Top 17 Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair You Will Love to Know

best hair extensions for fine hair
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If you’ve been sitting out most hairstyles because of thin hair, you probably heard of these best hair extensions for fine hair. 

When you have thin hair, it’s a bit of a downer, as the most style will not look great on you. For a fact, it can be so frustrating, you gather it up, and you see visible unattractive space. Even with the simple styles, like leaving your hair down, it still doesn’t look right. The quick and easy fix to this problem is hair extensions. They come in add-ons or clip-ins to make your hair look fuller.

Fine hair textures lack thickness, and with hair extensions, you only need a few strands to make your hair appear thicker. It also means you can DIY and wear some creative styles; this equals reduced trips to the salon. If you can manage to find the best hair extension for fine hair, that will blend seamlessly.

You can say goodbye to a flat-looking hairstyle with the 17 best hair extensions you need for fine hair.

Types of hair extension

Clip-in hair extensions: Clip-ins gets made with steel tapes that attach them securely to the hair. You can find clip-ins easily because they are an affordable option that many women favor. They come made with a different hair type that can get customized to blend with your natural hair. Once installed, you will have to take them out each time, so it doesn’t cause stress to your hair.

Halo Hair Extensions: Halo hair extension comes like a headband made with an invisible wire. You quickly wear the extensions under your natural hair, and they will stay hidden in place. It gives an instantly fuller hair without the hassle of installation.

Tape-in Hair extensions:  If you require your extensions to stay in place for a few weeks, the following type to consider is the tape-ins. They can last up to 8 weeks because they come made with an adhesive base that attaches to your hair. Avoid stacking them too tightly or leaving them for too long so they don’t cause damage to your hair.

Weave-in Hair extensions: For a more semi-permanent option, weave-in extensions are your best bet. They must get installed by a hairstylist, which means they are expensive but shouldn’t be a bother since it lasts for months. However, you might want to avoid this type of hair extension if your fine hair is fragile.

How to Choose the best hair extensions for thin hair

You might have searched for hair extensions for thin hair before now and realized there is a vast array of sizes, colors, and types. This only leaves you confused about what to pick; below are some criteria to look out for before shopping for hair extensions.

  • The textures of your natural hair

It’s nothing new to you, as your fine hair has a thin texture, which is also sparse in volume. So, any extension you choose should be light enough, so it doesn’t cause tension to your scalp, yet full enough to give you fullness. You don’t want anything that will cause your already delicate strands to shed and drop.

Avoid extensions that require glues and tapes that can stick and damage your mane. When you use clip-ins, attach them delicately; better opt for a durable extension. Most people are wary of clips, but you should be OK with ones easy to add and remove.

  • The best hair extension for fine hair should blend in

If your extensions do not blend in, you’ve got the entire process wrong. The main reason for opting for extensions is to ensure you get natural volume without wearing a wig. Thus, the extension should invisibly get the job done. Even if you don’t find the right wave and texture for your hair, you can opt for an extension made with natural hair. They replicate textures, so you can style them to fit into your hair.

  • Go for a light hair extension

Considering the texture of your hair, avoid hair extensions that are too heavy. They will cause tension and harm your natural hair. So, when you shop, opt for light options, or install a few pieces to reduce the weight.

17 Hair Extensions for Fine Hair you Should Own

1. Sassina Halo Hair Extensions

This hair extension from Sassina is genuinely one of the best you can find with its silky straight texture. It comes made with a tested 100% virgin Remy hair, durable quality. You can easily attach the extension to your hair with a fish line. Due to its halo shape, you can comb your hair over it. So, you can forgo using glue, cornrows, and any other technique to install the extension.

Give the extensions a warm wash to reveal a subtle wave when they become dirty. The brand has twenty-two colors available, ranging from black, blonde, brown, and some ombre styles, ranging from 14-22 inches.

Sassina Remy Halo Hair
courtesy of brand

2. Cecycocy Kinky Curl Clip in Hair Extensions

With how thick these hair extensions come, you only need a few pieces to get a fuller head with a healthy mane. Since it’s a Remy natural hair, you can do different things with the extension as it lays flatly. The different lengths available won’t disappoint, from fuller looks to ponytails and whatnot; the various measurements available won’t disappoint.

Cecycocy Kinky Curly Clip in
courtesy of brand

3. Moresoo Remy Hair Extension Clip

Nothing stops you from achieving fuller hair with the Moresoo hair extension, coming with seven pieces of hair clips. The clips have a natural, long-lasting soft Remy hair that gives a fuller coverage. The tapes come designed to settle into your hair for ease of use comfortably. Its lace design ensures the clips and strands become invisible when you wear them. Although the hair appears thin, you get a chic hairdo with varying sizes of fasteners.

Moresoo Remy Human Hair Clip in Blonde Seamless Clip in Hair 16 Inch Balayage Colored #1B/18/60 Black to Blonde y
courtesy of brand

4. Goo Goo Hair Extension

If you need a breathable and natural hair extension option, you need these Goo Goo strands. It does not require glue to install them to reduce tension and product build-up on your scalp. When you need to go out, quickly add volume, and position it to add length to the hair. Since the hair is 100% natural, you can dye it to different tones or fit your natural hair color.

Buy GOO GOO Dark Brown Clip in Human Hair Extensions 120g Straight Natural Hair Thick Clip in Remy Extensions

5. The Hair Shop Skinny Clip-in Single Piece

The goal of using the extension is to ensure they become invisible as they give volume to your hair. The hair shop understands that with their ultra-slim clips. They stay hidden when you use them, which allows you to try out different styles, including ponytails and Knots.

The hair shop skinny clip in
courtesy of brand

6. Easyouth Remy Human Hair Extension

To create a beautiful hairstyle, you might need a curling or straightening tool. While your natural hair will not get affected, an inferior hair extension might get burned. It would help if you had this Remy human hair type from Easyouth that can take all forms of heat styling. Each clip has double wefts to aid your styling process, which keeps it in place. You get up to seven clips of soft natural hair and add them at different locations on the hair to give volume.

Easyouth 14Inch Human Hair Weft Sew in Straight Weft Hair Extensions Darkest Brown Remy Beauty & Personal Care
courtesy of brand

7. Sunny Halo Human Hair Extensions

Adding this halo extension from Sunny will give you volume mane within minutes. Its invisible line sits securely on your head and is easy to take out. This means you can rock different hairstyles when you wear this extension, and with over 22 shades available, you are bound to find just the right color for you.

The Best Halo Hair Extension for fine hair on Amazon
courtesy of brand

8. Munx Clip-in Hair Extension

Get a full head with this brand that offers 17 clips that come hand-stitched neatly. The hair itself is purely natural and free from chemicals. You get a natural look when attached because it blends into your normal hair. It shouldn’t be hard to find a suitable shade with the different colors available, including a balayage variant. Also, the clips come made with stainless steel, so you can easily attach and remove them without damaging your hair and scalp.

Munx Clip in Thickened Double Weft Seamless Straight Balayage Virgin Human Hair Clip in
courtesy of brand

9. S-noilite Clip in Hair Extensions

Sometimes you do not need your best hair extension for fine hair to appear thick because you want them to fill out your hair. This lightweight extension clip might be what you need to build coverage around your hair with its sturdy 18 clips. It comes as unprocessed natural hair that can be color-treated styled and even permed as desired. You can have several colors available, but the dark red shade is luxe.

 S-noilite Clip in
courtesy of brand

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10. Kinistry Kurlgenics Clips-ins

Here’s a hair extension for curly hair; it comes in natural brown and black hair shades. The clips get specifically made to improve thin hair. If you desire a fuller look, you might need to shop for two packs for the best results.

Kurlnexis Clip-Ins – Kinkistry
courtesy of brand

11. Benehair Clip-in Remy Hair Extensions

Contrary to popular belief that hair clips do not stay well hidden under your hair, this one from Benehair blends seamlessly. Their stay becomes secured on your hair with three-part tied clips for many styling possibilities. With the eight pieces it comes with, you should be able to get the desired volume that will still look natural. You can switch up the style by curling or dyeing the hair. Please give them a little wash, and continue rocking your hair when it gets dirty.

Buy Benehair Clip in
courtesy of brand

12. La Betti Clip in Hair Extension

Your days of thin hair are over with these human hair clip-in extensions. They have a bouncy, sleek look that resembles natural hair for the most invisible pairing. You can practically do anything with them since they stay in place with their double wefts. So, if there is a hairstyle that has been on your mind, you can go for it with this best hair extension for fine hair installed. Once you get the perfect length, all left is styling, from straightening to dyeing. Be sure to add hair protection that hydrate or keep the hairs oiled, as they tend to brittle easily.

Labetti Highlights Clip in
courtesy of brand

13. True Indian Hair EZ Clipz Extensions

You cannot get hair extensions with human hair purer than this, as the brand vouches for their quality. It comes to their signature wefts, with unprocessed natural donor hair. They have a range of textures to suit different hair types.

EZ Clipz - True Indian Hair
courtesy of brand

14. Ubetta Human Hair Clip-in Extension

If blonde hair is your natural hair color, you’re currently rocking the shade; you might want to consider this hair extension. The brand offers valid blonde to ash blonde hairs and features some with highlights. Although they come in steel clip-in for sturdiness, the hair strands are attached to them with soft rubber. You can rest assured that your hair will stay protected from damage while the extension increases hair volume.

 UBETTA Clip in Human Hair Highlights Remy
courtesy of brand

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15. Urbeauty Kinky Clip in Hair Extension

Get this hair extension that replicates natural curls for your fine hair. If you have type 4 kinky hair, these clips made with virgin human hair will suit you. It comes with triple weft hair that quickly fills the spaces without looking too bulky.

Urbeauty Kinky Curly Clip In for Black Women
courtesy of brand

16. Vario Clip-in Hair Extensions

You might have come across many other hair extensions with highlights, but nothing beats the balayage technique on this hair extension. You only need to add these durable hair extension clips, and it will look like you took a trip to the salon. What’s better, you can straighten and manipulate it to create any desired style.


Buy Vario Hair Clip in Remy
courtesy of brand

17. Hairro Clip-in Extension

When you have thin hair, you will need an ideal extension that can give volume with easy add-ons. It comes made with natural human hair that withstands all your creative ideas. You can wash and care for it just like your natural hair for a longer life span. If you’re attaching the hair extensions, be sure to layer them properly to aid the blending with your hair.

 Hairro 18 Inch Clip in
courtesy of brand

How to maintain hair extension

Now that you found the best hair extensions for fine hair, you want to ensure they last long. While they stay long, you also want them to be in good shape. You can care for your extensions in the following simple steps.

  1. After using your hair extensions for a few weeks, please give it a good wash like you would your natural hair.
  2. Use your favorite shampoo, rinse and deeply condition the hair. Allow to air dry; avoid wearing them when wet.
  3. Brush the hair regularly, and make sure it gets properly detangled. While you brush the hair, do it gently so you don’t rip the stitching on the extensions.
  4. When you reinstall them, separate and brush the hair daily.


If you have fine hair, you don’t want to cause further stress or harm your hair. Using the best hair extensions for fine hair takes care of this issue, as it blends seamlessly. It also boosts the length and volume of your natural hair. Which one of these will you be choosing? From the selection of seventeen above, let us know in the comments.

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