Microblading: everything you need to know

before and after results of microblading
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The brows are located at a focal point of the face, which is why most people spend hours daily trying to fill them in with pencils and gels. Both methods give fuller brows, but at the end of the day, you have to wipe it off, only to repeat the process. This is why many people are considering the semi-permanent option such as microblading eyebrows.

They are a form of brow tattoo that fills the eyebrows and makes them thicker. It is a less invasive method with a lasting effect. If you fancy the appeal of semi-permanent brows, get all the information you need right here before you book a session.

What does it mean to microblade the eyebrows?

Microblading is done with a special tool that looks like a tattoo gun but is different since the needles are smaller. Just like with traditional tattoos, tiny needles are used to infuse the ink pigment onto your eyebrows. This results in a realistic fuller brow achieved by adding pigments to the first layer of the skin.

How permanent are the results?

It is a fact that microblading won’t stay on for an extended period since they fade away over time. One session can last up to three years but will require yearly touch-ups. It is also best to schedule the first touch-up a month after the first session. It ensures the pigment settles on your skin better.

The staying power also depends on your skin type as generally, those with oily skin will experience fading quicker than dry skin. Exposure to the sun also determines how fast the brow fades so be sure to douse on some sunscreen or use big hats to cover your face.

The microblading eyebrows procedure

Once you have settled on a specialist to do the job, the session starts with you testing out different brow shapes to find out which is best suited for your face. This is done by outlining the brows with a pencil till you out the right one.

Once you have chosen the perfect brow shape, a numbing cream is applied and left on for a few minutes for the effects to kick in. You will then lay down to begin the pigmentation process.

The microblading tool is used to insert the ink pigment into the outlined shape till it is filled up to the arches. The filling is done in delicate strokes in the direction of the hair so it looks realistic. The needle creates tiny cuts that allow the ink to settle into the skin.

Although the needle is used the procedure is relatively less painful, most people say they experience a little discomfort. It could also be because of the numbing cream applied before the process begins.

microblading eyebrows procedure
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Prepare to splurge a little on your new eyebrows

Microblading sessions are expensive since they are a curated semi-permanent addition to your eyes. Prices start from $500- $3000 and are dependent on the location and technician of your choice.

Keep in mind that you might have to shell out some big bucks. If it’s too pricey for you, save towards it, and go for a session when you are ready. After you get it done, you will not need another session for years. The touch-ups are cheaper than the initial microblading session.

Why should I get my eyebrows micro-bladed?

Anyone can go for a microblading session as there is a wide shade range to fit any hair or skin color. Microblading is a great way to get fuller, natural-looking, semi-permanent brows within hours. You do not need to have pre-existing hair to enjoy these new additions as people that have suffered hair loss due to an ailment are also advised to go for it.

Are microblading eyebrows like getting a tattoo?

The answer is not a straight yes because while we can say microblading is like getting a tattoo, the answer is also no since microblading eyebrows do not last forever, unlike tattoos. They can both be classified as your adding ink to your skin.

Microblading does not seep deeply into your skin because it requires less precision and pigmentation. Also, the ink used has fewer properties than the ones used for a tattoo. These factors are what make the microblading fade out quicker than a tattoo would.

Give your brows some TLC after the session

After the microblading session, you will be left with an after-care routine that you must follow to end up with the best results. The most important thing is to protect the brows from any form of moisture within the first 24 hours. Sweat and water are not allowed to touch a new microbladed eyebrow.

The only substance allowed is an ointment such as Vaseline or an anti-bacterial so your brows stay clean and protected. As the eyebrows heal from the superficial cuts, scabs will form over them. You must avoid picking on them and applying any form of treatment. This might introduce bacteria and cause infection or worsen the scabs.

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