Sacha Buttercup Powder vs Ben Nye Banana Powder

sacha buttercup powder vs ben nye banana powder
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Setting powders have become a staple in every makeup kit, but there is always the dilemma of which to choose between Sacha Buttercup and Ben Nye.


Every makeup enthusiast knows better than to get into an argument between Sacha Buttercup Powder vs Ben Nye. But the topic has proven to be unavoidable since the lunch of the setting powder from Sacha cosmetics. Setting the undereye has become one of the essential steps to reduce creases for flawless makeup. Hence, many people turn to different powders to create their suited look.

There is also the confusion of telling apart a setting powder from a banana, baking, or highlighting powder. Narrowing the reviews, it all came down to preferences since both powders were top quality. Some ladies had to go the extra mile to prove their solidarity for their preferred powder. They applied both on different face parts to see which holds better.

Most people always forget that skin type and application method determine the results. The next time you’re caught in Sacha Buttercup powder vs. Ben Nye powder, this article will equip you with all the details you need to pick a powder to stand with.

Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder

Sacha BUTTERCUP Setting Powder
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When the Buttercup setting powder stepped into the block, it quickly claimed its spot in the makeup kits of both professional MUAs and the regulars like us. The texture felt super luxe and velvety because the brand made sure it came finely milled. After blending in your concealer or foundation, you should apply the powder for the best results. Upon application, it reduces the appearance of facial lines and open skin pores, which is the struggle most women who deal with excess oils ruining their makeup looks.

It glides into your skin to give an airbrush and velvety look without leaving a cakey finish. You can expect it to absorb skin oils and keep the face dry with a matte finish. This result is possible due to its delicate texture and flash-friendly formula that blends easily into the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, even dark undertones since it works for the most exotic skin types.

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Ben Nye Banana Powder

Ben Nye Bella Luxury Powder - Banana 1.5 oz./42 gm • Original Cosmetics
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This setting is for the makeup pros since its dry feel needs much blending to brighten the under-eye area for classic contouring. It is also great to control the visibility of skin pores and oils. When used correctly, it doesn’t leave a cakey finish but would instead create image-worthy makeup.

The product is regarded as the holy grail after celebrities like Kim Kardashian sang its praises. It also has a rich history behind it, for being the magic of backstage transformation in theatres. The powder sets makeup in place for extended hours with a matte finish. Even if it has a yellow tone, it gives the perfect under-eye highlight when done correctly.

Differences between Sacha Buttercup powder vs. Ben Nye

Sacha Buttercup The texture of the powder feels soft and comes finely milled. It has a natural, translucent finish and settles nicely into the skin. It blends well into the skin. And the soft texture aids your blending setting powder is only available in one color. It leaves no flashbacks when you take a picture since it blends seamlessly without looking overbaked. The powder has a white finish for brighter-looking undereye. The powder stays in place with its compact container. This prevents less mess and spillage.

Ben Nye Even if it comes finely milled, the powder feels dry, bordering on a chalky feel. It might leave a yellow finish when applied. Also, the powder is available in several shades to suit different skin tones. The powder might cake and leave an ashy finish if your blending skill is essential. In addition, the powder might leave ashy flashbacks due to poor blending and a yellowish undertone. This powder might spill more since it has a small sifter. The container makes a mess from the top.

Sacha buttercup and ben nye banana powderSimilarities between Sacha Buttercup and Ben Nye Banana setting powder

They are both setting powders and have similar properties suitable for makeup looks. The powders are set in foundations to prevent skin oils from seeping through your finished makeup. Also, they won’t clog your pores while they settle on the face to smoothen out your foundation.

In addition, both powders come with a stopper to regulate the powder that comes out when you pour, which reduces the chances of you wasting these luxe powders as you use them.

Which is better, Sacha Buttercup Powder vs. Ben Nye?

Many people shy away from Ben Nye powder since it needs blending skills to get the best results. While the Sacha Buttercup blend is more effortless since it has a softer texture, you can use it daily for everyday makeup. However, Ben Nye has more popularity than Sacha Buttercup because it came into the beauty scene first. They both give a beautiful face when appropriately blended.

 Which setting powder is better for Brown skin??
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How to apply setting powder the proper way?

Your application technique is crucial in achieving a flawless and dewy look instead of being an oily mess. Setting powders that deliver the desired effect should always be two shades lighter than your skin tone. So, caution should be taken when applying them and not be used generously on every area of your face.

The best areas to use setting powder are on your T-zones. This includes the nose, under-eye, chin, and forehead. You can also apply particular contoured areas that flatter your face shape for true highlights.

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Powder to concealer technique

The crude way to apply setting powder is by blending it directly on the concealed area of your face. Use it in small quantities and mix it with a brush to get the perfect look. For this method, your blending game must be top-notch, so if you give just the right hint of brightness. While you blend, be careful so that the powder does not leave patches.

The baking technique

This technique has become favored for sculpting the face near perfection, using a significant amount of setting powder. When you get to the contouring stage in your make routine, the highlighting stage follows next, for which you’ll need to bake your face. Use a beauty sponge or soft brush to apply powder to all the areas that need to get highlighted.

Allow to set in for a few minutes like you would for a pie you’re baking. You can use this wait time to finish up other areas of the makeup, such as eyeshadows. While you wait, the powder goes into action and settles into the skin areas, controlling excess oils and shine when you’re ready to step out, dust off the excess powder resting on the skin surface for seamless blending.


Makeup is constantly changing, and setting powders are not the first of many products that target imperfection. The yellow tone sets into the skin to remove excess shine and flashbacks when taking a picture. Between the Sacha Buttercup vs. Ben Nye, they give a flawless finish with proper blending. Snatch up some other products from the brands to update your makeup kit right here.

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