10 ideas for a Black-themed Christmas party

black themed Christmas party
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The Christmas festive season is filled with many plans on decorating, gift ideas, and cooking. Celebrating and parties are also in the books, but for this year, you can try something different to make the Christmas party enjoyable. So, you can avoid being like most people that give little thought to the party ideas. The trendy bold look to try is a black Christmas party theme.

It is a fresh take on the green and red-dominated seasonal colors. The only challenge will be figuring out ideas to make the party appear cheerful and festive. Thankfully we have sorted that out for you with this list of ten black Christmas ideas. Therein, it proves you can infuse any holiday traditions into the dark-themed party.

If you are ready to get your Christmas party plans in motion, scroll through for a unique take on Christmas parties as you know them.

10. Unwind and Mingle party

If you are feeling lazy and don’t bother much with planning, you can always invite your loved ones for a night of drinks. Choose a black dress code to incorporate the Christmas party theme. You all will get to unwind, enjoy good music, chat, goof around and appreciate the company of friends. Some of the best parties start from such laid-back plans.


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9. Black Christmas tea party

Host an unexpected tea party to show off your fancy side, your friend won’t see coming. Since it is black themed, decorate and place black colored tiny bites and tea. That will surely be different from most of the other parties they have attended this season.

black christmas tea party
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8. Black themed Christmas Carol-Oke

You can tell it is a karaoke carol night from the party theme name, which is one of the most straightforward parties to host for Christmas. Make the song selections and other party details match the idea for a black-themed version. Get everyone ready to sing their heart out.

christmas carol oke party
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7. Christmas costume party in black

A costume works well for a black Christmas party, and as several characters, one can easily recreate. It might be strange to dress up in black-colored costumes, so you can always maintain the familiar characters, the traditional way. The decorations and party favors can carry the black theme.

6. Christmas black cocktail party

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail party, and you and your friends can indulge as much as you want for the holidays. The mode of dressing will determine if the party will be formal or relaxed. Create and mix up new cocktail combinations; give them fitting seasonal names for some fun. You will only need some side dishes to complement the cocktails.

black cocktail party
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5. Christmas game party theme

The season is for spending time with friends and family, keeping boredom at bay with a games party night. Since it is black-themed, you can play poker, roulette, Dr. Suess games, and several other board games. Incorporate the black theme to spice up the night.

black card games
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4. Black combo Christmas party

The fact that black is not a festive color is known, but it is used to create some fun Christmas party decorations. Combine black and white items to form the party’s base; also, black works well with gold for an elegant touch. It is only fair to make the party a black-tie event to seal the theme.

3. Vintage Christmas party

Begin your vintage party plans with a black and white Christmas decoration. You can go with a disco ball idea filled with music and dancing or just a rustic vintage party vibe full of nostalgic memories. The black background and the fun-filled night are an updated party idea.

2. Embracing the dark theme

Go all out for the black theme and throw some Halloween features to the Christmas party. From the décor to food and activities of the party, some spookiness should get infused to them. Also, attendees can share some scary Christmas stories for the full frightening effect. You will have to balance not going overboard with the spooky theme because it is still Christmas.

halloween Christmas party
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1. Dinner Christmas party

Christmas parties are most likely centered around cooking and eating. So, you can hardly go wrong with planning a dinner party. Select your setting of choice, whether outdoor or indoor dining. Then decide on the event’s formality, which presents a great excuse to clean up and score some styling points. The decoration, menu, and ambiance of the venue should be black-colored. You can also use scented candles to elevate the setting if it looks too gloomy for the occasion.

black theme christmas party
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In conclusion, before you decide on the party theme of choice, seek the family’s approval. So it is something almost everyone will enjoy doing. After making a choice, it is only the first phase of a successful party. You will need to invest all the required party supplies to achieve the party theme.

Which party idea will be trying this Christmas? Anyone you do decide on, make it memorable for all. You may also like to read, Galaxy nails ideas and how to do it yourself.

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