Men’s Eyebrow Shapes: How To Choose, Care, And Groom Your Eyebrows

Men's eyebrow shapes
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Men’s eyebrow shapes don’t always come up in conversations, and even when it does, they say it’s all-natural. Well, we feel that men should take their eyebrows more seriously. That’s because the brows are the face’s focal point, making or breaking your look.

Grooming and keeping your eyebrow hair in shape is just as essential as shaving hair in other parts of the body. It is not just for the women; thankfully, many men are warming up to the idea of plucking and taming their brows. If you are not interested, Don’t you wonder why women fuss all over their brows?

Yeah, we guess you get curious too, and even about men’s eyebrow shapes, too, hence why this post sure poorly shaped bows can affect your face. There is hope, and is here for the rescue guys, so read on to get all the shaped hairy details about eyebrow grooming.

How to Choose the Most Attractive Men’s Eyebrow Shapes?

It is easy to say a man has bushy, long, or short brows, which might or may not suit them. The shape of your face is fundamental in choosing an eyebrow shape. However, you still must know how long or short the eyebrows should be. So, this leaves the big question which eyebrow shape will look best on you?

To get the perfect length of brows for you, try the simple exercise of measuring your face. Not your entire face, just your nose, and eye area. Take a pencil and measure from the tip of your nose, aligning the pencils with your outer nostrils to your inner eye. Trace the pace remaining; it should give the length to work with. 

Before choosing your eyebrow shape and trimming, trace the line from the base of your nose to your eyes. This gives you the point to stop the length of your brows if you desire your brows to have an arch, measure for your nostrils to your inner eyes, to place the angle. 

It always helps to get an eyebrow chart to try out different brow shapes before committing to one. That’s because once you shave, you will have to work around your face until the eyebrow hair grows back

Men’s Eyebrow Shapes

While some beauticians may feel men don’t need anything extra but a clean, trimmed brow, you can always experiment with stripes or a new shape; whatever you do should flatter your face, so long as you stick within the guideline of male eyebrow grooming. Three eyebrows fit into the hard facial features of men. Below are eyebrow shapes for men for different face shapes.

1. Angular Eyebrow

This eyebrow shape is for those with a round face shape. It starts straight from but gets defined by the arched shape. It helps define the angles of the face, which is a boost for men with a round face lacking many tips. 

2. Flat Eyebrows

As the name suggests, flat brows are straight with little or no curve. It is usually a straight line of hair trimmed into shape on the face. While it appears simple, it can give men with long faces the illusion of a shorter face. This makes this brow shape suitable for oblong or rectangle face shape, which looks long. To get this eyebrow shape, trim the hairs at the sharpest point that makes the hair high. Keep the brow tail sharp, and this will help define the shape. 

How To Choose The Perfect Men's Eyebrow Shapes
source: Zibabeauty

3. Round Eyebrow

Round eyebrow shapes follow the shapes of your natural brows and align with your frontal eye bone. The only thing that elevates the brow from your standard form is the taper on the tail end of the eyebrows. For round brows, you don’t need edges on the brows. So, focus on trimming the excess hairs that form a border on the top and under the brows. Round eyebrow suits men with wide foreheads to help soften the broad face shape.

How to Groom Men’s Eyebrow Shapes?

Following the natural eyebrow curve, the rule to nailing the perfect brows for men without them looking overdone. You also don’t want to overpluck the hairs and lose the brow’s shape, which could mess with the overall appearance. You can keep it whole or with less hair and even add arches so long as it suits your face. 

It is always best to stick with a routine that helps keeps your eyebrows in shape without altering your entire face. After deciding on the shape of the brow, maintaining symmetry is another crucial aspect to consider for fabulous brows.

You might think it is a tedious task until you find what works for you, which is why we will show you different ways to groom men’s eyebrow shapes perfectly.

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5 Ways to Trim Men’s Eyebrow Shapes

There are various options available to trim eyebrows to your desired shape. It depends on your preference, as most options can give the same results when you have the desired shape. So, which eyebrow trimming option is best for men between threading, tweezing, and shaving?

The answer lies with what you want and your pain tolerance, as some options are more painful than others. You can also consider the cost and how you define what you want your brows to look like. To better understand, here are some of the grooming options for eyebrows. 

Men’s Eyebrow Shapes with Trimming

Trimming is one of the easiest ways to keep your brows in shape. You only must target the hair when they are long or the ones growing more extended than the bunch. Trimming might not be suitable for you if you don’t have a defined men’s eyebrow shape already.

Choose grooming tools specifically designed to trim hairs, like an electric trimmer or scissors to cut your brows. This puts your choices between a beard trimmer and a small scissor. Before you begin, comb your eyebrow hairs and trim all the longer hairs so they have the same shape as the rest.

Using scissors will allow you to take extra care and go slowly, but if you are careful enough, a trimmer will give you more precise eyebrows. 

Men’s Eyebrow Shapes by Plucking

By plucking, we don’t mean with your hands but with tweezers. This option is excellent for achieving a precise brow shape since you remove the hair one at a time. So, the chances of you messing up your eyebrows are slim. However, it is a painful and slow process because you must get each hair at the roots. 

It is best if you have only a few hairs to pluck to maintain your pre-shaped eyebrows. When you have highly bush brows, plucking the hairs becomes a tedious task. Also, it is challenging to get the perfect men’s eyebrow shapes without the risk of overplucking.

The best way to pluck brows is to focus on the strays deviating from your eyebrow shape instead of plucking the center of your brows. 

How to Trim Your Eyebrows - Brow Trimmers and Scissors for Men
source: Men’shealth

Men’s Eyebrow Shapes by Threading

Eyebrow threading is a traditional method people worldwide have used for a long time to remove hair in a straight line. The process is simple, but it might not seem very clear if you don’t understand how to position the thread. With a good thread length, folded and placed on the line where you want the hair removed, you can trim your eyebrows in a straight line; it is a less painful option. To learn how to do it perfectly, read our guide on eyebrow threading here

Should You Get Your Eyebrows Threaded? Here's How It Works
source: Allure

Men’s Eyebrow Shapes by Waxing

This eyebrow grooming option is left for professionals to handle, as it takes some technical skills to do a perfect wax. You can always DIY your waxing session with top quality eyebrow waxing kit available if you have steady hands. Waxing is a common type of hair removal used to remove hairs from a large area at once.

It is commonly used for the pubic areas since it cuts the hair down to the roots and prolongs the time for the hair to grow back. Waxing might be an excellent option if you have lots of hair to take out or are new to eyebrow grooming. Once your desired eyebrow shape is marked, the surrounding hairs will wax off. A successful wax session should reveal eyebrows with clean, defined lines. 

How to Care for Men’s Eyebrow?

After grooming your eyebrows, you can choose to leave your brows to run free. If you plan on rocking attractive brows, you can always invest in some brow care products to elevate the appearance of your eyebrows. 

Brow Gel: One of the best things you can lay your hands on is brow gel. Apply brow gels, keeps your hair in place all day, and prolong your shaving days. It can help you get away with bushy brows since they stay put, framing your face the way you want. Go for clear brow gels that add dimension to your eyebrows instead of the tinted variants.

Brow Lacquer: This product helps to enhance your brows, so if you have thin brows, it could upgrade your overall look. Brow Lacquer lifts your brow hair, adding density and volume while keeping it firm. 

GrandeBROW eyebrow Enhancing Serum,
Courtesy of brand

Brow Serum: If your brows require help staying lush, you need a brow serum. It is also a star product for people who wish to grow thick brows. The brow serums help to maintain the hair and condition them, so they grow in a healthy condition. 

Pre-Wax Spray: When waxing is your grooming choice, you must have a pre-wax spray on your shelve. They are great for prepping your skin, waxing, and opening your pores, making hair removal easier. Applying a pre-wax spray can also help to get the trapped dirt in your pores out, so it’s a win-win for you.

What Can You do to Add Volume to Your Brows?

Not everyone has enough volume in their brows to try their suited men’s eyebrow shapes. It is impossible to get the perfect shape you want if you have a sparse hair density. This doesn’t mean you should leave your eyebrows when there are several ways to get the eyebrow of your dreams, such as Microblading.

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup but appears like a tattoo used to fill in your brows. It involves tiny shading lines that mimic your hair growth pattern so it looks natural. Microblading can last up to 2 years before going for a touch-up. 

This process is excellent for men to choose their eyebrow shape, which the beautician can create from scratch after measuring the brows. If you wish to read more about microblading if it would be a perfect option for you to read all about it here

GUYBROWS Men's eyebrow shapes
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Pro Tips on Grooming Men’s Eyebrow Shapes

The best time to groom your eyebrows is after a shower or by washing your face with warm water. It opens your skin pores which aid hair removal.

  • Always comb your eyebrows with a designated brow brush to know the exact length of hairs you are working with.
  • A pair of short-length scissors is best for trimming hairs you find that are longer than the rest.
  • You can look towards using a trimmer if you have bush brows that need to get thinned out.
  • Tweezers are best to catch all the stray hairs from your natural eyebrow shape.
  • Sticking with your natural eyebrow shape is your best bet.


Getting men’s eyebrow shapes should be easy to achieve if you have some skills in shaving other facial hairs. The key is following your natural brow curve and ensuring it suits your facial features. Grooming your brows should already be in your body care routine; caring for an untamed bushy browse has never suited anyone.

Thankfully there are several ways to trim your eyebrows as we have listed above; choose one and experiment carefully with it. If you are unsure of your skills, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Men do show some love to your eyebrows, and you’ll be glad you did with how much handsome you will look.

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