Benefits of cold and steam showers

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If you are one of those that dread the thought of taking showers, you might want to reconsider. Different temperatures of water, such as cold, hot, or steaming, have individual benefits to the body. Water gets also used to control the body temperature and help it adapt to different weather conditions.

Such showers aid the body in resisting stress and help several improvements of the body system. The truth is, you should alternate between the different types of showers that you take daily. Even if some of them don’t make you comfortable, you can enjoy all the natural benefits of them all. The key to unlocking the use is bathing the correct water temperature in the right weather.

How to elevate ordinary shower time to a therapeutic experience

Taking a shower is a quick and easy way to get clean; it can help your body in several ways. But it can consistently be elevated to get the best. Your shower time is about to get a significant upgrade if you use the following methods to boost it.

1. Revamp the décor

With the improved ambiance comes an enjoyable time in the bathroom. In this case, a detail such as lighting can affect shower time. It would help if you used different sizes of light accents to lift the glimmer in the room. Giving your shower curtain a touch is also a great way to start, throw out the old, and get beautiful coverage in prints or soothing bold colors.

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2. You might need new bathing tools

The quality of a shower is dependent on the bathing tools that you use for the process itself. This starts with a great shower head under the proper water temperature. You will need a dry brush that massages the body and aids circulation. Then infuse scrubs and salts in your shower time. It will be nice to try a new gentle shower gel as well.

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3. Cleanse the air

You will automatically love to get under the shower when the air becomes fresh. Adding a lit scented candle to your bathroom setting can ease the mood and your feelings for that short time. You can also throw in some crystals to work on the energy levels. Also, you can hang a fresh bouquet on your shower head or an organic shower mist.

After enjoying such a bath, you only need a moisturizer to seal it in, and that’s how you elevate your showers.

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Hot water showers

When water has reached its boiling point of 212 Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius, it is considered hot. But at this point, the temperature can bruise the skin. So, it is diluted with cold water till it reaches a desirable soothing level.

Benefits of hot showers

Hot showers are significant for relaxing the muscles after a long day, or when in pain, and most people like to take them at night. It can help you sleep better and does wonder to the respiratory system. Here is a list of benefits of having a hot shower:

1. It reduces blemishes

Blemishes disrupt achieving flawless skin since they are black spots that show up on the skin. Taking hot showers can aid other beauty products you apply to your skin, opening the skin pores. You can clean out the trapped oils and dead skin when the pores are open. When this happens, the skin can absorb all the formula you apply for glowing skin.

2. Alleviates colds

If you have a cold, such as cough and catarrh getting under a hot water shower is an instant way to ease the awful feeling. It provides enough heat to clear your airways, so you’ll get to breathe better. And can also open your nasal passageway for improved comfort. Combined with medications, hot water showers are the best way to treat respiratory symptoms.

3. Great for relaxing the muscles

Your tired muscles get loosened up after a hot shower, which will lead to reduced tension for a better night’s sleep. That’s because our muscles are on edge after getting used all day, and a simple pop-in hot shower can do much.

There is no point in bathing in hot water when the weather is hot. Although they are beneficial to the body when you take hot showers regularly, they can lead to several disadvantages. Having hot showers too frequently can affect the outer layer of the skin and make it dry. Some itchiness gets caused by the hot temperature of the water.

Coldwater showers

The temperature of the water used to shower classifies it as cold and hot. Cold shower water should be below 70 Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius. See benefits of a cold shower:

Benefits of cold showers

Cold showers have not been linked to any medical treatment, but they are known to improve the overall wellbeing of your body system. The most apparent benefit is a calmed, itchy skin, but other uses are listed below.

1. It helps enhance metabolism

Taking cold showers twice weekly can assist in higher metabolism, reducing obesity in time. So, when you go on a healthy lifestyle journey, cold showers can help you lose weight. Research has shown that if the level of natural brown fat is at the same healthy level of white fat, that causes obesity. It helps with metabolism and overall health as an adult, and brown fat can be activated when the temperature is cold.

2. Higher levels of endorphins (happiness hormones)

Water therapy becomes employed as a treatment for depression, and it is familiar to adults. Drugs get used to treat such conditions, but standing under cold showers for a few minutes 2 or 3 times every week can relieve depression in less severe cases. This relief comes from the cold water sending a soft electric shock to the brain, and it can increase your energy and mental responsiveness. When this happens, endorphins get discharged, and you are left having clarity to take on the day.

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3. Gives better circulation

Taking cold showers can be uncomfortable, but it is the punch your circulatory system needs to perform better. With this efficient circulation comes healthier skin and a fresh feeling. One secret that athletes have unlocked is cold water to soothe bruises after intense training. It supports the use of ice to reduce swelling; new blood is can easily flow to the body after the temperature has gotten reduced with cold water. This way, the blood can easily circulate better around the body.

Cold showers are very beneficial to wellbeing, but they are not treatments for severe health conditions. If you wish to transition to cold showers, start by reducing your water temperature a bit until you get comfortable.

Steam showers

Steam showers are like a luxe spa experience in the comfort of your home. You get to enjoy water humified with steam generators in an enclosed space. So, the moisture and steam can work on your body, hence the benches, to sit in for longer. You will need a rinse afterward because you are letting off some steam of your own.

Benefits of taking a steam shower

Asides from the aesthetically pleasing view of a steam shower, they are very favorable to your health. Here are a few of them.

1. Achieve your glowing skin goals

There are several ways to utilize a steaming shower to get flawless skin. Steaming leaves, the skin warm, and the pores open, you can make use of this advantage to clear out your pore, shed dead skin cells, and eliminate acne and blackheads.
Also, if you have plans to shave, take a steam shower to soften your hair follicles. So, when you shave, it will less likely leave a bump.

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2. A great way to relax

In this fast-paced world, we live in today; it is nice to have a soothing escape. And steam showers provide just that; it relaxes the body mentally and physically from all kinds of stress. When this happens, this equals better sleep for better daily performance.

3. It supports the function of the body system

Taking a steam shower can help several organs perform better simultaneously and give an efficient body system. While steaming, the sinuses get cleared out, which is beneficial if you have a cold or sinus allergy. It also aids blood circulation and supports capillary movement, which plays a significant role in riding the body of metabolic waste.

If you can stand the increased body temperature, steam showers are needed infusion to your routine.


Are you deciding the type of shower you should have? It is a tricky question to answer because they are all beneficial. If you don’t want to miss out on these fantastic benefits that they can give your body, you can infuse all of them in your shower routine for the day or week.

This way, when you start with bathing cold water, you can substitute for hot water and the like, so long you can stand the temperatures. Doing this alternating shower routine will constrict and expand the blood vessels for better circulation, which will optimize your organ performance.

However, experts suggest you shower with lukewarm water (not too hot or cold) to maintain the standards. It is left for you to decide which type of shower suits you best; self-care should be an essential practice. In the end, taking showers should be a serene escape for your overall health.

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