistic, but the streamlined, clean-cut is everything. With a dress like this, you get to personalize it however you want. You are the center of attention with vibrant makeup, bold accessories, and heels on some days. Other days, you are warm and subtle but still chic with a piece of simple jewelry. The white color makes it a canvas to paint all your fashion ideas, so have fun experimenting with this piece.

good america white exec blazer dress
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3. Tailored Posh: Self Portrait crepe and Chiffon Blazer Midi-dress

Even if the tuxedo dress is a tailored jacket look, you can still get a feminine touch with some lace, chiffon, or organza details added to your clothing—style with a chunky shoe for a trendy addition to your outfit. You will never have to worry about being underdressed at a party.

4. Old fashion chic: Dakota She Means Business Satin Back Tuxedo dress

You know this dress is a function and chic piece for all your styling needs from the name. It is made with a blend of rayon and viscose with satin details to complete the stylish boss appeal. Pair with vibrant color for a party, then a neutral tone for work or meetings. Boots to stiletto heels look good with the dress.

dakota she means business
courtesy of brand

5. Pinstripe dream: Racil Laura Pinstriped Wool-Blend Blazer Dress

Pinstripes are eternally beautiful on a blazer jacket, no questions asked. You are on a style class of your own in this dress iteration, as you can elevate them to suit any event. Every woman’s wardrobe needs a piece like this for those days; you want a quick yet polished outfit.

Laura pinstriped tuxedo dress
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6. Vesper Ruched Sleeve Asymmetric Hem Green Tuxedo Dress

This dress is a party-ready appropriate look, as the playful proportions take off the edge—style with a pointed flat mule in matching color for a monochrome approach or silver or gold tones. The rich green color is a warm color for any occasion unless your skin tone does not pair well with it. You can as well go for other colors of blazer dresses with asymmetric details.

vesper raunched sleevs green asymetrical dress
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7. Pleat details In The Style X Dani Dyer: Plunge Front Blazer Dress

If elegant fashion is the dress theme, then pleats layers added to a tuxedo dress are what you need. The upper jacket design makes it suitable for black tie events, while the pleats underneath serve as a functional detail as they do not only elevate the dress but give you more leg space to move around with ease. So, you can easily pair your dress with a heeled strappy sandal.

in-the-style-White-X-Dani-Dyer-Plunge-Front-Blazer-Dress-With-Pleated-Skirt (1)
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8. Wrap Glam: Misguided Plus Size Rust Tie Side Blazer Dress

When the wrap effect is added to a tuxedo dress, it becomes a glamorous affair. It gives the waistline a structured look; this dress will surely flatter your curves with the added belt. The rust color the dress comes in is also chic, as it will pair well with neutral-toned accessories. An excellent dinner or date night outfit will be the dress paired with strappy sandals, a matching clutch, and hoop earrings.

plus size rust tie side
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9. Embellished vogue Boohoo Pearl Detail Blazer Dress

The word stunning and this dress is synonymous; imagine how unconventionally beautiful you will look on it. We all can’t be Billy Porter at the Met Gala, but this dress will make you feel that good. The best part is you don’t need any accessories to stun while wearing it because, after diamonds, pearls are the next best thing. Studded heels to complement the dress should be the footwear of choice.

boohoo pearl detail
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10. Classy & Sexy Anna Quan Chiara Twist Cut-out Blazer dress

This dress is one to equip your style arsenal with, as it is a perfect dress for glamorous events. And it presents an opportunity to flash some skin in a classy way. The twist details add to the stylish appeal of the dress, so even with little pairing, you will still look beautiful. Wear with a minimalist sandal with thin straps, simple jewelry, and a matching purse to keep the focus n the dress.

anna quan chiara twist
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