I Tried Just Peachy Matte, See What I Liked And What I Didn’t

just peachy matte eyeshadow
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The Too Faced Just Peachy Matte is an eyeshadow palette that has been on my mind since I saw something about it. Everything has been encouraging, from the rave to the price point, size, and variety of colors that come with it. So, I decided to try it out and see for myself.

Although it was nice to look at the product because it had a well-sized mirror, and chic packaging that appeared tucked and in place, I started by feeling the formula’s texture, and it felt firm and dry. It confirms the blend-able quality as promised but did not nail the velvet finish.

The palette consists of twelve-pan intense color eyeshadow with one satin finish and eleven matte finish pans. One can have in mind all colorful expressions since it was easy to create layered eyes. After using the Peaches & cream palette, here is a rundown of everything I noticed.

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Breakdown of just peachy matte palette

The eyeshadow palette comes lined with light to darker shades, and they all have names.

1. Peach Meringue- it looks like an ivory shade color.
2. Peach Tea- which is a caramel tone.
3. Peach Tart- it is more of a dark brown color
4. Peach Cobbler- imagine a toasted peach shade.
5. Just Peachy- this is the absolute matte peach.
6. Just Ripe- they added some spice to the peach color.
7. Peach Butter- is a cream shade with a tinge of peach.
8. Peach Punch- imagine a rum, peach, and lime cocktail.
9. Peaches and cream- it looks like a milky peach color.
10. Freshly Picked- it is a peach color tinged with ginger
11. Chocolate Dipped- a brown shade with a twist.
12. Peach Sangria- it is a deep red wine shade.

I only saw the great features of the peachy eyeshadow at first

On the first use, I noticed the color pigment stayed for hours. Also, the matte feature of the product made blending a dream, which I saw from just touching the product, as aforementioned. Trust me to try and recreate some eye makeup I have spotted on my timeline.

It was pretty easy to love the twelve color shades on the palette, but as always, favorites developed quickly based on my makeup style, and no, I won’t be spilling such peachy information. You will have to decide yours after trying it out.

You can buy it here now: Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection Palette

The Just Peachy Matte foundation is tricky to use

While it is easy to build and blend the eyeshadow, it is tricky to use the formula ideally. The palette is dominated by warm undertones, such as peachy, peach meringue, and cream. One thing familiar with these shades was the white base that tends to go darker as you blend.

On the other hand, the darker shades, like just ripe, turn gray, making it easy to get the wrong color choice. Since I have tried it, you can avoid this by layering the formula rather than blending too much. This way, you can control the color set on the eyes.

makeup look with the just peachy eyeshadow
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Just peachy is quite sensitive

If you like to place eyeshadow on the corner of the eyes, you should try to avoid layering much of the product on the corners. From other reviews, I saw that it made people’s eyes watery, leading to running watches. That will end up washing off the eyeshadow.

This sensitive nature is quite normal with most matte foundations; I tried to avoid applying the just peachy formula to the inner corner of my eyes. So, I didn’t experience the watery eyes; I do not want a running eye look all over a contoured face; that will be a fail.

The peach fragrance

I didn’t care much for the fragrance of eyeshadow, not until this just peachy matte product, which has a peach scent, that it is pretty hard to decide if I like it or not. The great thing was that the smell did not linger on like the sweet peach counterpart.

If you are one of those that have concerns with the fragrance of the product you are applying, then you have to reconsider. However, if you are like me that don’t care much for the scent of eye products, then you can work with this formula regardless of the fragrance.


The Just Peachy Matte eyeshadow is a great palette. In general, it can match almost any eyeshadow product. The primary issue is the delivery of the silky velvet finish. While the color shades are limited to peachy colors, some pastel colors, and warm to soften the look.

They settle well on the lids if your blending game is excellent, or you can layer and mix up your colors. It is only makeup, so you shouldn’t be scared to experiment. You may also like to read, How to use Peach Perfect foundation and where to buy

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