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Ponytail hairstyles are elevated with extensions or weaves, especially if you have an occasion on your calendar. They are way better than gathering just your natural hair as weaves add style to the look, making it attractive.

The success of your ponytail hairstyles depends on your styling skill and the quality of the weave you are using. Your best bet should be to use human hair wigs since they give you a natural look. You can achieve different looks from one hairstyle when you blend well.

Nowadays, brands offer ponytail wigs that make making a ponytail hairstyle effortless. Coming up, we will be dishing out easy ways to do different ponytail hairstyles and suitable wigs for the job.

We Recommend Using Nadula Human Hair Brand

You might ask, is Nadula hair original human hair? Yes, they have been in business for over a decade, serving women worldwide with quality tresses. If you come here often, you will know that we care about our readers and only recommend brands of top quality at affordable prices

That is unless you like a luxury, then we have that too. The Nadula brand uses 100% human hair to curate a variety of curls and weave patterns for all your styling needs. We have gotten familiar with the brand, which is something to rave about, and so does their large customer base.

If you shop online, you know how hard it is to trust hair brands because you are unsure of the quality. The experience on the Nadula website is different, as they showcase the hair in pictures and videos that display the quality of the hair.

This eliminates doubts you might have; since they are legit, there is nothing to hide, as you can be sure of the quality of the hair. Even if you are unsure of the hair texture or style you want, browsing through the Nadula website, you will stumble on some gorgeous hair that will make you fall in love.

Yes, their hairs are that silky and smooth, with a wide range of colors; what’s not to love. So, whatever the case may be, and for this post ponytail hairstyles, let’s search for hairs we can use to achieve the look together.

5 Easy Ponytail hairstyles

The ponytail is a classic hairstyle that never goes out of style; it is the perfect look for summer and transitioning into other seasons. We will be sampling five easy ponytail hairstyles together with an elevated style so you can confidently rock it anywhere.

1. High Ponytail

Quick Weave Ponytail Hairstyles For Black | Nadula
courtesy of brand

The high ponytail is a favorite look for celebs like Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, and the likes. It secures all your hair up, ensuring no hair is sticking to your body. To begin, use a boar bristle brush and run from your roots. Make your hair damp as you brush. Introduce some heat to get your hair in shape.

Next, you will secure your hair as high up as you want. Here is a pro tip most people won’t tell you, it is better to share your hair into two halves to make it smooth.
So, apart from your ears, brush it and secure it at your desired position. Apply some gel to keep it in place before securing.

Then comb the back and join to the front. Now you are ready to upgrade the look, and your extension of choice should be the Quick Weave Ponytail by Nadula hair. Clicking on it will take you to a collection of straight, curly, and several other hair textures to make your choice.

Back to the styling, hold your hair, and add the quick weave secure in place with the hooks before wrapping with a band. There is always hair left out, wrap around the base of your ponytail until you cover it entirely, and you are set.

3. Flawless Ponytail

Nadula Lace Front Human Hair Wigs With Baby Hair Long Body Wave 8''-24'' Ponytail hairstyles Body Wave Wigs | Nadula
courtesy of brand

If you would rather skip the bushing and styling of quick weaves, you can always opt for 360 Ponytail Wigs from Nadula. You can choose the density of the wig, and they have the 150% and 180%; either of the two is fine. Picking out the style of wig is also essential, from wavy to straight, and curly and other textured variety of wigs the brand offers.

Unless you’ve perfected the act, you might need to get a hairstylist to lay the wig for you. This 360-ponytail wig is unique because it goes around your head. It creates an illusion that the wig is your natural hair since it is human hair, with a lace that blends seamlessly to your scalp (Nothing a little douse of foundation can’t solve).

Once secured with the glue, style the pre-plucked baby hair to make the hair look extra stylish, and you’re good to go.

3. Low Ponytail

Nadula Jerry Curly Magic Ponytail Extension With Clip In Wrap-around Natural Color Hairpieces 100% Human Hair Wig | Nadula
courtesy of brand

Low ponies are equally stylish as the high variation; you must follow the same process of bushing your hair. However, low ponytails are more accessible to position, but you get more flyways, which requires additional hair styling products.

We also recommend using the Nadula Quick Weave Ponytail for this hairstyle, so you can go with a straight weave, which will make your natural hair look longer. If you have textured hair, then choose a curly or textured weave extension instead of going through the hassle of straightening it.

To finish off, lay down your edges, giving it a swoop worthy of your ponytail.

4. Trendy Ponytail Hairstyle

Nadula Ombre 99J Burgundy Straight Human Hair Wig Upgraded V-shape Glueless Wig No Lace No Glue for Ponytail hairtsyles | Nadula
courtesy of brand

A trendy ponytail should be versatile enough for you to style. You can do a half up, half down, side ponytail, and whatever strikes your mood. Lace wigs are great and all, but they need to get laid and kept in place securely, usually by a professional stylist.

Sometimes it might be a little overwhelming to do all these enter the glueless wigs to save the day. Nadula has the perfect wig to serve this purpose. Choose from their Glueless Human Hair Wigs collection to create trendy ponytails on demand.

5. Sleek Parted Ponytail

Nadula Afro Kinky Curly Drawstring Ponytail hairstyles Human Hair Extensions Wrap Around with Clips In for Natural Black | Nadula
courtesy of brand

This hairdo is a simple, elegant red carpet or party-ready look you can achieve in simple steps. It would be best if you only got your natural hair clean and a Quick Weave Ponytail from Nadula hair to successfully nail the look.

To begin, apply hair styling creams to ensure the hair stays in place, and brush your hair until there are no bumps. Create the parting that flatters your face, either the middle or side, before securing your hair into the ponytail.

Hook your weave into your tight ponytail, and ensure it is very close with a hair band or pin. Wrap the hair left out around the ponytail’s base and accessories the hairdo if you wish. To keep everything in place, give your hair a generous spray. Get the full tutorial here.

Why Choose Nadula Hair for Your Ponytail Hairstyles

Adding original extensions to a ponytail makes your natural hair appear longer without looking fake. Nadula understands this and offers different variety of human hair wigs with durable quality that will stand the test of time. They have accepted several payment modes to make shopping easier while offering discounts now and then.

You might not find many suitable wig styles if Caucasian since they focus more on making black women rock beautiful tresses. If you do find the hair you want but be rest assured of buying the best hair at an affordable price point. There are thousands of reviews and ratings to help you decide on Nadula hair if our recommendations are not convincing enough for you.

Remember to stay beautiful this summer with the ponytail hairstyles inspos we have shared, and thank us later.

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