CGJ guide: How sexy girls manage to be sexy and classy all at once

CGJ guide: How sexy girls manage to be sexy and classy all at once

The journey to finding one’s style starts from within. Ladies classified as sexy girls know it’s more than just playing dress-up and applying makeup. Appearing sexy and classy requires attention to detail, which allows you to flaunt your sexiness delicately. It’s a delicate balance and is hard to achieve.

There are certain people who believe that the words sexy and classy should not be in the same sentence. Here, we say it is possible to be a sexy and classy woman. Follow this guide to know how to strike the perfect balance between being sexy and classy.

What does your outfit say?

The saying “dress how to want to be addressed” comes to mind here. The clothes you wear go a long way. Studies show it is a reflection of your personality, self-worth, and emotions. This is why you should find clothes that show off your best assets and focus on them.

To successfully pull off the classy yet sexy girls’ look, you may have to make some major wardrobe changes. Shop for more colorful and nice outfits that accentuate your curves. If you feel like putting on a hot little dress, depending on the occasion, a pair of lace hose to match elevates you to classy. Be sure to wear a pair of sexy lingerie that is appropriate for the outfit underneath so you can feel how you look.

To complement your looks, adorn with pieces of jewelry and great footwear. Before stepping out, check the mirror to see if they all match. You can always experiment with some outfits till you get it right, but if you’re still in doubt, consult a stylist.

The attraction of sexy girls

A sexy woman with skills, now that’s classy. After getting all dolled up and looking like a million bucks, you will need to show that you are invested in yourself and possess some skills. A very good tip is to always update your knowledge, a sexy girl with brains gives off a classy vibe.

You also have to be well-read; try to contribute good points to topics like politics, religion, and life in general. It makes you seem more aware, so always engage in challenging and informative conversations. The key is finding a skillful activity you are interested in and excelling at it.

Take care of your hair

A great hairdo attributes to feeling sexy. It has been known to increase beauty and confidence. Make more salon appointments. You can switch up your regular styles or try something new. Getting a new hairstyle is known to make some women feel happier.

Sexy girls exercise

The role of regular exercise can never be over-emphasized as the benefits are endless. Staying in shape helps you feel sexy, and as such you feel more excited to dress up in your sexy yet classy outfits. No one is saying you have to get into the gym and start lifting weights. You can do a toned-down workout routine. If hardcore exercise is not your thing, taking up yoga works well too.

Get professionally groomed

Indulge in yourself intentionally. Get your body groomed by people who know what they are doing. Go for spa sessions, get a manicure and pedicure. Your eyebrows are not left out as well—having well-plucked eyebrows enhances the appearance of your face.

Even though it’s beautiful, we all know getting groomed by professionals can be quite expensive. This is why you should go for it when you can afford it or only once in a while. Barring that, you can learn how to do it yourself. Trust us, it’s easy!

Show the right amount of skin

Don’t just splurge on cutouts and all things skimpy.  It is not just about wearing skin-tight and revealing outfits. This shows you’re trying too hard to be sexy, and that could make you appear tacky. You stay classy by not showing too much skin all the time. You can take things a step further by opening some more buttons if you feel up to it.

Sexy girls walk the look

To walk the look, you need to get a nice pair of heels. They boost your overall appearance and make any outfit come alive. Step out in style by deliberately walking in line and slowing down your steps. Just imagine you are a supermodel on the runway. It is a great pro-tip for staying classy. As you go about your daily activities, be conscious of your posture.

Have a classy role model

When the guide is a bit hard to follow, you can always get inspiration from a sexy and classy friend or celebrity you admire. Instead of being envious or comparing yourself to them, allow them to inspire your general appearance. You definitely shouldn’t copy everything they do, as there is no beauty as pure as staying true to yourself. So be careful and don’t get lost in their style.

In summary, staying classy and sexy goes deep into your attitude. This is why you should mind your manners, project self-confidence, and follow basic etiquette.

Remember to let it all flow naturally. Use this guide to toe the perfect line between sexy and classy, and never try too hard.

Fanti Tukuwei
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