Palm Reading Guide For Beginners: How To Read Palm Lines

Palm Reading Guide For Beginners: How To Read Palm Lines

Palm reading, also known as palmistry, is the study of a person’s palm to predict their future. It is regarded as chirology in some places. Since it is practiced worldwide, this form of fortune-telling has been influenced by several cultures. Most people believe that the lines on one’s palm are placed there by nature. Hence, this curiosity likely birthed further study.

Despite having millions of believers, palm reading is considered difficult to understand. When people need some reassurance, they employ the service of a trained palmist. However, if you desire to understand palm lines, this ultimate guide is all you need. I will begin with a take on chirology’s timeline. Then you will learn vital aspects of palm reading, including techniques, identifying lines, and approaches to this divination practice.

History of palm reading

The beginning of palmistry is unclear, but it might have started a long time ago based on a far-reaching rich cultural heritage. Its roots extend to places like India, China, Nepal, Persian, and ancient Babylon. Historians trace the spread of palm reading started in India associated with Hindu astrology. Palm reading made its way to Greece as it progressed, and the philosopher Anaxagoras practiced it.

A recent discovery showed that Alexander the Great used palm reading to analyze the characters of his officers after Aristotle presented a palmistry subject treatise. The Bible places palm reading between the 7th and 4th century BCE after it got an indirect reference in the book of Job.

In the age of renaissance magic, palmistry became a forbidden act along with seven other practices. Over the years, chirology got its revival, and in 1889, The Chirological Society of Great Britain was founded by Katherine St. Hill in London. This came after the famous La Chirognomie publication in 1839. Society got set up to promote plan reading and curtail people who wish to abuse the art. And it wasn’t before long that the American Chirological Society became formed as well.

Modern palmistry has William John Warner, the Irish better known as Cheiro, to thank for its movement. After studying the art in India, he started his career in palmistry and had an extensive client list. Many famous persons, including Oscar Wilde, Joseph Chamberlain, Sarah BernhardtThomas Edison, the Prince of Wales, and Mark Twain. The favor palm reading found among celebrities slowly integrated it into the mainstream.

How to start reading palms

Before reading palms, you must pay attention to details as every crease and line counts in reaching accurate predictions. Be in a calm state, and cup the hand you wish to read in your own. Observe and feel the hands in silence, and the texture is the first thing you should notice. On further observation, you might see other subtle refinements that shape the hand as a whole.

To complete the analysis, you will need to know how the four elements (Water, Earth, Fire, and Air) agree with different shapes of hands. When you are familiar with these elements and the form connected with them, you can progress to the hand regions that tell the story.

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The palms you should read

In the art of palmistry, the hands are the key to unlocking all the hidden details. Begin with observing the hands, taking note of every feature. Even dirt and softness can be critical in getting a clear reading. So, for this reason, many modern palmists like to read both hands. Between the left and right, different interpretations depend on which is dominant.

Meaning if you are right-handed, it is your dominant palm and vice-versa when you are left-handed. Within palm reading, the dominant palm reveals the character you pick up through practice. In contrast, the non-dominant palm gives insight into your personality and nature. When both palm readings are combined, it shows how you utilize your capabilities in life.

The more extensive lines are easy to analyze, so start with the small details. Achieving clear interpretations takes consistent practice over time. You can reach predictions based on personal notes by the unique hands you encounter. However, you should get familiar with the orthodox methods used in interpreting palms.

Types of hands

Four shapes of hands are regarded in palmistry because they became connected to the four essential elements. The traits of these elements get used in reading people with individual hands. These elements and the attributes are the core of astrology, albeit the interpretation may not correspond with your horoscope profile.

This means that your sun sign might be Pisces (a water sign), your shape of the hand may be an air sign. This difference only reveals people’s complex characters and the insights you might get. 

1. Fire hands

A fire hand has an elongated palm balanced with short fingers. You can also tell from the unique crease found in them. People with such indicators are industrious, desire-driven, and confident. But may not be sympathetic to others when things do not go their way.

source: namatest

2. Water hands

You can identify water hands with having both long palms and fingers. It might appear narrow but feels soft to touch, which can interpret as being compassionate. Also, people with water hands are intuitive, creative, and in tune with psychics. Their struggles are often interpersonal due to their sensitive nature, which leaves them feeling hurt quickly.

3, Earth hands

Square palms with long fingers are the distinctive feature you may first notice with earth hands. A person with such hands is reliable, grounded, practical, and can handle things. So, they feel solid and firm to touch because the hands are secure. Although, they can get carried away and fail to allocate the future accomplishments.

4. Air hands

You can tell an air hand by its boney, square palms and bulging knuckles framing long spindly fingers. Those with this hand element are curious, analytical, express intellect, and have excellent communication skills. On the downside, they tend to be edgy when nothing preoccupies them.

Topography of palms in palm reading (mount and plains)

The palm’s topography is the subsequent mastery you need under your belt for palm reading. They occur naturally, with the flesh or dense areas referred to as the mounts, while an area that correlates to themes about life is called plains. The mounts agree with the seven planets associated with astrology. And the planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo (sun), Mercury, Mars, Luna (moon), and Venus.

When mounts are round and subtly elevated, they can reveal the balanced attributes of a person just as the recessed mounts show a person developing strengths and weaknesses. Also, any principal amount gives insight into the traits that dominate the individual’s life.

What is Mount of Apollo in palmistry?

The mount of Apollo got its name from the ancient sun god and got found under the ring finger. In palmistry, it becomes regarded as the area where essence and optimism stem from. The Mount of Apollo reveals potential for happiness and success. That’s because the sun showcases a person’s identity just as it is for astrology signs.

What is Mount Luna in palmistry?

Mount Luna is located along the pinky base; it derives its name from the Roman goddess who embodied the moon. This mount symbolizes compassion, psychic abilities, imagination, and intuition; an individual may possess.

What is Mount of Jupiter in palmistry?

You can find this mount at the index finger base; this spot is above the Inner Mars. If this mount becomes found, the individual gets spiritually connected to the reals of inherent divine abilities. Thus, it represents ambition, confidence, and a person born to lead.

locating mounts in palm reading
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What is Mount of Venus in palmistry?

Venus gets located at the bottom of the thumb, and this mount symbolizes emotional connection, sexuality, passion, attraction, and romance. It covers all the aspects that link to love.

What is Mount of Saturn in palmistry?

The Mount of Saturn region reveals wisdom, integrity, and an individual’s ability to understand the turbulence of life. It gets found at the lowest part of the middle finger.

What is Mount of Mercury?

You will find the Mount of Mercury beneath the pinky finger; it corresponds with social skills, intelligence, and adaptability. Imaginative, communication and a systematic planner are auspices attributed to this mount.

What is the Mount of Mars (Inner Mars/Outer Mars/ Plain of Mars) in palmistry?

Named after the Roman god of war, the Mount of Mars is unique in palmistry. With its three different sectors, Inner Mars symbolizes aggression, Outer Mars indicates resilience, and the Plain of Mars represents temper. The Inner mars get found at the top of the thumb for the physical strength a person displays. Also, Outer Mars is the bravery a person explores with their emotions. The Plain of Mars becomes reflected by how the two other sectors balanced their qualities. This depends on lines falling on the plain since it is found at the palm’s base center.

What are the symbols of lines in palm reading?

Lines found in the palms are the folds that define them; they have become studied to gain insights into the future. To achieve accurate readings, you must analyze how long, curved or deep the lines are. However, lines may be woven together as a way of separating different palms. Taking the mount that crosses the lines at the end or beginning is where the meanings may lie.

How to locate the head line and tell its meaning?

The headline is found in the center of the palm. It reveals a person’s pursuits and valuable life lessons that shape destiny. When the line is deep, it means complexity, and if long, highlight how they can explore. The shape of the line also carries meaning; if you notice breaks in the bar, it shows manifestation or breakthroughs. Suppose the line is straight; the individual sticks to classic methods. A wave or bend in the head line signifies an innovative thinker.

How to locate the heart line and tell its meaning?

The heart line is above the headline, aliased as the love line. It encompasses everything concerning romance, relationships, and sexuality. Breaks mean infidelity, depth reveals interpersonal relationships, and length signifies time spent in partnerships.

How to locate the life line and tell its meaning?

You can locate the life line below the headline, which showcases an individual’s experiences. When the life line is short, it means independent, and the depth shows the refinement of your experiences. It reveals how other people can influence your course when it is long.

palm reading lines
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How to locate the sun line and tell its meaning?

The sun line gets located lying vertically away from the pinky area of the palm. It means fame and how you might get seen in public. Also, the sun line may reveal how your success becomes achieved.

How to locate the fate line and tell its meaning?

The fate line, also called the destiny or money line, is ever-changing as a person navigates through life. It is located vertically in the center of the palm. The fate crease also reveals the extent to which external experiences affect your potential. It symbolizes shifts and takes cues from the psychic to predict coming occurrences.


Palm reading is an ancient divination art used for fortune-telling. Its readings are often not backed since they are only predictions from analyzing palm lines. These predictions are uncertain as the hands, and the individual can get influenced by things that reshape their destinies. However, if you can master the shapes on your hands and the position of the mounts and line pattern, getting insights is possible.

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