Best crystals for protection and How To Use Crystals For Protection

the best crystals for protection
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Bad vibes, negative energy and chaos pose a threat to your well-being and can make safe spaces — like the home and workplace — unbearable if you have not found the best crystals to use for protection.

I have compiled a list of these precious stones, their specific purposes and when to use them. It even includes recommendations on which ones to buy at affordable prices. There is nothing wrong with searching for individual crystals for protection at work and in the home, as there are much negative energy and chaos in our world today. In a bid to survive, we all encounter several of these toxic energies, even if we try our best to avoid them.

While many people are skeptical about using crystals for protection, comfort, and manifestation, they are spotted around the round dating back to ancient times. Going by science, they are well-structured molecules and atoms when viewed under the microscope that forms crystal lattice.

Crystals are much more than the geometric-shaped stones with flat faces that science generalizes them as. Most crystals have been used for centuries for many different things, and now they are easily accessible for anyone. They can be used, from energy-based healing, to spell words and personal growth. Crystals can also revive the senses, cleanse the air and create a safe bubble to flourish.

If you need crystals to improve your life, you have come to the right place. This article will discuss the best types of crystals and use them effectively to achieve great results.

How to choose the right crystal

The search for a good crystal for your space starts from connecting with a crystal and its energy, which can narrow down by picking out crystals you find yourself drawn to. Some people choose crystals based on their zodiac sign or gut. Another criterion that will help you decide is researching different types of crystals, their uses, and benefits to see if it suits your needs. Thankfully, the hard part has been sorted out for you if you read this post further.

When you have sorted out the types of crystals you want, you can track down shops (online or physical) that sell crystals. Before you buy, learn about the source of the stone and the mining process before buying. So, you get a tampered crystal that has absorbed some negative energy in the process.

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The best crystals for protection

If you are searching for a crystal best suited for your growth, there are a few crystals for the protection you can choose from. Crystals such as obsidian and black tourmaline connect with the earth’s center, which is excellent for creating security and a safe space.

While the labradorite is for manifesting, and the carnelian is for comfort. Other types, like amethyst, connect with the mind and the peak the body space can attain. When it comes to crystals, there is a lot to consider. So, let talk a bit about some of the best crystals you can use for protection that will allow you to express your best self.

1. Black Tourmaline-crystals for protection and grounding space

This crystal is dubbed the almighty protector and healer, as its significant use is for deflecting attacks and dark thoughts that cloud the air. They are so powerful that they can protect you from electromagnetic waves, present in high density due to all the electronic devices in use today.

black tourmaline crystal
source: crystal stones

Black tourmaline is also effective in warding off negative energy to create a clean space, with neutral energy where everything positive can flow easily. The crystal can be made into crystal necklaces or carried around when you often get into situations that make you agitated; black tourmaline is the best crystal for protection in such cases. Place the crystal around your home and personal space for the extra layer of protection you need.

2. Amethyst-crystals for healing

The purple sparkler is also referred to as the amethyst and is your best bet for a serene mind. The great thing about this crystal is it occurs in varying forms, which was exploited in the middle ages for immediate treatment for acne and insect bites.

amethyst crystals for protection
source: thecrystalcouncil

Over the years, amethyst has been the best crystal for protection, spiritual and emotionally wise. It helps to stay conscious of what is relevant, effectively breaking out of fearful and habit-forming negative thoughts. It also keeps nightmares away by simply placing the crystal under the pillows. They also make great stones for necklaces, which keeps negativity away. The high distinctive aura of amethyst guarantees a calm state of mind by shielding negative and unwanted energy from your space.

3. Obsidian-Crystal for positive energy

Obsidian crystal is dubbed the avid truth-teller and volcanic glass. Since it is formed from rapidly cooled molten lava, naturally, it is a barrier to all kinds of negative energy, as it absorbs it as a loofah would. Keeping obsidian in your home maintains a constant cleansed environment.

raw black obsidian stone
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While the obsidian crystal removes the bad energy, it is also checking to fish out the source of the negative energy in your space, where it got the truth-teller alias. Practical use of this crystal will be performing a cleansing ritual, where you set up the crystal for protection.

This is achieved by the simple task of placing the obsidian under running water with a drain. Visualize all the negative energy going out of your home just like the water leaves. It works like magic when the ritual is performed correctly.

4. Smoky quartz-crystal for manifestation

While the smoky quartz is a crystal for protection and blocking bad vibes, its use for practicality and materializing dreams and ideas should be explored by everyone. The crystal contains properties that can clear out the mind and help to manifest deep-rooted desires.

smoky quartz crystal for healing
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Smoky quartz is all about realism, which is why it acts as an aid to organize the mind to produce realistic ideas. When you allow the crystal to work freely, it also wades off anything that aims to distract your thoughts from coming to life.

5. Shungite-crystal for purification

Shungite is essential for every home to purify homes from all forms of electromagnetic waves and frequencies present in every space with modern devices, such as phones, computers, television, and tablets.

shungite crystals for protection
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You only have to place it around these devices to reduce the build-up of these magnetic waves. They are also effective when they are charging or actively in use. Shungite serves as the great stone to get rid of any adverse energies.

6. Labradorite-crystal for positivity

The labradorite stone, dubbed the aurora stone, is a feldspar with a beautiful display of colors. The glimmer of blue-green colors in light brings the northern lights of Aurora Borealis to mind, and this is where the alias comes from, which has nothing to do with its use.

labdorite crystals for productivity

The crystal promotes a more straightforward thought process that helps maintain the proper flow of life. Using the labradorite will aid in adjusting in line, choosing a clear pathway, and living your best life.

7. Pyrite-crystal for good luck

If you search for a spark or extra boost in confidence, you need to own the pyrite crystal. The display of powers this stone posses can be the key to realizing most dreams. It is also called fool’s gold, which comes in various golden-toned square shapes.

pyrite crystals for protection and wealth
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When you use the crystal, it connects with your entire space and takes you to a position to attain personal growth and prosperity. Since the pyrite is evident to the senses, they enhance one’s life in general, even self-control and aspirations.

8. Citrine-crystal for productivity

There is an abundance of supportive energy to connect to the earth, and the citrine is excellent for binding to its positive vibes. With its vibrant yellow-orange hue, the crystal itself is cheerful, for a much-needed dose of bright air into your space.

citrine crystal stone
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While they maintain content and calm mindset, they also help foster creative energy for a more prosperous life. A great way to use the crystal, aside from placing it around your home, will be to mix the essence of citrine with the essential oil of oranges, cinnamon, and cloves to form a portion. You should spray this citrine portion spread on every corner of your space to give a ray of good vibes, with a pleasant sweet smell as a bonus to enjoy.

9. Tree Agate-crystal to stay grounded

The tree agate complements most crystals as it balances out the energies they give off. This crystal is essential to stabilize all the emotions moving around in your space. They also help one feel supported, which is a positive feeling anyone needs to thrive in all situations.

tree agate crystal stone
source: wildmountainchild

Tree agate is more effective when they are felt on the legs, which is why you can mix them into your floor washing solution. So, you can feel them on your feet at all times to help you stay grounded and connected to the earth’s energy.

10. Carnelian-crystal for comfort

The beautifully patterned swirls that form, the orange-reddish tinged stone, can almost make them look ornamental. But there is so much more to the powerful crystals for protection and safety. Its soothing, positive vibes are great for feeling comfortable and push a spark of creativity.

carnelian crystals for protection
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Carnelian can also be used to heat the energy in your space to promote an intuitive mind and path. If you are into creating spells, the stone is an excellent replacement for candles because they contain a natural fire due to their color tone.

11. Clear quartz-crystal for averting negativity

Clear quartz is a unique crystal that averts negative energy and brings in positivity. When you plan to use the stone, be sure to set clear intentions to get the best results. So, keep the path clear to take on your day when your crystal is in with you.

clear quartz crystals
source: austrelianmuseum

They can be worn as a necklace, or ring or placed in the pockets when you step out to act as a barrier against negativity. When you are at home always, put it close to you, so it protects you while you sleep as well. Clear quartz has a more significant effect when paired with black obsidian crystal.

A guide to Cleanse and activate your crystals – How to use crystals for protection

Best crystals for protection and How To Use Crystals For Protection

Cleaning your crystals is essential for having the best results when working with them. This should be done when you purchase the crystals and monthly when you start using them. To activate crystals, hold the stone and have a clear intention of how it should work, take deep breaths, focus and infuse your desires into the crystal.

You can say them aloud to make the intention clearer; a good example would be, saying a few keywords such as prosperity and positive vibe a few times out loud and meditating a bit on it while holding the crystal.

The simple method is to cleanse with a saline solution ( salt water). However, this way of cleaning with water is not suitable for some crystals. Before you do, check if the stone is above 7 Mohs scales of mineral hardness. Other ways of cleansing crystals include placing the crystals under a full moon and taking them inside after sunrise. You can also plunge deeply into a palo santo smoke.

Cleansing helps reactivate the crystals and rid off all the negative energy it has attracted whenever any of these rituals are performed.


In summary, crystals have been used for protection for a long time; while they are effective, the magic in them is not practical when you are not open to the energy they emit. Crystals are not a relax and watch things tool, but rather a guide to keeping you aligned in achieving your dreams.

They also work to keep the evil thoughts at bay, so you can stay focused on what is honest and productive to your craft. When placed around your space, in any form, regard them as your aid to navigate through life.

To keep your crystals in an outstanding performance, remember to purge and recharge your stones often. To maintain the positive energy and stay connected to the earth’s good.

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