Lice in Blonde Hair: How To Spot Lice In Blonde Hair, Signs, Prevention, And Best Treatment

lice in blonde hair
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If your scalp has been itching nonstop, then there may be head lice involved, and for this post, we are focusing on lice in blonde hair. That’s because it is more challenging to spot lice in the hair as they are almost the same color. 

Lice have different colors and tend to stay the same shade as the hair so they can blend into your hair. It helps lice to survive for long without you noticing them. To understand how lice operate, you need to know the organism. 

If you are suspect, you or maybe your child or a friend has lice in their blonde hair, read on to learn how to find lice and get rid of them. 

What is Head Lice?

Head lice are a prevalent type of lice that attacks humans, and their scientific name is Pediculosis capitisLice are classified as parasites and attach themselves to the scalp and feed on the blood of the human they regard as their host. Lice spread very fast and move fast from people near each other.

According to the CDC, studies have shown that head lice cases are familiar to school children. Lice have six legs, only on their upper body, and lack wings which means they crawl slowly and cannot fly. They also have antenna-like other insects but differ because of their claw-like legs.

While they suck your blood, they do not cause significant health problems. You will experience an itching scalp that can make you restless. When left untreated, it develops into skin infections. 

How to Get Rid of Head Lice - Best Natural Head Lice Remedies
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Symptoms of Head Lice Infestation

If you have felt you might have head lice, you should watch out for the following signs. 

  1. An itchy scalp is the tell-tale sign of lice. Your scalp is bound to itch as the lice bite you. You can also react to the saliva of the insects.
  2. You might have a feeling like something is walking around your hair. It might feel like a trickling scalp sensation.
  3. You can spot white and black spots, which might be the presence of lice and nits.
  4. Watch out for the appearance of sores on your head from scratching.

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How to Spot Lice on Blonde Hair?

Finding lice in blonde hair can be tricky, but if you’re ready to put your spy skills to work, you can spot the lice at home. Before you begin, you will need a hand-held magnifying glass and a fine-toothed comb. You cannot do it yourself, so you should get a friend to help and return the favor.

Start by dividing your hair into sections, so it is easy to go through all the areas of your scalp. Use the comb to open the hair and look with your lens, focusing on the scalp. It is best to do this during the day, out in the open with lots of natural light.

If you are doing this inside, find a bright light source and place it directly on the head, active lice tend to run away from the light, and you’ll also be able to find the nits easily. Your detective work should pay off; if lice are present in the hair, you will see a few moving around. Comb through with a lice comb to be double sure.

Toward the roots of the hair, you will most likely find the eggs of the lice. As the lice itch the scalp, you will undoubtedly scratch the scalp, which can cause sores; you should be able to spot all these with the lens. The best places to check for nits are the crown of the head, behind your ears, and the neck’s nape. 

Sometimes, after all your spy work, you still might not find any lice in blonde hair. However, if you are still suspicious of a louse, you can take it to the professionals. Having your scalp checked in the hospital should be the last resort before you rule out lice. 

How do Lice Look in Blonde Hair?

Lice appear like you sprinkled specks of sand or pepper on your scalp. They are very minute, and even at adult size, lice might not grow more than sesame seeds. When lice get to your hair, they stay on the scalp since they crawl around. 

The color of the lice is usually darker than their eggs, also called nits. You can easily spot lice in blonde hair when they are a bit darker. When searching for lice, you will most likely find the lice rather than the egg. That’s because nits often take the hair color, looking yellow or white. 

One way to quickly detect the eggs is by searching for flaking and dandruff-like symptoms you didn’t have previously. Also, the nits can appear as translucent shells with the brown of the lice tinting them, making them easy to spot. Another thing you can easily spot is the egg casing attached to your hair when checking for lice. 

Head Lice
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Does Lice Choose Mostly Blonde Hair?

This is not true as lice are not found in only blonde hair. Lice also do not favor one color over the others, and their spread has nothing to do with the color of the hair. The lice might use the hair color as camouflage to help them survive better. No backing proves that lice only like to hide in blonde hair.

They might hide better in the hair color, but this does not prove they prefer it. However, the texture makes lice less likely to develop and spread in kinky African hair. The width of other hair types’ hair shafts is more accessible for lice to move through and spread further. 

Rather than feeling like your blonde hair is attracting lice, it might just be that your hair is clean enough for them to latch on. Yes, you heard right. Lice thrive better in clean hair than in dirty hair, which has plenty of obstacles that can restrict their movement.

The bottom line is, so long there is hair on your head lice, you can always get lice when you encounter the bug.

How to Prevent Lice in Blonde Hair?

You can only get lice when you encounter the insect directly. That’s because they cannot fly and will crawl into your head once given the opportunity. Below are some things you can do to prevent lice from getting into your hair. 

  • Do not share head accessories like hats and scarves.
  • Avoid using other people’s helmets; items like this can carry lice that will easily attach themselves to your head.
  • Do not place your head in direct contact with another person.
  • Take extra care before resting your head anywhere.
  • Wash all combs and items in boiling water if a person with lice has been in your space.
What Do Lice in blonde hair Look Like
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How to Get Rid of Lice in Blonde Hair?

Lice or their eggs will not fall off; just by combing or brushing your hair, you need to undergo treatment to eliminate the bug in their complete life cycle. There are several ways to eliminate lice in your head, regardless of hair color. When you find eggs, you can remove them by squeezing them with two fingers and drag until you get them out. This is a manual process and takes a lot of time; it is best to begin treatment.

1. You can quickly start treatment options, like oral medications like benzyl alcohol, lindane, pyrethrin, and Spinosad. They tackle the problem from inside your body. In addition, to the oral medications, you will be given topical creams and ointments. A complete treatment plan should also involve lifestyle changes.

2. When you find lice in your hair, the first thing you should do is wash beddings in a hot setting. It would help if you also cleaned every area they might have relaxed. 

3. Shampoos. Using shampoos with pediculicides is your best bet; this means switching from your regular hair care. We recommend shampoos such as Nix Lice Killing Crème Rinse, Head Hunters Complete Pro Lice Kit, Mata Piojos Lice Shampoo, and Lice Clinics of America Treatment Kit.

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4. Home remedies. A few essential oils have proven to be effective in reducing lice spread. You can try applying coconut oil, tea tree oil, anise oil, or pure olive oil on your scalp. There is no clear way to explain how they work, but it might make the hair hard for them to stay. 

5. You can also use some kitchen items such as mayonnaise and butter as buffering agents to disrupt the activities of the lice. 

Whichever treatment you choose, you should ensure it removes all traces of the lice and their eggs. It is always best to follow a prescription from a doctor instead of experimenting with different things. Lice are very stubborn parasites and can hold on even though some medications. 


Lice can choose to find their home in any hair color, but lice in blonde hair are unique because they hide well in the hair color. Although they don’t particularly prefer to stay in blonde hair, you must take extra care when dealing with it.

Lice nits also raise concerns since they blend well with blonde hair. You can find the lice and eliminate them when you are extra careful and with the right tools. It is better to treat them as soon as you see them so they don’t spread any further. 

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