Hair texturizer: Everything you should know before trying it on your hair

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If you are conversant with hair relaxers, then you might get a bit confused after being introduced to hair texturizers. The two products are similar as they do almost the same thing only that texturizers are a fast chemical treatment product that frees up the curls.

Hair texturizers are made to detangle curl structures. They make the hair soft and easy to manipulate rather than giving fine, straight hair. This article will explain what hair texturizers are, how they work, if they are good for your hair, and everything else about this product in order to banish doubts you might be having about the hairstyling product.

What is a hair texturizer?

Hair texturizers are chemical products that bind with the hair and in the process, loosen the hair and allow the natural curls to thrive. It should be left on for just five to 10 minutes because it is only meant to air out the curl pattern of the hair.

The outcome of using a hair texturizer varies. While it loosens the curls, you should not expect your hair to be super curly if you do not have a natural curl pattern. Also, texturizers do not actually give the hair textures; these misconceptions have caused people to apply the product wrongly leading to a different result than their expectations.

After a hair texturizing process, you will get chemically treated hair with permanent effects. If you ever get tired of your texturized hairdo, the only option to return to your natural hair texture is chopping off your hair to allow new growth to bloom.

You should have scheduled retouches in two months intervals since your hair is bound to have new growth that will need texturizing cream. This retouch can be extended if you have light hair texture and slow hair growth.

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Hair texturizer vs Relaxers

Both are hair styling products that help to make the hair softer and easier to style. The truth is that both are not so different in their chemical components. Hair texturizers and relaxers are both chemical processing creams made with sodium or calcium hydroxide (lye/no-lye), which is an active ingredient that acts on structural hair bonds.

When both products are applied to the hair, they reconstruct the protein bond present in each hair strand. This makes it a chemical process rather than the natural hairstyling it is perceived as. The major difference between the two is that texturizers detangle curls while relaxers straighten the hair.

They are also different in the time of usage as texturizers are left for five to 10 minutes while relaxers can be left on for 20 minutes. This makes relaxers more damaging to the hair than texturizers.

Is hair texturizer good for the hair?

There is usually no harm to hair if the hair texturizer is applied correctly to your hair. This will require conditioning, trimming, and prepping of the hair before and after the texturizing process. You should maintain healthy hair since this chemical process poses a risk of hair damage. When the hair structure has been altered such as in bleached and colored hair, texturizing creams should be used with care.

Generally, after texturizing your hair, the hair is left dry and crisp and can cause hair breakage. You should invest in some leave-in deep conditioners, hair masks, and hydrating hair products which should be applied daily and not only during salon appointments.

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Can I DIY hair texturizers?

We suggest going to the salon for such procedures because they are chemical-based products. A lot can go wrong when they are not handled properly. This can lead to a burnt scalp, hair breakage, and the likes. You best leave it to the pros to handle, but if you are sure of your skills then why not.

No rule states that you cannot apply texturizers yourself. If you choose to do it at home, start by reading the instructions of use at least twice. After application, be sure to leave the product on just for the stipulated time and nothing extra. This is often the start of badly texturized hair. Protect your edges with petroleum jelly, and your hands with gloves.


A hair texturizer is a fast way to loosen up natural hair curls which is achieved due to the chemical process on the hair strands. Since it is a chemical-based product, it can cause hair damage if it is not applied properly.

The results from a texturizing session are permanent unless the hair grows out. This can take about 3 months, so you will need a retouch to maintain the hairstyle. The only way to rid the effects of a texturizer is if you are willing to cut the hair to the base. If defrizzing without the long-term commitment is your goal, then you should opt for a blowout instead.

There is a lot to consider before choosing to apply hair texturizing products to your hair. The outcoming natural curl pattern makes them worth it, but be ready to give your hair some much-needed TLC.

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