10 leather trench coats to invest in now

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When it comes to outerwear, the leather trench coat is unrivaled, as season after season, it is the desired style everyone is wearing. Although the trench silhouette is available in other fabrics, the iterations in leather seem to be more versatile. And most people wear the coat in the colder months without missing a beat.

The coat trend has essentially been around since the ’90s and is sure not going anywhere. It was official when brands started adding a leather trench coat or two to their collections. From the runway, celebrities ate it up, and now we are here for it. With the vast array of trench designs floating around, you might get confused on the one to pick. Not to worry, as we made it easy to find trench coats you will love, plus the ten coats to get you started.

What is a Leather Trench Coat?

The leather trench coat is well-tailored outerwear, with a collar, button, and most likely a belt. It has a roomy structure and was made famous by military men to shield their bodies from the rain and snow. They cover up more body parts since they are primarily long-line going past the knee or stopping at the calves. The leather and inner lining also help to keep the wearer warm, so you look chic and cozy.

When made with leather, a trench coat gives the classic long jacket a refined look, with an edgy vibe to inspire alternative styling plans ( Matrix anyone). While the vintage types are always chic, the updated pieces also hold it down.

How to choose a leather trench coat?

Like shopping for any other clothing, there are a few things to consider when buying a leather trench coat. It is vital to go through these factors to end up with a skin you love that is durable. Without further ado, here are a few of them.

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1. Quality of leather

If you are conversant with leather, then for sure you know there are different types available, with varying strength. And as such, you will remember to ask for a coat made with premium quality leather. When you are not versed in the leather game, ask what type of leather the skin is made of before buying, then run a quick search on it. Napa leather is one of the best qualities used to make trench coats, so you know it is a good option when you spot it.

People still choose to go for faux leather, even low-quality leather, because it is cheaper. There are some lovely designs of the faux leathers available, so if you choose to go for it, you should be clear you are not buying a genuine leather piece.

how to choose a good leather
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2. The coat length

Traditionally trench coats are designed to be long-line, meaning they extend down the body, passing the waist, and might even get to the ankles. But a rule of thumb when buying a leather coat, ensure it doesn’t go past the legs to touch the ground. This results in the skin sweeping the floor, catching on things, and causing damage to the hemline. In contrast to your height, consider where the coat will fall on your body before shopping.

3. Coat color

There is always a need to consider the color of your new coat addition. The safe choice has always been black, brown, and dark blue shades. But you don’t have to go with these colors; if you are not into dark themes, a vibrant shade like red or pink is still an excellent choice.

You can also choose a suitable color based on the shade that will match your favorite clothes, shoes, and accessories. To ensure you get more wear rotation out of your coat.

4. The function of the coat

Women often buy leather trench coats as a styling piece or just for their beauty because they give the added function of warmth. However, if the primary purpose of getting a trench coat is for heat, it is best to choose a quilted one. They are layered with insulating materials and stitched together to keep them warm in colder weather.

5. Belt feature

While a belt is essential, it doesn’t come as an in-built feature to all trench coats. So, if you require a belt, you will have to search specifically for a design like that. Straps help to warp the skin around you for extra warmth, and it also gives a cinching effect to flatter your waistline.

However, a belt add-on does not appeal to everyone, as it comes down to your preferences. Keeping this factor in mind is not necessary as you can always add an external belt to your coat if you feel like it.

6. Pocket feature

Trench coats typically come with pockets, maybe on the side so, you can lose your hands inside them for style and extra warmth. Pockets can also be used for design details, such as boxy and stitched pockets to give more character to the coat. Watch out for these details while you shop for your leather trench coat.

10 leather trench coats you should invest in

This list contains leather trench coats that are functional and can be used to style different outfits. So, it is a worthy investment piece that will last for years to come.

1. Jessica London Plus Size Trench Coat

We are putting our curvy girls first because it is hard to get a great find like this design from Jessica London. For a formal take, you can style with a blouse and slacks, with the three colors it comes in, the coat will do all the talking for you. You can style this black leather trench coat with a mini shift dress in grey or white with black ankle boots to match.

Jessica London maroon trench coat
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2. Deadwood Kara Recycled Leather Coat

Every girl needs a medium-length coat added to the mix, so why not this design from Deadwood. Style your coat with a dress such as; body-con, tiered, or flowing layout with a matching bag for a simple, elegant look. Don’t forget to add some gold accessories and heels to update the look.

deadwood kara recycled
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3. Misguided Black Leather Trench Coat

This coat can easily be your fall to winter piece with a knit sweater, leather bag, and chunky boots. It is the perfect balance between oversize and full-body fit for you to stay trendy. Your sleek IT girl look is achievable when you own a leather trench coat like this.

black leather trench coat misguided
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4. Jonathan Simkhai Paulette Vegan Leather Trench Coat

Go for this soft, shiny leather coat that takes care of two trends (vegan leather and trench coat) for all your styling needs. Pair with a ribbed knit top and dress pants for a work/meeting-appropriate look. It also features a belt for cinched waist detail so that you can wear both open or tied depending on the weather.

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5. Bottega Veneta: Brown Leather Trench Coat

If you think of a splurge-worthy piece, then Bottega should be your choice. The brand has a wide range of durable and colorful pieces to select from. To create the ultimate cool-girl look, pair it with a jean shirt and corduroy pants for the needed warmth. Your trench coat and boots will be the complimenting piece to elevate your look.

Bottega Venata brown leather trench coat
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6. Mango Double Breasted Trench Coat

This long-sleeve coat is made from bovine leather, with a classic straight design and double button details. If you want to wear your trench coat to the office, pair it with tailored trousers a sweater top, tie your belt to gather the waist. You can layer with a scarf and boots for extra warmth to finish off.

Double breasted trench

7. Avec Les Filles Box Quilted Faux Leather Coat

Solve the problem of extra warmth with this quilted detail on a trench coat. The pillow look does not only look plush but, they are practical as well. To style, go for a youthful look. Wear a graphic print t-shirt, skinny jeans with white sneakers, and throw your trench coat over it. The spread collar on it will help show off your layering option.

avec les filles quilted coat
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8. Blank NYC The Punisher Leather Trench Coat

A faux number added to your collection never hurts anyone if you are fully ready to commit. They are a cheaper option to enjoy the long-line coats. What’s better, many stylish outfits can be curated with this trench coat, style with wide-leg pants, a ruffled top. Footwear choice should be heeled boots.

blank nyc the punisher trench coat
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9. Stand Studio Mia Leather Coat

The snake iterations look especially good on leather when it comes to prints. And with the array of colors available, a hint of vibrancy is welcome with these red snake print trenches. They can be dressed up or down as desired, but be aware the coat is bound to turn heads even with the most minimal pairing.

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10. Understand Leather Thunderbird Shearling Coat

Shearling twist is an ever welcomed feature on a leather trench coat. If not for the functionality but for the softness it adds. And this brand clearly understands, by placing the making shearling the collar, for an eternal plush cushion whenever you throw the coat on. A piece like this could be your go-to trench styling option for the comfort they bring.

thunderbird shearling collar
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With these leather trench coat picks, you are well on your way to fashionista status. Not to worry about wearing your Coats whenever you feel like it. Unless you are under the alleged trench coat ban, to preserve the high and mighty signature style.

However, the leather trench coat will always remain in style, its versatile styling piece. For sure, the classic jacket should already be in your wardrobe, and if not, we hope you now have a proper reason to own one.

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