These 8 sex secrets will set your bed on fire

Sex toys that helps to improve the sex

Great sex should be about sexual satisfaction for both partners, but this is not always the case in most relationships. Don’t despair though, because there are many ways to improve your sex life, but you will need to put in some work.

Sex can be more satisfying with these secret sex tips no one talks about. Nowadays, more people are more open about their sexuality but it still doesn’t help people’s sex lives become better.

How to spice up your sex life

It’s easy to turn things around in your sex life. Pleasure for both parties should be the watchword as you both invest efforts into switching up your sex life.

1. Talk about sex

It is common for sexual partners to keep secrets to themselves, mostly about their sexual preferences. This affects their bedroom activities, because the truth is your partner may not know your desires if you don’t say it out loud.

You may think that your partner knows your body and what you like very well, but chances are, it is just guesswork that will not work all the time.

Having such a talk with your partner might seem awkward at first, so you can start by asking and listening to your partner. This will open up the room for the conversation to flow. You both can discuss what feels best during, and everything you’re both willing to try.

2. Set sexual tension cues

Build up sexual tension when you are around or away from your partner. Whether you’re at work or out, you can try sexting and sharing suggestive clips or images.

When you are around each other, don’t just stop at looking appealing, dirty talk and flirting sets the mood for a great night full of orgasms.

3. Share secret sex fantasies

In a bid to spice up your sex life, you should try sharing your sexual fantasies of your partner or other people with your partner. We spend a lot of time in our heads and you might have caught yourself thinking about sex in different ways.

It’s normal and shows how your body craves sex, which will go a long way to help set your bed on fire. This is why you should be open to sharing such secret sex fantasies with your partner.

Secret sex intimacy

4. Get creative with intimacy

Intimacy is the closeness people in relationships share, and it acts as a bedrock for sexual and non-sexual activities. Spend more meaningful time with your partners, be playful, try dry humping each other, and be unpredictable.

Show affection by hand rubs, stroking each other’s hair, and other forms of PDA. This way you get to enjoy your partner’s company, with sex in the background.

5. Try non-penetrative activities

During sexual intercourse, you shouldn’t always focus on penetration. The secret sex key that will help might just be kissing for more minutes, practice more hand jobs; let your hands explore your partner’s body with light touches on the right spot.

Oral sex is a good thing to explore, so you might want to improve your oral game. On the days where you practice these non-penetrative activities, oral sex should be the focus so that when you both eventually have sex, it will be lit.

New sex positions to try

6. Try new secret sex positions

Your living space can serve as a sexual paradise if you want it to be. The parts of it that you feel are just for specific and basic activities can serve as a good sex location.

Ever heard of spelling ‘coconut’ with your hips, the amazon position, reverse cowgirl, and the simple elevating and angling of hips during missionary?

There are several novel ways of having sex you haven’t tried yet. Follow it with romantic tender care for the complete package.

7. Secret sex toys will help

This is one area many sexually active people are often afraid to try. Several sex toys are available to bring pleasurable moments into your relationship.

Any good sex toy store should have an assortment of play items like nipple vibrators, clit vibrators, clamps, sex swings, cock rings, and the likes.

A new favorite that brings couples closer is the remote control vibrator. You can invest in a few of these toys that fits your and your partner’s style to enjoy more satisfying sex.

8. Take your body seriously

It starts with your physical and mental health: certain workouts can help increase your stamina for sex. Mentally you have to be in the right headspace to properly enjoy sex, so they go together for sexual satisfaction.

On the other hand, exploring your body and chasing your pleasure with your own hands has been known to help, so don’t be shy to touch yourself. Masturbate till you find your best spots.

This way, you will discover new things about yourself that you can incorporate into discussions about sex and what you like with your partner.


You might still not have all the answers, but you should be open to trying new things. Some experts suggest watching porn together. Explore your sexuality, spend more intimate time with your sexual partner.

Sex is one of the cores of our existence, so it’s never-ending. This is why you should always seek out the best ways to enjoy it.

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