8 steps to create a sleek parted ponytail without help

sleek parted ponytail
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There are many hairstyles we don’t get to talk about so much, probably because they are so easy to make. The sleek parted ponytail has been saving women for a long time, from the runway to the red carpet and the streets. Since the hairdo is a classic polished style, anyone can rock.

It is a confident look that helps you flaunt your facial features. This super sleek look is a significant hair trend you should be jumping on. The good thing is, the sleek ponytail is perfect for mid-length and long hair. However, people with short-length hair will have to sit this style out.

If you desire to rock this hairstyle for date nights and outings, we have an easy way to achieve the look. Whether side or straight, sleek parted ponytail, you are covered. Read on to find out how to make this elegant hairstyle in no time.

How to get the perfect sleek parted ponytail

Washing the hair is an unspoken rule before you make any hairstyle. So, be kind to mane shampoo, condition your hair and wash out with warm water. Dry your hair with a towel before blowing drying.

Set out all the hair tools needed, such as a hairbrush to remove knots and smoothen the hair, rattail comb to create the parting, anti-frizzing hair products for protection, hair clips, elastic band, and straightening styler.

1. Prep your hair

Apply some hair products to free up your mane and protect it from damage for the best results. The essential hair foods and conditioners should do.

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2. Part the hair

Decide on the parting of choice; if it is a side part, use a rat tail comb starting from the forehead, section out the hair from the nape to create a side part. For the center part, once you start from the forehead, part the hair in the middle and straight down till you get the desired length. We suggest keeping the part short.

blow dry the parted ponytail
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3. Blow-dry the hair

It is essential to blow-dry the hair, as it helps to make the hair smooth. Using the blow dryer and a hairbrush, control the airflow and brush the hair downwards as you dry. While staying conscious of the part, blow dry till you get a smooth straight finish.

4. Section the under of the hair

To section the hair, take out the bottom of the hair to get the right amount to pass your hand by your ears, and run it to the back of your head. Secure the upper part that you left out with a hair clip.

5. Style the hair in sections

Starting from the lower section, take out a small piece of the hair and style. Use a straightening styler, begin by closing the hair tool around the section piece, and run through the hair from the roots to the tips. Do this a few times to get a glossy look, then go round until you complete the hair’s lower section.

When the lower section is complete, release the upper section from the clips, and do the same thing. As you style, ensure you maintain the part line by styling in the same direction until all the hair is smooth.

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6. Apply more hair products

Now that the hair is smooth, you will need to apply more hair products such as mist and oil sheen. For best results, spray onto the brush and run through your tresses.

7. Secure the hair into a ponytail

Gather your entire hair back and secure it into a low ponytail, place right at the nape of your neck, make it smooth with the hairbrush, and secure the hair with an elastic band. Remove a small section of the hair and wrap around the elastic band until it is attached for a polished look.

8. Finishing touches

View the hair from the mirror to check if everything is in place. You can apply more products like hair spray and shine balm. Then you are good to go if you have some fly-away tame with some hair wax.  You can also braid the hair left loose, or bush some hair forward for a versatile styling option.  Hair accessories can also be used to elevate the hairstyle.

pony tail look
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Sleek parted ponytail transforms the simple everyday ponytail into a chic hairstyle, which you can wear to any occasion. The elegant finish makes it suitable for anyone with long hair to be gathered into one. So, you won’t have to settle for a messy ponytail anytime you desire.

Check out celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Zendaya e.t.c. if you need more inspiration. Follow these easy steps, and you will be a pro at creating the perfect sleek parted ponytail. Before you step out, do not forget to slick down those baby hairs from our previous post. You may also like, Galaxy nails ideas and how to do it yourself.

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