How To Determine Your Breast Shape To Find Your Perfect Bra

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You may not know this, but your breast shape can help you find the perfect bra. Most people would rather say their breast is big or small and pays no mind to the shape. The struggle is indeed accurate for us curvy girls to get a great bra, not saying it makes it easy for a smaller boob size.

The shape of the breast can be a result of different things, from genes to nursing, weight loss or gain, even gravity, and age. They can all contribute to how a breast is shaped, but you will need to wear fitting bras no matter what. In this present time, where shopping for everything online is often the only choice, you need to tell a good bra fit from the looks.

Get ready to ditch the bra styles that spill or cause discomfort to the user in the best bras you ever own. But you can only do that when you know how your breast shape.

How to determine your breast shape

Your breasts have certainly been a part of you since puberty, and by now, you can tell every detail. And understanding your breast shape and size is the first step to getting a great bra. Some people suggest drawing your boobs while standing in front of a mirror to channel your inner Picasso. Anyway, here are some ways to determine your breast shape.

– Breast fullness

The fullness of your breasts is vital in finding the shape. Some breasts may be fuller under or on the top, and others combine the two. This means the breast is entire even, with a balanced shape. The density of breast tissues you have makes the breasts big or small. To get where the fullness of the breast receives position, check for how your nipple is placed.

Marking the position, check for the area with more breast tissues. If the tissues are located more on the downside, you have boobs that are fuller under. When most tissues get situated on top of the nipple, it means your breast is fuller on top. So, if you can’t find the difference in breast tissue density in both the top and bottom, then it clears your breasts fullness are even.

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If the above method does not work, you measure the fullness of the breast in another simple way. For this, you will have to take off your bra, lean forward, and calculate with the position of your nipples. When your nipples rest on the lower part of your boobs, it means you have a fuller top boob. If your nipples rest on the upper part of the breast, you have a fuller bottom breast. The nipples will most likely point to the floor for even breast fullness since the breast tissue determines where your nipples sit.

– Does the fullness of my breast affect the shape and bra choice?

That’s the obvious question you might be asking yourself after the above description of breast fullness. Even after buying the correct bra size, some of the problems you encounter gets caused by fullness. It turns out, if you struggle with bras, digging into your breast, that divides it looking like you have double boobs. You might have a fuller upper breast, and this problem can be solved by buying bras that provide full coverage.

Based on determining the breast fullness, bras designed to show cleavage are not suited for fuller under boobs. That’s because the tops are cut short and will not fit properly, even if the bra cup is your size.

– How close together are your boobs?

The space between the two breasts is another factor to consider. If there’s ample space between both breasts, a wide area separating them is tagged wide/broad sets. For some people, the breast lies close to each other, even touching, meaning there is no space between the two breasts. Such breasts become tagged as closed set for the lack of space.

Applying this knowledge when shopping for bras is easy, as you will tell if a bra is good for you based on the middle part. When your breasts are wide apart, the trick is shopping for a bra with an equally wide central part. A small middle part will be appropriate if you have closed sets. An excellent example of a bra with a small middle part is the plunge bra that relies on an equally small width to give a plunging effect. So, when next you shop for a bra, look at its middle part and see if it suits the closeness of your boobs.

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– Measure the width of your breasts

What this means is calculating how wide your breasts are. To achieve an accurate measurement, start from the side point of your breasts that protrudes from your chest. And then, proceed to the ends; you will know how the breasts extend to form the side roots.

With this info, you can determine if you have a wide or small with, which equals the size of an underwire. Breast width also helps find the perfect under support/wire for the boobs. If you have big boobs, you understand how vital it is to own a tremendous supporting bra. However, you might get carried away with this need and shop for bras with underwires that dig into your skin.

The same goes for those with more petite boobs, but you can avoid getting an uncomfortable bra with your breast measurement. This trick gives you an edge over many women that suffer from issues with their perfect fit underneath.

Common breast shapes and their perfect bra type

The truth is, there are several breast shapes that you may not be aware of. Some of them are listed below.

1. Asymmetrical breast shape

Naturally, breast shapes are usually not perfect, appearing more prominent than others. This breast shape is typical in most people. A breast shape will need a customizable bra to help mold your breasts’ curve.

push up bra
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2. Bell shape breast

Like the regular bells, a slimmer top becomes complete at the bottom, so is this breast shape hence the name. The breast tissues are more on the bottom of the boobs. If you have a bell-shaped breast, you will need a bra with lots of support in the underwire. The bra can also feature padded straps to help give your breast a lift that will even out the shape.

3. Relaxed breasts

The watchword for a relaxed breast shape (lift) and any bra to gather the breast up. The breast tissues are lax or sagging, leaving the nipples and boobs pointing down. So, they need all the extra support they can get for such breasts. If you have a comfortable breast bra with underwires such as the balconette and a push-up bra will do you good.

sagging lace bra
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4. Athletically shaped breast

This breast shape becomes recognized by fewer boob tissues, is muscular, and might be positioned wide apart. The athletic breast does not have tissue volume. It is familiar with smaller breast sizes that are compact, staying close to the chest. So, people with such shapes struggle to find suitable bra cups, either being too constricting or gapping. Since most traditional bra designs won’t do justice to your breast, go for t-shirt bra styles.

5. East-West breast shape

If you ever feel your two breasts are in a world of their own, you might have the east-west shape. The breasts are usually facing opposite directions, whether pointing inwards or outwards. They might also tend to move their weight to the sides continually. You will need a bra that can keep your breast positioned in front, with cups and straps that can gather them. Bras with extra support features like a racerback or contour cups are the best options for you.

6. Teardrop breast shape

This breast shape is between round and slightly relaxed, as it gets described as being round but not complete at the top. That’s pretty much like how a teardrop will appear but becomes a struggle for this breast shape. Bras that can help even out the breast tissue volume is your best bet, such as a demi-cup bra.

pear shaped breast red balconette bra
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7. Round breast shape

When even breast tissue gets deposited at both the top and bottom, it appears round since it’s even. For round-shaped breasts, most bra types will work for them. You only need to decide the look you are trying to achieve to choose the right bra. Styles like plunge, t-shirt, balconettes will work for the coverage and support your boobs needs.

8. Side set breasts

The wide placement of the breast becomes used to describe this breast shape. That’s because the two boobs are not close to each other, laying far apart. So, if this shape represents your boobs, you will need bras that can comfortably pull your breasts together. Your bra of choice should be anything from a push-up to a triangle bra without an underwire.


Now you know that not every bra design will fit you and the next woman the same way, even if you both wear the same size. Breast shape does a lot in helping you find a well-fitted bra that will do justice to your boobs. You will need to switch up the bra styles to achieve different looks for different occasions. We hope this criteria and list of breast shapes have helped you discover where you fall under. And it also makes bra shopping more fun since you now know the type of bra your breast needs.

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