10 Best Butterfly Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Tattoo

Butterfly tattoo

For some people, getting a tattoo is personal, while for others, getting a butterfly tattoo is about what it symbolizes. A butterfly tattoo can mean different things to different people; for some, it represents spiritual rebirth and hope, while for others, it means new life and change.

Butterflies are beautiful insects — their colors, symmetry, and unique markings give them a distinct appeal from other insects. Their beautiful markings can be tattooed in various ways to suit any taste and style.

If it’s your first time getting a butterfly tattoo, you might be confused about which design is right for you which is why we put together a list of the ten best butterfly tattoo ideas for your next tattoo session.

Small Butterfly Tattoo

If you are a newbie to the tattoo world or wish to add a new tattoo to a sleeve, a small butterfly tattoo is the perfect choice of ink. This delicate drawing is subtle and dainty and makes for easy placement anywhere on your body. If you would love to place yours somewhere a bit hidden on your body, the wrist and ankle are good places.

small butterfly

Monarch Butterfly 

If you need a butterfly that symbolizes beauty and royalty, the monarch butterfly is the ultimate choice. This classic design is timeless and one that will have people admiring your ink.

When making your choice, choose from the traditional styles available with the gold wings. If you want to be a bit modern, you can replace one side of the butterfly with a bouquet.

Be careful though when choosing your artist for this work, pick an artist that has experience with details as it matters with this piece.

Monarch butterfly

Blue Butterfly 

The blue butterfly represents more than just beauty, it also represents joy and luck. The blue butterfly is a stylish and timeless piece of ink that will remain beautiful for a lifetime.

The pigment used with this shade lasts longer than others which ensures the stunning blue hue used will retain its look for life. For the options of design to pick, you can settle for single or multiple butterflies depending on which resonates with you.

Blue butterfly
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Butterfly and Rose Tattoo 

The combination of butterfly with rose can be translated to mean passion, love, and transformation. This piece of ink is a timeless and classic design that is both stunning and feminine.

In Greek, the butterfly is pronounced psyche, which is the name for the goddess of love. Inking yourself with this incredible design will mean you carry adoration and gentleness with you.

Rose and butterfly

Skull Butterfly Tattoo

If you are looking at depicting mortality and new life, pairing a butterfly with a skull is the ultimate symbol — it represents the circle of life. With connections to nature and life, this design is one that you should be proud to have forever.

The design tends to be large, consider having it placed on your thigh, arm, or rib cage to have enough room to accommodate it.

Skull butterfly

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

The semicolon butterfly tattoo signifies resilience, strength, and overcoming hard times and struggles. If you are someone who needs a tattoo as a reminder of your power and inner strength, this tattoo is a good option as it shows your ability to rewrite your story.

When making your design, choose a side shot of the insect and have the punctuation mark stand as the body of the butterfly. The best position for this ink is the wrist, as it is one of the sentimental parts of the body.


Black Butterfly

The black tattoo means having a majority of the ink designed with black ink; these designs are unique and beautiful to look at. There are a couple of blackout butterfly tattoo designs that look will look great on you.

The best place to ink the black butterfly tattoo for easy visibility is your forearm, biceps, or neck.

Black butterfly


Realistic Butterfly Tattoo

This type of butterfly tattoo design looks so real, it will seem as if you have a real-life butterfly perched on your body. The designs cannot be done by all artists, so ensure you get yourself a good artist that specializes in realism.

You can choose various designs for your realistic butterfly tattoo from monarch to malachite — there is sure to be a design that resonates with your personality or story. The realistic design is best placed on your shoulder, neck, or wrist.

Realistic butterfly
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Watercolor Butterfly

The watercolor butterfly tattoo looks quite artsy and creative because of the vibrant colors and different inks used in making the piece. The watercolor tattoo is beautiful and gives the impression of a butterfly touching paints on your skin.


Love Yourself Butterfly 

If you need ink to symbolize loving yourself, this unique design depicts that; it is a simple design that could either be a line of a word with butterflies or images.

This image speaks volumes about letting go of anything and everything that has held you back for so long. The tattoo will look good inked on your arm.



Tattoos hold different meanings for different people, we hope you find one of the best butterfly tattoo ideas here for your next inking visit.

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