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color wax for locs
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Color wax for locs is all kicking out hair dyes, and it’s no surprise since it gives the hair color without having to bleach it.


You may have noticed your friends rocking different colors of locs weekly and might be cringing inwardly at the harm they are causing to their hair. Well, brace yourself for the answer to your unasked question, which is hair wax color. They settle well in natural hair and loc to deposit color pigments. 

Wax colors are easy to add to the hair, and the significant part is they cause no damage to the hair. Whether it is for Halloween, a costume party or you want to try something new with color wax; you can achieve vibrant shades effortlessly. If you’re ready to plunge into the world of vibrant colors, a safe way is to stay glued to this post. 

What is color wax?

Color wax is your best bet to go from purple to orange locs in days, or try that multicolor hair you’ve wanted. It is a temporary wax pigment on the hair, made with beeswax, making it a less harmful product. They do not tamper with the structure of your strands, hence why they are best for hair coloring. Clear beeswax is a star product for shaping dreads at the early stages since it has a sticky feel that holds the hair. So, applying it is like using a coat of colored paint on your hair for a short period. 

How to select a suitable color wax for locs

Most people always tend to go for the most popular product. However, some hidden gems provide better results. Before making your choice, there are a few things to consider.

Ingredients: The first thing you should check out is the contents of the color wax and if it contains any harmful components. Every color wax gets formulated with beeswax (Cera alba); this active ingredient supports the color deposit on the hair. The best color wax for locs should come made with few ingredients, so it causes no harm to your locs. It would be best to avoid polishes with chemicals that serve as an emulsifier since they have toxic traces. 

Haircare routine: Color wax for locs can have man properties that interfere with your hair care plan. So, if you always watch out for what you put on your hair based on your hair care regime, you might reconsider getting a wax color. 

Color of choice: This factor is crucial since a vast amount of color is available. You can get more than one color to go from cool purple to fiery red the next day. However, a popular color is gold which you can place on the tips or middle downwards. This will create an ombre effect on your locs.

How to apply color wax to locs

You apply color wax almost the same way you would a regular hair dye, only that it is a gentler formula. Before you begin, prep your locs and your body because the color can spill on your clothes and floor. So, it would be best if you did it preferably in the bathroom, wearing clothes you don’t mind soiling. Protect your hands with gloves to prevent color from settling into your fingers. Get your hair color wax ready, we recommend  Perculiar roots four shades of temporary hair coloring dye wax.

It is best to color your locs fresh after a wash, so your hair can go without a wash for the duration. However, make sure your hair is not completely dry before adding the color wax; damp hair works best. Since your locs become sectioned into boxes while binding, take a small amount of wax, and apply it to each piece till you get your desired coverage. Based on the sizes of your locs, you can layer on more products to get a consistent color pigment.

Wait for about 20 minutes to allow the color to settle in before applying more wax. Only go over the spots you missed with more products, so you don’t overlayer the locs. When you use too much color wax, it can make the wax appear flaky. Finish off with a diffusing product to help the color set in, like the SheaMoisture curl mousse for frizz control.

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Is hair color wax permanent?

They should get called temporary hair dye since they fade off independently. A typical color wax session should last about four to five days. But you can keep the color popping with a retouch and maintenance product, and we recommend Locsanity Passion Fruit Softening and Moisturizing Daily Spray. Use only small amounts of wax for the retouch, so the hair doesn’t dry out before styling. You should also avoid getting it wet to prevent the color from washing off when bathing. Also, avoid touching your locs so often, and cover at night with a silk bonnet.

How to wash hair color wax out?

When you get tired of rocking a color, you can quickly get your natural hair color back with a good wash. This means you don’t need hair dye remover, like regular bleached hair. However, you will need to apply a hair product that can free up the wax from the hair strands. Squeeze small dollops of clarifying shampoo on your scalp when the hair gets loosened up. Scrub your hair thoroughly, rinse and repeat the process for a second to rid the hair of buildups. Apply a conditioner and massage into your locs, and wash off. When your hair is dried, use Elentee soy organics locking beeswax and a big hole Hair Sponge to retwist your locs into shape.

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Color wax and traditional hair dye, which is better?

The first thing you’ll notice about the two coloring agents is how long their pigment stays in the hair. With traditional dyes, it only fades off with every wash, but it weans out in a few days for color wax. However, if you wish to remove your locs from a permanent dye altogether, you can either wait for the hair to outgrow the color or use a dye remover. That’s because chemicals are used to make permanent hair dye, and it bleaches the hair to deposit the color. This damages the hair unless done with caution. On the other hand, color wax gives bold color pigments to the hair without applying harsh chemicals to your hair; if you don’t mind, it’s temporary. 

Reasons why you should apply color wax on your hair

If you’re still skeptical about trying color wax on your locs, below are some reasons to convince you otherwise. 

1. It causes little or no damage to your locs

Hair color wax usually has a content of natural ingredients, such as its base beeswax and other safe ingredients. Some even contain hair-boosting extracts such as castor oil to promote a healthy mane even with color. It saves you from the damage a permanent hair dye can cause, which is hardly reversible. Sometimes with permanent hair dye damage, you might have to cut your hair. Although, color wax causes flakiness, which a moisturizer can remedy in no time. 

2. It settles well into every loc texture

If you’re worried the color wax won’t appear on your locs because it is thick, maybe a freeform dread, you are mistaken. Color wax works for all hair textures, even delicate and coarse, based on how you apply it. The key to getting a great color payoff is layering the right amount of product and going over the spots missed without overdoing it. If you have curly dreads, you must stretch the hair to ensure color gets to every area. 

3. Color wax for locs is easy to use

A professional hairstylist gives the best dye jobs if you opt for traditional dyes. Even at that, it takes several processes, mixing of activator, waiting hours, bleaching to up the color, before dying. This makes the dying and your salon appointment tiring and time-consuming. You skip all these steps with color wax since you can do it at ease from the comfort of your home. You must follow the simple application method to start rocking vibrant colored hair in style.

4. The versatile colors you can switch often

The life span of a color wax hair job usually lasts about four days, after which you either wash off or touch it up. This means you can get in new hair color in days without harming your hair. Even if you need to color to stay for just a day, color wax should be your go-to. Since you can get a good wash at night to rid your locs of the color. You can safely do a color play every other week on your locs to keep things exciting, and your friends will be guessing. It’s better to experiment with different colors until you get the best suited you’ll want to stick to.

5. You can control the color intensity

Like the traditional dye, the color intensity depends on how long you leave the stain on your hair, and so is color wax. With more application layers come more color deposits, which should do cautiously. If you have dark locs, vibrant colors might need extra layering to reach your desired shade. The color effect might look different on lock lengths and styles. 

6. It promotes healthier locs

Of all products that can change your hair color, wax happens to be one of the safest. Regular hair dye has a damaging impact on your strands, whereas color wax paints the surface. Sometimes the ingredients it comes enriched with can help you maintain healthy hair. You spend so much time grooming your locs and applying products that keep them healthy. So, it is best to stick with color wax than a product that alters with your mane. You can always use a temporary white hair color wax or EFLY instant hairstyle cream to boost your locs.

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Cons of using color wax on locs

Hair wax has insoluble properties in the water, and it soaks into your locs and, without washing, can cause a foul smell. That is not all, as wax can be unpleasant in several other ways.

  • The most common downside of using color wax is the buildup and flakiness it gives to the locs. You can avoid this by using just the right amount of color wax. When you place excess wax on your hair, you should expect flaky residue all over your hair.
  • It might not give you the full-color coverage you desire for specific shades.
  • The wax might weigh on your locs if the texture is too thick for your locs, especially if you have thin strands.
  • When color wax is applied to your hair, it becomes more prone to attract dirt to your locs, not to mention the buildup of the wax deposits. You can always give your hair a detox wash when you notice this, adding apple cider vinegar if necessary.

Does color wax rub off clothes?

Color wax on your locs is not entirely transfer-proof if the product has the right consistency. It would help If you thought of a color wax-like makeup foundation that lasts a few days. It will transfer more when the hair is still damp and fresh off a color waxing session. If you don’t come in direct contact with the color, it steers clear off your clothes. The color might transfer when it waxes and has stayed on the hair for a few days since it flakes off. 


Color wax on locs is probably the best way to change your hair color with low maintenance and damage. It is also affordable, so you can play around with several colors without worrying. Think color wax when next you need a quick and safe dye to infuse color into your locs. However, you should be ready to detox and wash your locs appropriately to keep them healthy and spritz with rose water for locs.

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