Milk of Magnesia Primer – 10 beauty benefits of Milk of Magnesia

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Milk of magnesia primer is not the weirdest beauty hack, but this laxative insert has become worthy of note. This isn’t the first-time treatments, and other items have become converted for achieving flawless looks. There always seems to be one beauty trick or the other, from spoons to draw eyeliners, rice water for hair growth, and whatnot.

Beauty enthusiasts are always coming up with converts, and it was no surprise when a regular drug made it to the ever-growing list of beauty hacks. Milk of magnesia primer has eventually become the favorite item for both professionals and newbies to a makeup routine. People with oily skin are the primary benefactors from the use of milk of magnesia primer, as it locks in oils and prevents them from seeping out.

It is also great for prepping the face because it layers the skin and foundation, layered with other makeup products. But that’s not all; milk of magnesia is kicking out the regular water-based primers for the ten benefits listed below.

Why is a milk of magnesia good used as a primer?

Also called magnesium hydroxide, it is an antacid that lowers the acidity content in the stomach. It is magnesium salt suspended in water that aids digestion. It absorbs water from the stomach tissues to soften the stool, bringing relief.

This reaction effect on acid makes it practical for combating oiliness in the skin. It may also be due to the ingredients used to make this laxative drug that controls excess oil secretion.

Ten beauty benefits of milk of magnesia

Milk of magnesia as a primer prevents other products such as powder, foundation, and eyeshadows from sinking into your skin. Most times, after a few hours, the face oils tend to seep through the face. Here are ten reasons why it is suitable for your skin.

1. Long-lasting face primer

Using milk of magnesia as a primer has become one of its practical uses rather than its original function. Since it smoothens the face in preparation to receive makeup in dry or humid weather conditions, it helps to keep makeup looks in place for extended hours. Milk of magnesia serves as the veil between your skin and the products you apply to your face by only using a thin layer. So, you can skip the hourly touch-ups even if you have oily skin.

2. Matte finish

If you have oily skin applying a thin layer of milk of magnesia primer hinders extra shine. Unlike the regular face primers, it does not give a matte finish but will stick to your face. Combined with other matte makeup products, it provides the perfect matte look as it acts as a mask to control excessive skin oils.

3. Clears skin oils

When applied to the skin, milk of magnesia acts like a facial mask; it sponges up oils and closes the pores. In turn, this leaves the face looking fresh after you wash it off. And it is a very effective cleansing and managing oily skin.

4. Prevents bacteria growth

When there is an open injury on your face, using milk of magnesia is effective in healing. And it contains zinc that can speed up your healing process. Even when bacteria are on the skin, it kills and prevents their spread.

5. Clearing out skin rashes

Suppose you are one of those who struggle with rashes due to excess oils and acids on the skin. You can say goodbye to rash breakouts with milk of magnesia primer application. It has the right acidity content to knock off the acids responsible for causing rashes on the skin, which effectively maintains clear skin while applying makeup products.

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6. Tightens skin pores

Milk of magnesia primer is an excellent remedy for tightening skin pores. It constricts the size of pores as it tries to lock in the oils. This also makes the product serve as a toner since the oils get controlled.

7. Facial mask for a balanced complexion

Applying milk of magnesia as a facial mask is one of the best ways to soak up oil in the skin. This rids extra fats from your skin and balances out the complexion. It is responsible for glowing and lighter skin with regulated use.

8. Reduces acne and blemishes

Using milk of magnesia on oily skin can sure acne breakouts prevent skin irritation and blemishes. When it is applied, it not only absorbs oils but also neutralizes acne-causing acids on your skin. That’s because it removes dirt from the skin for natural-based ingredients.

9. Acts as a barrier

Primers are meant to act as a between the skin and makeup products. The regular primers do not have the stronghold as milk of magnesium primers. That’s because it acts as a thin coverage that sticks to the face. Most normal primers are usually unpleasant when it sits under the front.

10. Facial strip alternative

You can safely use milk of magnesia as a substitute for facial strips to gently rid blackheads. As it has become one of the best ways to remove blackheads, you only need to apply the milk of magnesia to the affected area. Wait for a few minutes and wash off with a warm towel or water.

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How to use milk of magnesia primer for makeup?

Begin with wiping your face down thoroughly to rid impurities. Leave to air dry or gently pat dry with a clean towel. Before applying the milk of magnesia primer, shake very well and rub it on your face using your hands, cotton ball, or soft bristle brush. Be sure to apply a thin layer on your face since it gets a chalky look when dry.

Focus on your T-zones or other areas that get oily, be careful, and avoid applying it excess. Please wait for a few minutes until it dries before applying other makeup products to your face.

In conclusion, the milk of magnesia primer is a drug that doubles as a beauty product. It controls oils and keeps makeup in place for hours. However, it is not suitable for those with dry and normal skin. Frequent usage is also not advised because it can lead to skin irritation. You can trust this wonder drug to be your shield every once in a while, and you’ll be good.

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