Body Goal: Which Exercise is Best For Your Body Type?

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How is your progress on the body goal you set when the year began? We can only assume the answer, not to worry. If yes, kudos to you, but read to find tips to help you stay motivated.


Your body type determines the shape and structure, so you must always put it in mind when setting body goals. You might ask the question, what is my body type? And no, it doesn’t mean the curves, abs, or toned legs. Those are all just adjectives we have developed to describe the body attractively. Natural body types have to do with physiology, the natural mass deposit that falls under the somatotype classification.

This means that individuals have different body types based on their physique with strength, behavior, weakness, and personality. This conclusion came about after research in the 1940s. However, recent studies show hormones and other physical responses play a role in determining body type. Staying in focus and choosing the right exercises for your body type boosts your chances of reaching your body goal.

This article will talk about body types, body goal inspos, how to exercise for your body type, and tips to help you reach your body goals.

Body types( To achieve body goal)

There are three basic body types people fall under slim, average, and full-body kind. However, since humans are all unique, body types get further divided into hybrids (a combination of two).

  •  Mesomorph body type

A person with a mesomorph body type will have normal metabolism and might build muscles depending on diet and exercise. However, they maintain a medium-sized body and may possess broad shoulders, leading to solid arms. Their waist and leg may be narrow and toned, with moderate fat deposited around the body. It would help if you stayed on a diet and exercise plan to maintain your physique with this body type. The great thing about this body type is that you can monitor your weight gain and loss with a dedicated fitness routine.

  • Ectomorph body type

People with ectomorph body types have a fast metabolism, get hungry, and eat frequently. They maintain a lean physique, even if they always, and are often characterized by a slim waist and hips. Joints, legs, and arms will also be small to fit their slender body. If you have such a body, you don’t need intense workouts but can build flexibility and core strength. A fat-burning exercise will do you no good since there is a lack of body fat deposits. That’s because the body does not quickly add up fat or muscle mass.

  • Endomorph body type

Curves, round and fat deposit dominate this body type; they have a slow metabolism and build muscles on fat-based meal intake. They find it challenging to maintain stable body weight and will have wide hips, with fat deposits on the lower stomach and thighs. Their shoulders may be narrow, but their overall body appearance will look full-figured and doughy. If you fall under this body type, you must maintain a strict diet and alternate with intense and flexible workouts. Endomorphs quickly gain and store fat, so you must remain dedicated to a workout regime to hit your body goal.


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Now for the hybrid body types:

  • Meso-endomorph body type

People with this body type can hold water, and a fatty layer, on the muscle. As the name suggests, this hybrid combines mesomorph and endomorph body qualities. This means the body will have a boxy midsection and thick legs and arms that look strong but not chiseled. The body shape is familiar as many athletes and people in bodybuilding have this type. You will need to stick to intense workouts like cardio and resistance workouts with this body type.

  • Ecto-endomorphs

This body type is usually not natural but a term you can use to describe an endomorph body type with acquired body fat. This may be due to inadequate diets or lapses in their exercise routine. So rather than having a curved body, the body looks flabby because they lack maintenance. If you have such shape and hope to reach a body goal, you must stay dedicated to cardio and other intense exercises to build muscles and aid metabolism. The intensity of the workout may be reduced as your hit your body goal. Your diet should consist of more proteins and fewer carbs to enhance the effects of exercise.

  • Ecto-mesomorphs

This body shape is the poster for a fit body, and many athletes train to reach such a body goal. The body type gets characterized by a V-shaped torso, which consists of a broad back and shoulders. This leads to a narrow waist to support the lean legs. If you maintain such a hybrid body, it looks attractive, projecting the aesthetics of a fit person. That’s because the body seems muscular and strong with much agility.

How to reach body goals?

Regardless of your body, it would be best if you found ways to achieve your body goals. While it is essential to know your body, a plan helps you channel your focus on workouts that will give you the best results. You can set a goal to get toned arms like Michelle Obama, or six-packs like Le Bron James, only if they are realistic. The bottom line is you should only set achievable goals you would be able to reach. Below are some goals and ways you can try to achieve them.

1. Gain body mass

This goal is common with ectomorphs since they have an active metabolism that prevents them from retaining fat. Even mesomorphs can partake in such pursuits to gain either lean muscles or get buffed body mass. So, if you wish to have such a body, you need workouts that prevent you from losing more fat but rather buff up the muscles—exercises such as pull-ups, dips, squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. When lifting weight, you should start with medium-sized weight and increase it as your body builds up. Your diet should be rich in proteins and fibers to boost your body buffing.

2. Walk more steps daily

Walking is very important in promoting good health, and you should take at least 10,000 steps daily. It takes determination to account the daily steps in a day where you sit in cars and offices or lounge all day and binge-watch your favorite shows. If you’ve been finding it difficult to achieve the steps, you need a little push to get those steps in. when commuting to work, instead of going in a car, take a walk if it’s a short distance. For longer distances that require some form of transportation, take on a few stops from your actual stop and walk the rest of the way. Also, take pleasure in walking to get coffee, lunch, or other essential shopping.

Walking your way to better health
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3. Increase upper body strength

Have you always wished you had more muscular arms for exercises and workouts or how they look? It is an excellent body goal to aim for, as it helps with daily tasks that require upper body strength. In addition, if you wish to lift more weights or perform exercises that require your hands more, you need to improve your upper body strength. To achieve your goal, you need arm strengthening and mid-muscle exercises. Incorporate reps of biceps workout, triceps overhead extension, planking, push-ups, and angled lateral raise, for 30 minutes twice a week.

4. Get a perfect form

Improper form can reduce the impact of your workouts or, worse, causes injury to the muscles or joints. A perfect body structure gives you more speed and strength for enhanced workout sessions. It would help if you tried exercises like squats and Pilates to get perfect, irrespective of your body type. For the best results, you can invest in a fitness instructor to help you reach your goal. Or subscribe to classes that focus on perfecting the form.

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5. Train firmer glutes

Gluteal muscles serve many purposes, but it gets used often for sitting. You might only feel you need to train it for aesthetic purposes. Then these seamless shaping boy shorts will help. However, firmer glutes aid metabolism and improve power when performing other exercises. Sometimes, toned glutes can reduce how severe injuries turn out on the lower back and knees. Instead of throwing in a bit of work here and there without results. Set aside two or three days in the week for your glutes. All body types can benefit from exercises like narrow squats, plie squats, and dominant and non-dominant single leg glute bridge. You can also include lunges and glute kickbacks with resistance belts, do not forget to breathe between each exercise rep.

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6. Build a strong core

If you wish to build your core strength, you are well to an improved lifestyle. A stronger core means better postures, stability, and a pain-free back. You need a strengthened body for daily activities like lifting items, bending, and moving about. Also, when you do workouts like push-ups or other abs-building exercises, you need an engaged core to perform better. Here’s how to focus on your body at least three times weekly. Hold for a few minutes longer, and try more exercises that engage your abdominal muscles when doing planks. You can use your table at home to do a crunch and reach or reverse crunch heels touches, whichever is easier for you. It would help if you also had exercises like bicycle crunch and mountain climbers to engage your abdominal muscles. This body goal is vital for women in their postpartum phase; here is a supportive belly wrap to boost your workouts.

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7. Improve your flexibility

Flexibility varies, but it mostly depends on the motion range you can push your muscles. Although everyone has a flexibility range, it reduces over time if you don’t stretch or participate in activities. So, if your body goal is to build up flexibility, you need exercises that lengthen the muscles. Stretching is an excellent way to enhance flexibility hence why it usually starts in most exercise sessions. If you’ve not been doing that, you can start with 10 minutes stretch every morning. All body types can partake in such workouts, but mesomorphs might have to work harder to achieve flexibility.

Get curves in the right places

Let’s end this list of body goals with something most ladies can relate to. Whether you’re trying to get ready for summer or update your looks, it is achievable with the right exercises. If you have an ectomorph might struggle with gaining curves but can still have a toned butt and legs. With mesomorph and endomorph body types, you can get your desired angles with little effort. The workout regime for curves includes back squats with barbells. So, add a barbell that matches your body weight whenever you do a squat.

Tips to stay motivated with body goal

  • The first step to staying motivated is setting realistic goals, as aforementioned. It helps to stay focused while making progress while following your fitness plan.
  • Also, placing a timeline for your body goal enables you to keep on track.
  • Another thing that can save you motivation is getting support from friends or a workout partner that will push you on days you’re feeling lazy.
  • Keeping a personal journal of your fitness journey can help you reflect on your progress and lapses. That way, you know where to improve, and the results will help you stay focused on your body goal. It also helps to follow a fitness journal since it contains everything you’ll need to keep fit.


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Final Take

If you put your mind to it, your body goal, Even the funniest ones, like squeezing in your jeans from a few years back, can still be completed. Your watchword should be I can, and try, and soon you’ll be hitting your body goal.

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