Faux locs: Everything you need to know

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You might have caught yourself ogling at locs and found that it got you feeling inspired. Original locs (aka dreads) are done by rolling natural hair together until it locks which can take several months to years. These locs become your permanent hairstyle until you cut them off. Enter the faux locs to save everyone from all the hassle and looming boredom.

They are the alternative to get the look and feel of real locs without having to sit for hours, session after session to get the hair locked. It is also great for those who like to change their hairstyle regularly. Faux locs are your commitment-free ticket to enjoying the beauty of the protective loc hairstyle.

Although it is easy to get them installed, this article will get you up to date with all the details about this cool hairstyle before you visit the salon.

Why are they called faux locs?

Faux locs are done with hair extensions instead of your natural hair. This means they are a temporary measure to replicate the look of real locs. They have the same rough look, only that your hair is prevented from locking up.

How are they installed?

Since your natural hair is not the one getting locked, there are two ways to install these faux locs.

The wrapping braid method

This process involves sectioning the hair and making them into individual braids. After, the hair extension is secured to the braids before the wrapping process begins. To wrap, the extension is parted to two sides where one end is used to wrap the other side with the braids in the middle.

The crochet method

The crochet method is a quicker way to get faux locs installed. You will purchase a pre-looped loc extension of any length or size that you desire. After, the hair is braided into cornrows and the extension is attached to the hair with a crochet pin. You only have to be mindful of the loc placement, so it doesn’t look too clustered. It is also advisable to do individual braids around the hair perimeter to have more styling options.

Both methods will give a great replica of faux locs but the wrapping method is arguably a better option. This is because the braids can be manipulated to create different hairstyles, other than the crochet method that is stiffer. If you consider how quickly faux locs are installed through the crochet method though, you may want to reconsider.

How quickly can I get the hairstyle done?

The process of installing faux locs is long and can take up to half a day. If you are going for the braid and wrap method which will be done one after the other, the length can also add to the time spent in the chair.

The crochet method is the quicker alternative that will give the same results. To reduce your time at the salon, book your session ahead and go in early in the morning.

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Which extensions can recreate locs?

Hair extensions are a key factor in determining how your faux locs turn out. You will have to consider the texture of the hair; it needs to be thick and coarse rather than fine and sleek. Then you consider the type of hair which will either be synthetic or human hair. Synthetics are cheaper but do not last long while human hair is expensive and more durable.

You will also have to consider how clustered you want the hair as this will help you decide how many packs of hair you should buy. Typically, three packs can complete the hair. If you want it to look fuller, you will need to buy more packs. The last thing to consider is the length and color of the extension.

Is it expensive to get faux locs installed?

The total cost of a faux loc installation is calculated by a few factors. First, consider your location and the rate salons charge to install hairstyles. Next up, think about the installation method preference as the crochet method will be cheaper since it is quicker to make.

Some salons also charge per length — longer hair will be more expensive than the short versions. The base salon rate is anywhere between $100 to $300. When you add this up to the cost of the extension, then you have the total cost of the hairstyle.

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Are faux locs good for my hair?

Faux locs are a protective hairstyle, which means it is good for your hair. They only cause hair breakage and damage when you keep them on for too long. The recommended time is a maximum of eight weeks.

Also, they cause hair loss through tension to your roots when the size is too heavy for the weight of your natural hair. Keep your hair healthy and choose the right size of locs that suits your hair to avoid this.

Maintenance of faux locs

It takes low maintenance to rock your locs: apply oil to your scalp daily and sleep with a satin or silk bonnet. Schedule wash days with a sulfate-free shampoo. Apply small amounts to your scalp and wash off, avoiding soaking the whole air in water. Leave to air dry, and apply a little moisturizer.

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