7 Best Shaving Cream Alternative: What To Use Instead of A Shaving Cream

shaving cream alternative

Sometimes the week might get the best of you, and you forget to plan for your weekend beauty grooming, like shaving. Or maybe you are doing a quick morning shave before dashing out or plan on rocking a hairless body for your outing.

Imagine you are stripped and ready to shave and realize there is no shaving cream; trust me, I have been there. Instead of canceling and moving around like a hairy bud, I tilt towards a few shaving cream alternative that works, and with time I have been able to compile a list of them. 

You’d be surprised at the ordinary everyday items that make your shaving process smooth when you combine them with a great razor or trimmer. Yes, you read right; they work like shaving cream to be a protective blockade between the razor and your skin.

So, even if you are mid-shave and run out of shaving cream or don’t have any, to begin with, then you can rely on the backups I have coming up. 

Best Shaving Cream Alternatives

An ingredient that allows your razor to glide down easily is vital if you maintain bump-free skin. I learned that shaving dry with a razor isn’t an option when the resulting dry skin set my skincare routine back a few months.

So, whenever you are caught in a situation where you don’t have shaving cream, you can try any shaving cream alternative on the list. However, you start shaving baths or dampening your skin to ensure it is soft before you start snipping away. 

1. Aloe Vera Gel

Let’s begin the list with a natural substitute for your shaving. I am all for natural ingredients for skincare. Aloe vera is one of my favorites for its soothing abilities. It hydrates the skin for a smooth shaving process, and you should try it whenever you run out of shaving cream.

Aloe vera is one of the best options to use on your pubic area to avoid nips and cuts. Even after shaving, you can apply more aloe gel to help cool your skin and prevent it from irritation or bumps. 

How to Make Aloe Vera Gel: 8 Steps
source: wikihow

2. Coconut Oil

Is there anything that You cannot use coconut oil for? Well, I am still trying to figure that out. I always keep coconut oil around the house for my skin and cooking, but then I realized it is a great shaving cream alternative. Coconut oil contains several antioxidant and anti-microbial properties that help maintain healthy skin

3. Baby Oil

Baby oil is a gentle moisturizer that is very effective in locking moisture on the skin. It is mineral oil, only in a synthetic form, that is great for the skin. So, if you have some baby oil lying around, apply a thin layer to the shaving area to protect your skin.

When you use it for shaving, it prevents the razor from irritating your skin. However, you might be unable to use coconut oil to shave your face, especially if you have oily or sensitive skin. That’s because coconut oil might obstruct your pores and create another issue for your skin.

4. Olive Oil

I bet you always have olive oil in your pantry for the various thing you can use it for. You can add shaving to the list of things you can do with it. Olive oil contains several vitamins and nutrients like A, D, and K that is great for the skin.

You also enjoy the antioxidant properties of olive oil when you use it for shaving. Applying too much can get a little sticky, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a clean shave

 Pompeian Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil, First Cold Pressed, Full-Bodied Flavor, Perfect for Salad Dressings & Marinades
source: Amazon

5. Moisturizing Body Lotion

If you have a hand or body lotion on your beauty shelf, you can use it as a shaving cream alternative. Just as a lotion is designed to moisturize your skin, it can do the same for your hair. When you apply lotion to a light area on your skin, it eases up your shaving routine.

Too much can interfere with shaving, as you only need enough to create a barrier between your skin and the razor.

6. Hair Conditioner

There is a slim chance you will run out of shaving cream and hair conditioner at the same time, so it might easily be a safe option for you. I have tried it a few times and can say it works all the same whether you have a great razor.

A hair conditioner is a moisturizer and an excellent source of hydration for your hair, which is what shaving needs. It will make your hair soft enough, so the hair falls off quickly. 

Easy DIY Hair Conditioner for Natural Hair Shaving Cream Alternative
Source: ThingsWe’llMake!

7. Bathing Soaps

It is great to have a rich bathing soap in your skincare routine, whether a bar, body wash, or hand soap, and I have always tried to direct you to the best options in the market. If you already have bath soap, you can use it as a substitute for your shaving needs.

Bath soap is an obvious option for shaving since they are in the bathroom where most of your shaving takes place, plus the later well. However, they are most likely to dry your skin after shaving, so ensure you apply a moisturizer afterward. 

Which Ingredient Is Not A Great Shaving Cream Alternative?

You can easily find many chemical-based creams that are an excellent substitute for shaving, but I wouldn’t recommend using them. While it’s great to use household items, you can see that some ingredients, like honey and avocado, can be too messy for shaving. They can disrupt the entire shaving process, even if they are great for your skin. 

On the other hand, you shouldn’t think of using cleaning items like detergent for shaving or other spicy kitchen ingredients. Most cleaning products will only dry your skin instead of giving you the moisture you need for shaving. 

Side Effects Of Using Shaving Cream Alternative

Not every shaving cream is excellent for the skin because most have chemical contents; a shaving cream alternative is a gentler option for you. The items that made it to this list are all great for your skin and do not have any side effects. I know that for a fact, but everyone has different skin types, so getting an irritation is possible. 

That’s because when you apply an ingredient, your skin is not used to it the first time; there is a high chance your skin might react to it. If you plan on using a shaving cream alternative, it is best not to apply it on your pubic area or face, as they both have delicate skin.

A patch test is a trick I have been using whenever I feel like an ingredient will irritate my skin. I take the ingredient or formula and apply it to a small hidden area of my skin and then wait for a few hours or the next day to be sure it won’t irritate my skin, and you can try it too. 

Shaving Tips And Razor Bump Fixes For People Of Color shaving cream alternative
source: refinery29

How To Use Shaving Cream Alternative for A Smooth Hair Free Skin?

When you have decided on the shaving cream substitute, you might still be confused about how to use it for shaving. It is to be expected, as I have never bought a shaving cream that didn’t tell me how to use it, so think of this as how to apply guide. 

Dampen your skin: You can take a shower or bath so long as you ensure your skin is soaked for about fifteen minutes. It will help make your skin soft and dirt-free for the shaving process. 

Apply your shaving cream alternative of choice: If you choose a lotion or hair conditioner as your substitute, apply enough so it settles nicely into the hair. While using the lotion, ensure you don’t rub it in so it can effectively be a protective barrier between your skin and the razor.

For oils, you only need a small quantity; pour on your palms and spread lightly on the area you want to shave. If you go with bath soaps and need the lather for shaving, apply water to form the bubbles on the soap. 

Shaving time: After applying your shaving alternative, you can begin shaving just like you do with shaving cream. To avoid in-grown hairs, shave along the direction of your hair growth. If you haven’t done this before, I recommend you try raising the razor after each glide for the best experience. 

Hydrate your skin: Shaving leaves your skin feeling dry, so if you have a dedicated aftershave, it’s best to apply it afterward. You could also use your regular body moisturizer, or any of the mentioned oils will work fine. 

Should I Apply Anything Before Shaving?

Before, when I struggled with ingrown and bumps, I used to ask myself this same question. So, you are not alone if you wonder why you need shaving cream or an alternative, for that matter. No one says you cannot shave without using shaving cream, your razors are designed to cut hair, and they will do just that but won’t do a great job.

When you try shaving without shaving cream or a lubricant, you will notice that the razor hangs, and while trying to get a close shave, you can quickly get nips. After a few days, the bumps are always inevitable. 

Shaving cream, or a substitute option, ensures you have a buffer for your skin, so the razor doesn’t drag on it. It also makes the razor glide easily, which can help you prevent nicks and razor burns, which aren’t a pretty sight. In my opinion, if you are using a razor, applying a protective barrier is a must; the only exception should be when you plan on using an electric shave.

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