How to recreate Billie Eilish wolf cut hair style: a step-by-step guide

How to recreate Billie Eilish wolf cut hair style: a step-by-step guide
How to recreate Billie Eilish wolf cut hair style: a step-by-step guide. Source: LófficielUSA

Billie Eilish has got people who prefer to rock medium and short-length hair fawning over her trendy wolf-cut hair. It is intriguing that the shaggy cut has been around since the 70s, but the modern take on it is like a fusion of the mullet and a shag cut.

All hair types can rock this fun look, as the perfect wolf cut will give a messy and undone hairstyle. It frames the face and flows down the shoulder like cool feathers. If you think you can nail the look, read on as we guide you to get the perfect wolf cut.

How to get the wolf cut hair

Socials are blowing up over DIY wolf cut. On TikTok, videos of it have racked over 540 million views, and everyone seems to be having a go at the style. While some are hits, others do not look so good since it paired with curtain bangs. You would have noticed that it is more than just gathering the hair up and cutting at the end of the ponytail. To get it right, here is how you need to do it.

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Step 1: Get the needed hair styling tools together

You will need a comb, the regular hair shears, thinning shears and not the everyday scissors, a roller brush, flat iron, razor blade, hair clips, and tie.

Step 2: Prep your hair

As always, no haircut should be done on unprepared hair. Wash and condition your hair, then dry it using a towel before using a blow dryer to complete the process. The heat will blow out the hair strands and get them ready for the cut. Take note that Some stylists prefer to leave the hair a little bit wet.

Step 3:Gather the hair/ the first cut

Comb your hair forward, then use a hair tie to secure it into a unicorn ponytail. Next, stretch it out, choose a length and chop off (recommended length three-quarters from the end). Release your hair from the tie, section it into two parts by cutting from above one side of the ear to the other end. Go in for another tie, this time just the upper section of the hair.

DIY hairstyles
source: Suan-YouTube

Step 4: Layering and pointcuts

Take the tip of the hair and trim out the dead ends since you don’t want a blunt cut. Position the shears diagonally to do some pointcuts, and this will also help to reduce the bluntness of the hair. This is where some people prefer to use a razor, as it can be used to get perfect feather layers. Also, it should only be done if you’re skilled.

Step 5: The bangs

Release the hair out of the tie, section out some hair for the bangs, comb forward and chop off your desired length. Make sure it is layered to frame your face. You can either make the wispy or curtain bangs; both are major hair trends. See how to achieve both from our previous posts. Continue reading: Curtain bangs are flattering AF! Here’s how to cut them yourself. Then do some pointcuts for the feathery aesthetic.

wolf cut hair
source: Prose

Step 6: Final touches

After you have chopped the hair, you will need to do some extra styling to achieve the layered shaggy look. First off, if the hair is looking too bulky for you, take your shears and slide them down the hair without snips or use a razor to reduce some volume. Then use a flat iron to accentuate the edges, take out small sections of the hair and flatten from the middle to the ends.

Next, use a roller brush to bring the bangs to the front and flip at the ends before applying a blow dryer as you brush. This will help you achieve a flipped bang with a feather vibe to match the wolf-cut hair.

Step 7: Get some texture in your strands

Now that you are all done, what’s left is to rock the hairstyle everywhere. Before you step out, texture your strands by applying styling mousse. Pour out a sizeable amount on your hands and finger-comb your hair. That’s it; the hairstyle will not only be cute but movable and picturesque ready to rock the viral hair trend.

Pro Tips: Give the hair a choppy look, and do not blend the layers. Keep the upper part of the hair shorter, and this will help add layers that will complement the lower part that was left long.

Also, if your hair is straight, apply sea salt spray to help define the layers and to stop it from being flat. For curly hair, apply an anti-frizz spray or leave-in conditioner for picture-worthy layers.

source: lastesthairstyle

In conclusion, Billie Eilish’s wolf-cut hair can be easily achieved at home if you are careful enough. When you don’t trust your skills, you can always visit a salon to get your desired look. The key to styling the hairstyle is allowing embracing your natural hair texture. That’s after applying texturing creams.

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