The bretman rock ab workout will set your abs on fire and give you abs to die for

planking exercise for abs workout
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If you are always in search of online workout videos that will serve as a guide for your exercise routines, you might have come across the Bretman Rock ab workout video on YouTube which is quite popular since it gained millions of views in a short while. Bretman Rock is a global superstar makeup artist after rising to fame due to his beauty and funny side.

Bretman decided to share the secrets to his banging body even though he always reminds fans that he is not a professional fitness trainer. Nonetheless, he is always receiving compliments for his body, coupled with his experience with fitness instructors. He became inspired to make these videos so anyone who tried could get abs like him.

His page consists of a different set of videos targeted to work on different parts of your body, such as the chest, cardiovascular exercises, and the most popular abs routine. The Bretman rock ab workout videos do not require equipment but you will feel the impact on your abs throughout the day.

The Bretman ab workout routine

The routine consists of a set of exercises done in only one round, should be easy right? Most people that have tried it said it burned their abs, but the effects made it worth it. Tagged three easy ways to look cute and featuring the Abs-olutely Not workout, it includes the following steps.

Before you get into the exercise, Rock advises you to start with stretching with a long PVC pole in an up and down, sideways method. He then proceeds to some basic chest exercises and jump ropes before going into the Absolutely Not workout proper.

It begins with 20 crunches; this is the basic starting point for abs build-up — you lie down facing up and lift your head and shoulders up to help your stomach contract. Crunches give stability to the body and are the first step to achieving stronger abdominal muscles. The pressure is also felt on the neck and back which is unpleasant for some people.

Next up are 40 reps of v-sit crunches also called in and outs which work on your abdomen and hip flexors. They are crunches but done with you positioned in a V-shape since you will have to bend your legs halfway to do the crunches. It is slightly different from normal crunches because it resembles the boat posture in yoga.

hip dips from bretman rock abs workout
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Planking for 60 seconds is up after the v-sit crunches, you can do the standard planking with your forearms suspending your entire body. There are other variations such as the side plank, reverse plank, plank with an alternating knee and elbow. They are all effective in strengthening the stomach muscles and giving a tight hip.

After, rest for 30 seconds then go in for 20 reps of hip dips or side to side planks. This is done by rotating your hips from side to side while planking. This enhances the effect of the crunches on your core and abdomen. As you do the dip, your body should be kept straight and your hips should be curved while staying apart. It also aids in maintaining your balance and gives you a trimmed waistline.

After, go in for 40 mountain climbers, this is a series of rapid exercises that requires a lot of strength. But if you can do all forty, it will build up your stamina and agility. The mountain climbers are followed by 60 reps of scissors. This is done by lying down with your back against the ground, your hands supporting the lower back while kicking each leg alternately. This focuses on tightening the lower abdomen.

reverse crunches
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Rest for another 30 seconds then continue with 20 leg raises, also known as reverse crunches. Maintain the same position as you did for the scissors, then bend your knees at 90 degrees and lift your back to meet your knee without lifting the mid-back or neck. 40 reps of the toe touch should follow — keep your legs stretched out with your shoulders moving so your hands can touch your toes without moving other parts of your body.

Finally, do the hollow body hold for 60 seconds; it develops stomach muscles and supports the spine and the core. It is said to be more effective than the regular sit-ups because it is done with your hands and legs pointing up, and the back and spine holding your body together.

How is the Bretman Rock ab workout beneficial?

Focusing on your abs is an integral part of your daily workout that strengthens your core besides the aesthetic beauty of toned six-packs that comes with it. It can also help with maintaining a good posture as it improves body balance and reduces back pain.

Rock’s version is just 8-minutes long, which is quicker than the traditional ab workouts. It puts a spin on it with his soothing voice cheering you on. Several reviews claim they saw visible results within four weeks. It is harder for some people, so you might have to tweak it so it suits your body.

Regardless of the burning sensation that comes with exercise, with a lot of deep breaths and dedication, anybody should be able to successfully do the full workout.

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