Victoria Justice Hot in Herre Lip Sync Battle With Gregg Sulkin

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Let’s take you back to 2015 when Victoria Justice hot Lip Sync Battle became a sizzling hit. Gregg Sulkin made it one battle to remember with his rock abs if it wasn’t Victoria.

For a fact, lip-syncing rap songs is always easy, so it goes for some girlie pop songs. But Actors Victoria Justice and Gregg Sulkin gave the musicians a run for their money by killing it on stage. While Tory had to carry the swag of a rapper, her contender Greg had to get his sexy on for their respective performance.

Although, the show does not get taken to the heart since it is just a way to test the musical knowledge of celebrities. You could also say this Lip Sync Battle is a fight for the best talent the entertainment industry offers. That’s because Victoria Justice reps Nickelodeon while Gregg Sulkin reps Disney Channel. Well, is the battle that significant? Read on to find out about this epic battle, that changed the game for the show.


Who is Victoria Justice?

Born Victoria Dawn Justice on February 19, 1993, she is a thriving American actress and singer with several awards and recognitions. She grew up in Miami, Florida, in the suburbs of Hollywood. Her mother has roots in Puerto Rico, hence the olive tan skin of Victoria. She took the significant genes that helped her maintain an incredible physique she flaunts effortlessly. 

Growing up, she attended the Cleveland High School but later switched to homeschooling as she filmed Victorious. Her family had moved to Los Angeles to support her career by then. The sacrifice paid off when she landed her first role at only 10. Probably to say thank you to the parents, she’s lived with her parents in the house she bought.


Her acting debut was a guest appearance on Gilmore Girlsa comedy-drama series that premiered in 2003. After that feature, she caught the attention of fans when she appeared on the series Zoey 101 as Lola Martinez, which aired from 2005 to 2008. When she got featured in a sitcom, Victoriouswhich sounded like her name, cemented her star status.

The Nickelodeon show Victorious lasted from 2010 to 2013, with Victoria playing the role of Tori Vega. In the same year, 2010, the show started airing, and she got cast as Jordan sands in the film The Boy Who Cried Werewolf. Before Victorious came to an end in 2012, she starred in two other movies, First Time and Fun Size.

It took three years later in 2015 before we saw the comedy-drama Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List and the MTV series Eye Candy. In 2017 she featured in The Outcasts, a comedy film set around high school mean girls. She starred in Trust and Afterlife of the Party, both in 2021. Her latest role is in the 2022 romantic comedy A Perfect Pairing

Asides from her all the movies she’s starred in, Victoria Justice has made some appearances in several Tv shows over the years. Justice has also done some modeling gigs for big brands like Gap, Guess, Ovaltine, and Ralph Lauren. In 2020, Victoria hosted the annual Kid Choice Awards.

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Victoria Justice has recorded a few songs in her career. One thing she loves doing is singing in musicals and soundtracks. She sang for Victorious, the musical Spectacular! Afterlife of the PartyShe took a little break from music before releasing her single “Gold” in 2013.

After the song, she disappeared from the music scene for seven years before releasing another single, “Treat Myself,” in 2020. That same year she joined the Recording Academy and released two singles, “Stay” and “Too F*ckin Nice,” 2021.

Who is Gregg Sulkin?

Born Gregg Sulkin on May 29, 1992, he is an actor in English Descent. Gregg was born and grew up in London but practices the Jewish religion. He’s had his Bar Mitzvah, and playing different roles in the American scene made him fall in love with the country. So, in 2018 he became an American citizen while still retaining his British citizenship.


In 2002, Gregg made his acting debut in the Doctor Zhivago series. He went missing from the scenes until 2006 when he starred in Sixty Six. Gregg had reoccurring roles in Disney Channel’s hit series Wizards of Waverly Place and As the Bell Rings. He also starred in a Disney original movie, Avalon High, and the special The Wizard’s Return: Alex vs. Alex

 When he landed the role of Liam Brooker in MTV’s Faking It (2014-2016), his status as an English hottie for America became established. He moved to the set of Pretty Little Liars from there and played the role of Wesley Fitzgerald, the brother of Ezra fondly called Wes in the show. He found he starred in the horror film Don’t Hang Up that same year.

He also featured in the Runaways, a TV show portraying Marvel’s Comics series. He recently starred in several movies and TV shows like, This is the Year, The List, and Pretty Smart.

Pretty Smart's Gregg Sulkin age, Instagram, height, roles and more

The Hot in Herre Lip Sync Battle

She gave a seductive performance for her first song with “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler. As the lyrics tickled the audience’s hearts, Victoria took to one of the fans to channel her mood to start a welcomed caress. When the performance got heightened, she crawled on the floor to convey the passionate song.

Judges Chrissy Teigen and LL Cool J got the best of both worlds with their vocal talents of Victoria and the dancing skills of Greg. When she stepped out, we all thought she would go with a girlie pop song, but when the beats for Nelly’s 2002 hit song “Hot in Herre” started playing, everyone had a rethink.

The song is a mixture of Nelly’s energetic and sweet female voice replying to his questions as he sings. Victoria embodied the music and performed it like the owner of the song. However, what made the performance stand out was the signature look Nelly she replicated. She added a band-aid under her right eye.

The rest of her outfit complimented her hair, and she stole all the hearts in her wake. Another great feature of the performance was the backup singers who came in with their A-game. When Victoria finished, she successfully gave a sexy rendition of the hit rap song we won’t forget in a hurry. 

The Contender Gregg Sulkin Milk Shake Performance

Gregg’s first song selection was “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness. From the performance, Gregg proved he didn’t come to play. He matched Vitoria’s energy and outshone her in this first round for some people. 

It was a shocker when Gregg came out belting the lyrics to Kelis’s song “MilkShake” in the second round. The song is not an expected choice for a hot bod like him. That didn’t stop him from bringing on the sexy with his dancers, grinding all over the dance floor. The night was indeed one for the books with the surprises, as Gregg performed with all he had.

As the saying goes, “put your back into it” that was the vibes Sulkin came projecting, and the ladies couldn’t get enough. The crowd got randy when Gregg had his T-shirt torn that left his upper body bare at the peak of the performance. There were catcalls and swooning fans cheering him on from their seats.

For judge LL Cool J, it got a little awkward when Gregg led his backup dancers to where he sat. And he got to perform some dance moves close to him. You could see his eyes go wild when Gregg started dancing. One thing we couldn’t get over asides from the energetic performance of Victoria Justice Hot was the curly wig Gregg was rocking for the sing-off. 

 Lip Sync Battle Battle hot in herre
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Who Won the Lip Sync Battle Between Victoria Justice and Gregg Sulkin?

Victoria Justice hot put up a fight in the second round, but it was no match for English sweetheart Gregg. Albeit she revealed in a previous interview that she missed getting on stage and could wait to perform music again, that didn’t help her win. To Justice’s defeat, Gregg Sulkin took home the coveted Lip Sync Battle Belt.

 Her costume and dance moves helped charge up the crowd, but Gregg came in for a sweep. Maybe it was the English accent or the gyrating hips to “MilkShake” or that Victoria could not go topless like him. He brought an actual milkshake and poured it on his body to boost his chances.

Then it became clear who the winner of the day would be, as Gregg came prepared to wow both the judges and the audience. At the end of the night, Sulkin deserved the win because he went the extra mile to make his performance a standout. 


The Lip Sync Battle in all smiles has no bad blood between both stars. While Victoria Justice Hot performance was a highlight of the show, Gregg’s playing Kelis is one to remember. Healthy shows and competitions like this are always fun to watch. The success of this battle boosted the front since that was its opening year. Five seasons later, we can all agree that this genius show has a place on TV. 

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