What is eyebrow tinting: Cost and safety

What is eyebrow tinting: Cost and safety

Your eyebrows are a feature of your face that acts as a focal point for makeup and beauty routines. Many women try to make them appear fuller with brow pencils, gels, and many other ways. These take time and wash off as soon as you take a shower.

It’s amazing that all that effort of drawing, filling, and concealing your brows is wasted. A better alternative is eyebrow tinting, which is a semi-permanent brow dying process that gives you perfect brows for weeks without requiring you to lift a finger.

This method of enhancing the brows is offered in most beauty salons and dedicated brow bars around you. If you are searching for something that has an instant effect and lasts long, or you want to cut back the time spent defining your brows every time, then eyebrow tinting is an option you may want to tilt towards.

This is because eyebrow tinting works for all skin types, and brow colors. People that that have tried it say it defined their brow arches and made their brows bolder.

What is eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is a non-invasive method of tinting the eyebrows with semi-permanent dye. This may be done with a vegetable or henna-based dye. It is just like the simple process of dyeing your hair. During this process, a semi-permanent dye is applied to your brows to darken the eyebrows; this makes them appear thicker and fuller.

You should seek a professional touch, so they can focus more on areas where there is sparse hair and apply the dye to make it denser. The dye, which is made from vegetables, is mixed until it matches your natural hair color. You can also choose to tint your eyebrows a different color. Some suggest choosing a color that is two tones darker than your natural color to get the perfect match so when it washes and settles in the skin after a few days you will get the perfect shade for you.

Generally, it takes 15 minutes to get your brows tinted. After the session, you will see instantly that your brows look darker.

How does eyebrow tinting work?

To get your brows done, first, you need to book a session with a brow tinting specialist. From then on, you can discuss the details and how dark you want your brows to look. The process will start with you getting into position for your brows to be prepped and cleaned. After, a protective covering like petroleum jelly is applied to the brows before the process can start.

The dye is mixed, and the specialists will begin applying the dye to your brows. It is normally applied in two coats in opposite directions following the pattern in which your natural hair grows. Afterward, the dye is left to sit in the skin for a few minutes depending on the type of dye used and how dark you want your brows to appear.

Your brows are then wiped with a soft damp cloth to remove the excess. After getting the tint done, you need to keep your brows dry for at least 12 hours. You can apply castor oil or Vaseline over your brows as a shelter to maintain the brows.

Eyebrow tinting lasts for three to six weeks depending on various factors such as how harsh the bathing and cleaning products you use are, your exposure to sunlight, and the rate at which your hair grows. When you notice it’s fading, go for a touch-up to maintain the color or let it fade to revert to your original color.

Cost of eyebrow tinting

As always, the cost of any procedure depends on the salon and the specialist you choose to go for. It costs about $35 to $40 for a basic session, but any typical salon in New York should cost you about $30.

Others say you can get it done for as cheap as $7. On the other hand, some pricy aestheticians can change up to $60 to $75. The amount you’re willing to splurge on this procedure will determine how much you spend.

Is it safe to tint your eyebrows?

First off, you should know that the FDA has not approved brow tinting because the process can lead to an eye injury. Also, some of the dye used may not be up to standard. Shocking, right?

What is eyebrow tinting: Cost and safety
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The common risk involved in the process is that it could make you prone to infections since the skin of the brows will become thinner after multiple tinting sessions. So, you may notice irritations around the eyebrows. Asides from that, you may get major allergic reactions that can lead to sores and blisters — these are caused by chemical components in the dye.

To be on the safe side, before you commit to getting your brows tinted, you can do a patch test to be sure you won’t react badly to it. Better, get it done on a quiet weekend when you can watch your brows and how the tint settles on them.


It is definitely worth it to book an eyebrow tinting session. It is a quick and cost-effective method of defining your brows. Ask questions and do some research before choosing a salon because just as a well-tinted brow can be beautiful, you can unknowingly fall into the trap of getting a badly-done tint.

Beauty enthusiasts suggest that you go for an eyebrow waxing or keratin treatment session after you get your brows tinted in order to give your brows more shape and to enhance your brow tint. Look no further than eyebrow tinting to get your brows in symmetry and achieve the flawless look you want.

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