How to get the best out of a beauty salon trip

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A beauty salon, also called a beauty parlor, offers several cosmetics services to treat or maintain the body. And they include hairstyling, cutting or grooming, makeovers, pedicure and manicures, and other cosmetics services. Some beauty salons may choose to specialize in only one of such services, or usually, just on hair and nails. It is called a spa when its focus is on only skin and beauty treatments.

There are many reasons why people choose to find a new beauty salon, such as wanting a unique experience or moving to a new city. Also, you might want a salon that specializes in just one beauty area rather than a place where several services are offered. In the true sense, it goes more than liking a fantastic hairstyle on a friend as several factors can help your trip to the salon be much better.

How to choose a good beauty salon?

Finding the perfect hair salon is not always an easy feat; the settings, ambiance, stylist needs to be right before you can trust another person with your hair and body. There are also different types of salons from mobile services, rooms, at-home beauty parlors, and so on. If your visit to a beauty salon always leaves you unsatisfied, then this checklist will help you find a suitable salon.

1. Your beauty needs

A search for a beauty salon most likely will begin from a look you are trying to achieve. This will help you narrow down places that can bring your ideas to life. Relate your ideas and wishes to the value you can get from visiting a prospective salon. This also goes in line with the salon’s services; even if it doesn’t match your ideas, it should at least have the capacity to create something unique.

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2. Online Research

A simple search for ‘beauty salon near me’ can yield many results that will only leave you confused. Rather than feeling swamped with the information after narrowing it down with the salons that can meet your needs, scroll through their websites. Look through the website to get more information about the salon; from how they operate their business, their customer service, their level of professionalism, and all other perks you will enjoy from a visit.

If you are not satisfied with the information on the website, you can always visit their social media pages across all the platforms. You get to see how they interact with their customers, samples of previous hairstyles, and the beauty treatment they have done. When you find a few that suits your taste, then it’s a great start.

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3. Reviews of the salon

There are two types from which you can decide what to trust when it comes to reviews. Some only believe in word of mouth and recommendations from a friend or neighbor. If you are one of such, you might have to wait till someone you know visits the salon, so you get a first-hand review before you can go. Although it is effective, it wastes a lot of time to avoid if you stick to online checks. You only must spend a little more time researching and reading reviews till you are satisfied with their services.

4. Check for their prices

This criterion is not essential if you are not working with a budget. Otherwise, you will need to get a good idea of the beauty salon’s price list. Most people don’t check for this when searching for a beauty salon, but it is also a great way to narrow it down. However, some salons can charge extra for services asides from the basic fee. So, if you are planning to install a weave, but it needs to be blow-dried, that might attract an extra cost in some salons. For others, it might come with the package, as a discount. You can ask questions to be sure of how much you are parting with or gaining as the case may be.

5. Scout the beauty salon

If you need to be double sure, you can take a scout or mini-tour of the beauty salon. Then you can get a feel of the place, the general ambiance, their hygiene level, training certificates, awards, and any other thing that will make you feel comfortable when you come for your appointment. There is no need to do this if you can’t find the time, as all other criteria are enough to make your choice.

6. Have a consultation/ test

A consultation is the start point for any appointment; you can run your ideas with the stylist to get a personalized service while also assessing their skill level. A professional stylist will compare your face shape skin tone for colors and styles that can suit you. So, you can get a clearer view or a semblance of how you feel and look after receiving the service.

You can do a patch test to be sure, for example, waxing a tiny part of your skin or color just a streak of hair to gauge the service of the beauty salon. It is much safer to book a blow-dry appointment before opting for a cut. They can also give you maintenance and aftercare to make the nails, hairstyle, and other services last longer.

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7. Book an appointment

Now that you are set for your salon appointment on your visit, get there on time. Sit comfortably and watch how the hairdressers handle other clients. Before they start working on your hair, be sure to explain in detail the hairstyle you are hoping for. If possible, show pictures as this are the only way to get the best results.

Do the same for other services such as nails, trimming, dyeing, and any other thing you plan to do. When the stylist starts working on your hair, you should ask questions to see if they still work according to what you described. You can also point out if their technique is not making you comfortable and suggest ways to make you enjoy your trip to the salon.

Not all beauty services will look good on you, not because the beauty salon is not good at their job, but the choice was not good for your face or skin. When in doubt about a service you will love to get, you can always run it through with the beautician for other ideas that will work for you. A good consultation can solve this problem.

The difference between a beauty salon and a saloon

There is a bit of confusion when the two words salon and saloon are involved. Aside from being pronounced almost the same way, the words are spoken alternatively in some parts of the world. Moreover, a salon is an establishment to receives beauty services, while the word saloon is used to describe where alcoholic beverages are sold.

In a broader range, a salon is visited by both men and women to receive different treatments on their hair, skin, and body in general. The hair services can include hair washing & conditioning, hair coloring/tinting, perming, braiding, straightening, and other hair services. Salons can also offer hair removal services such as body waxing, eyebrow threading, and shaving.
And still, combine a nail grooming section with taking care of all your beauty needs. Some professional salons specialize in facial services such as micro-blading, lash lift and tint, and dermaplaning.

While a saloon is where alcohol is sold and can be drunk, just like a bar, in other meaning, it is a standard room specified for a singular purpose. The word saloon can also describe a car that seats four people. Based on the definition, the two words are different and should not be used interchangeably in sentences.

Specialized beauty salons

If you like to focus on specific areas of your body, then a general beauty salon might not work. It is best to go with a specialized beauty salon when you need such services. They include:

– Nail Salon/parlor

When a salon is specialized in nails (manicure/pedicure), they perform scrubbing, filing, and general cleaning of fingernails and toes. Nails are a popular form of beauty service, taking different shapes, such as oval, stiletto, almond, square in varying length. Nail art also features gels to acrylic embellishment, with various colors to choose from.

Beautician giving manicure for her customer in her beauty salon
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– Barber Shop

If you only want to cut or shave your hair, it is best to visit a barber’s shop. Unless there are some technicalities involved, such as layering and straightening, and curling for the hairstyle to be complete.

– Brow Bar

The brow bar salons specialize in enhancing the eyes, and their services can include eyebrow threading, waxing, tinting, microblading, lash-lift, and extension. They are your best bet to get all your eye beauty needs to be met.

– Skin Salon

A skin salon can focus on any treatment that will make your skin look good. They offer from scrubs to facials and general waxing to tips on maintaining glowing skin. Most of such salons sell these products to help with such issues.


Enjoying your trip to the beauty salon includes knowing what you expect and not setting your goals too high. Especially if you are just visiting the salon for the first time. You may also like to read: Best 70s Makeup Ideas To Try In 2022.

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