What do big nipples mean and how can you make yours larger?

What do big nipples mean and how can you make them larger?

A major, undeniable fact is this: if you have breasts, then you’re more likely to have accompanying nipples whether you’re a man or a woman. This is a feature that is found in the male and the female gender.

While men have health concerns to worry about, women are more likely to worry about their size and shape. This is probably because the feminine nipples as a part of the breast have always been sexualized and attributed to beauty.

To be more nitpicky, the areola is the pigmented skin that surrounds the nipples and studies suggest that the areola is three times larger than the nipples.

How do you get big nipples?

It is not an uncommon thing for the areola and nipples to change over time with your body.

Medically there is no rational backing for the right size of a nipple because the size of your nipple is an inherited trait. Just like everything else in our body, the breasts are unique.

However, for whatever reason, you might want to get your nipples to a larger size than you have now. Maybe you had a breast augmentation and your nipples don’t match your new breasts or you’d just like the darker pigment to cover a little more space. It’s definitely doable. Here are the most likely factors to get larger nipples.

Big nipples


When a woman becomes pregnant, the areola darkens and the nipples increase in size. This happens because the body is trying to prepare for breastfeeding.

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, the areola and nipples may be permanently larger or they may return to their original size. Although some women do not experience this change in their areola, it is a known and common factor for nipple enlargement.


The hormones the body produces during puberty can make the areola appear bigger. That will go on to determine the size of the nipples. The nipples will become balanced in relative proportion to the breast size. However, nipple size is not certain during this period as things can always change later.

The size of your breast

Naturally, if you have big breasts, this means you are bound to have large areolas to align properly with the size. As we cited earlier, studies show that the areola is three times larger than the nipples and also three times smaller than the breast.

If you notice changes in the size of your breast, then it should affect how your nipples look.

Genetic composition

Your genes are a major factor in determining the size, color, and shape of your areolas. Judging from all other traits you inherited, you can as well know how large your areola may get. All the same, this is still not a clear-cut way to know the size of your nipples as other factors can affect how they turn to be.

Big nipples

The use of birth control pills affects the hormones as well as the size of the breasts and areola. It is not a common factor, but if all other natural answers do not seem to answer your question about the size of your nipples, then maybe this will.

This factor depends heavily on if you are on the pill or have used contraceptives sometime in the past. If this is still not the case, perhaps this is not what will answer your questions.

Weight gain

When you gain weight your breasts get bigger. This is because the breasts are mostly made of fatty tissues naturally, so your areolas may grow too. If you feel your nipples are larger lately, it may be due to a few extra pounds you put on.

Your areolas may or may not return to their previous size even after you lose some weight. So the large nipples might just stick with you. Whether or not that’s to your preference is something you have to decide before you let yourself gain weight.

Menstruation cycle

When menstruating, the body produces hormones such as progesterone. These hormones are produced to support possible pregnancy, and this increases the size of the breasts, thereby increasing the areola. At the end of your cycle, the size of your areola should naturally return to its original size.

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Suction cups

If you really have your heart set on getting bigger breasts and nipples, then use suction cups. They are made of a cup and a bulb. The cup creates a suction when placed on the skin while squeezing the bulb. It makes the nipples stimulated thus making them appear larger.

Nipple Augmentation

This is a minor surgical procedure where fillers are injected into the nipples to make them bigger. It is a temporary solution as it is bound to last for about a year. Procedures like these are not encouraged because of many side effects such as affecting the ability to breastfeed.

Nipple enhancers

Pills, vitamins, creams, and medical herbs are some of the products that boast of providing visible increases in nipple size after continuous usage. If you feel like going for such products, be sure to get medical approval.


In summary, don’t get digitally manipulated to start judging your body based on another individual’s body or social media. No matter the size of the nipples, they’re absolutely fine as they are.

Due to your personal experience, if you feel your nipples do not look as they should, you can always consult a doctor about the concerns you may be having. They are always there to educate you about what is normal or not.

So long as the nipples contain all the structures they need to function correctly, their size or color doesn’t necessarily matter, and that should not have a significant impact on your self-esteem. However, if you still wish to make changes to your body, ensure that you pick the best choice.

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