Kim Chi Drag Queen: Age, Identity, And The Best Products She Lives By

Kim Chi drag Queen makeup
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If you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you know about the infamous Korean crossdresser. Kim Chi, a drag queen, became famous for her unique look and incredible talent on the show. She is an artist, an actor, and a singer. Kim Chi is also very open about her identity and her age. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Kim Chi and explore some of what makes her so unique.

Who is Kim Chi Drag Queen?

Kim Chi was born in South Korea, and she is currently 35 years old. He came into this world as Sang-Young Shin on August 8, 1987. She moved to the United States when she was just a child. Kim Chi has always been interested in fashion and art. She would often dress up in her mother’s clothes when she was younger.

Her Korean heritage inspires Kim chi’s drag persona. She often uses traditional Korean clothing and makeup in her performances. Kimchi is one of the unique drag queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race. She has a particular style that sets her apart from the other contestants. Kim Chi is known for her intricate makeup designs and her elaborate costumes.

But Kim Chi isn’t just a pretty face. She is also a fantastic singer and dancer. Kim Chi has won several competitions on RuPaul’s Drag Race, including the coveted title of “Miss Congeniality.”Kim Chi’s age has never been in doubt as she carries herself with pride. She said, “I want people to know that it’s never too late to start living your dreams. I’m proof of that.”

Kim Chi is a fantastic role model for anyone who wants to pursue their dreams no matter their age.

Kim Chi Drag Queen career

Kim Chi is a drag queen, performance artist, and makeup artist from Chicago, Illinois. She is best known as a contestant on the eighth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. After her time on the show, Kim Chi has had a successful career in the drag community. Kim Chi began her drag career in 2012.

She was inspired to start drag after seeing a performance by RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Sharon Needles. Kim Chi’s first Drag Race-inspired look was a kimono-style outfit with traditional Japanese makeup. After that, she began to experiment with different styles of drag.

Kim Chi’s style is unique and colorful. She often uses bright colors and patterns in her outfits and makeup. Kim Chi is also known for her intricate drag makeup looks. Since her time on the show, Kim Chi has been a part of many Drag Race-related events. She has performed at RuPaul’s Drag Race live performances, including the Drag Race Live! Tour and Battle of the Seasons (2016).

Kim Chi has also appeared in several web series and documentaries about drag queens. In 2017, Kim Chi was named one of Forbes magazine’s “30 Under 30” in the art and style category. This honor recognizes young people making a significant impact in their field. Kim Chi is the first drag queen to be included on the Forbes list.

Kim Chi’s success is partly due to her unique style and talent. But it also reflects the growing acceptance of drag queens in mainstream culture. Thanks to shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag queens are becoming more popular and visible. And people like Kim Chi are leading the way.

Since appearing on Drag Race, Kim Chi has toured the world as a performer and makeup artist. She has also released her cosmetics line, “Kim Chi Chic Beauty.” One of the things that makes Kim Chi so unique is her dedication to her art. She takes drag very seriously and puts a lot of thought into her looks and performances. This attention to detail has paid off, as she is now one of the most famous queens in the scene.

Kim Chi Drag Queen on RuPaul’s Drag Race

If you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you know who Kim Chi is. For those who don’t, she was a contestant on the show’s eighth season and quickly became a fan favorite. Kim Chi is a drag queen who was on the eighth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She is from Chicago, Illinois and her drag name is a play on the Korean dish kimchi.

Kim Chi got eliminated in the ninth episode, but she made a big impression on the judges and fans alike with her unique style and personality. The final four queens of season eight were Naomi Smalls, Kim Chi, Bob the Drag Queen, and Derrick Barry. After a lip-sync battle between Naomi and Kim, Naomi was sent home by RuPaul.

This left Bob the Drag Queen and Derrick Barry to battle it out in the final lip-sync. In the end, Bob the Drag Queen got crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar. After her time on Drag Race, Kim Chi has continued to perform and tour worldwide. She is an inspiration to many aspiring drag queens and continues to be a force in the drag community.

Kim Chi Chic Beauty

Inspired by her desire for affordable, quality makeup in 2019, Kim Chi launched a beauty brand that not only specializes in cruelty-free products but also donates 2% of all sales to the Trevor Project. “Suicide prevention within the LGBTQ community is one big passion I have,” said Kim.

She says how vital every human life was, which led her to start this donation to save lives through Giving Back & Helping Others. When she celebrated the anniversary of the makeup line, Kim Chi looked radiant while modeling a playful red dress with an oversized bow across the front.

The queen continued her look by donning dark stockings, platform Mary Janes and sheer black opera gloves embellished in rhinestones up both arms for added flair. She also rocked bouncy blonde curls that she perfectly framed through dramatic eye makeup and plump lips.

It all worked perfectly to show off some glamourous style points– this was not just any ordinary day at work; it seemed more like an advert. This year (2022) Kim Chic Beauty is taking new strides with the brand’s launch in CVS. Her Twitter account recently revealed that she collaborated with CVS to release beauty products.

This is exciting news for fans of the drag queen, who can now find her line at the national drugstore. She posted, “I couldn’t imagine we’d grow this big.” “Thank you so much to everyone who believes in and loves our brand!!! It truly means a lot! Didn’t think you’d ever see a POC queer brand at CVS, did ya!”

Kim also mentions in an interview that “I froze, and I didn’t know how to react. I never thought I’d ever see myself in CVS, but also, it felt full circle because CVS is where I bought my brush set and eyeliner when I first started! I still use those brushes to this day!”



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It can happen with some fancy lotions that others might think are worth spending more money on because they have a fantastic fragrance attached (that lasts longer). My friend recommended this brand before now.” She admits she convinced her Plastique Tiara & Naomi Smalls to try the product.

“The first time I burned this candle, it was so strong and fragrant that wherever you put the stick down. Even if it’s in your living room or bathroom, light up one of these bad boys if something smells bad. It’ll be like being surrounded by flowers all day long. Closes eyes and imagines herself underneath an esports field, whole pink unicorn beings tickling noses with their magic Minions. That’s what it’s like when I burn them.”

3. NongShim Shin Rayum Noodle Soup

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“Since birth, I’ve been eating it when my mom started feeding us this dish at home after her long work hours. The spiciness hit me between the eyes as a child but now. It’s just part of what makes you comfortable and at home and at the moment.”

4. XXXFLOWER Plant Terrarium

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“You’ll know about it when I find extraordinary, chic pieces of clothing or furniture on TikTok, and they’re from brands available in stores (not just eCommerce sites). There’s this one air plant dealer who has a fantastic selection. They can only keep live plants like these because everything else dies within days/weeks after purchase.”

“The palette has every shade I need for a full face of makeup. The green-hued “I’m not yolking bitch” is my favorite because it’s realistic and loose at the same time, which makes doing everything else easy peasy! Naomi inspires me with her precision skills in designing looks while also being one of my best friends to do anything together (we’re always messing around). This collaboration was meant from day 1–her style compliments mine perfectly.”

“My favorite thing to do before a show is to listen to some music and get pumped up. The Wonderboom speaker has been such an incredible asset for this purpose. It’s light enough to take it with you anywhere, sturdy enough not to break easily in transporting from place to place (even if packed into the luggage). Its solid bass enclosure design also sounds incredible and delivers clear highs.”

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