7 Most Popular Outfits to Style with Bomber Jackets

8 Most Popular Outfits to Style with Bomber Jackets

Besides coats, jackets have always been a preferred choice of people obsessed with fashion. You need a piece of layering to elevate your boring, uninteresting outfits. Due to their versatility, jackets have been going through a lot of variations.

Many changes can also be seen with classic mandarin-collared leather jackets for women that have been around for centuries. However, our focus here is to discuss a specific style of jacket that is adored by women of all shapes and sizes, which is Bomber Jacket. 

Bomber jacket has a distinct and chic design, which is why women like to experiment them with different outfits according to their taste and occasion. Since there could be so many possibilities, this blog is aimed to give you 8 most popular outfits to style with bomber jackets. Let’s check them out!

How Is Bomber Jacket Different? 

The first bomber jacket, also called “flight jacket” back then, came around WWII when pilots wore them to combat harsh weather and keep themselves out of cold.

A standard bomber jacket style features a zip in the middle, ribbed collar and waistband, cuffed sleeves, loose arms, cropped length, and few flaps, pockets, or buttons for embellishment. The overall outlook is somewhat baggy and loose-fit, with frequent use of fur for added warmth. 

Get the Supermodel Look

While the sophistication of a simple leather jacket is undeniable, we cannot disregard the unmatchable style of a leather bomber jacket for women. This black bomber jacket makes you feel like a supermodel when paired with a plain white tee, flared/bootcut jeans, and ankle-length sturdy leather boots. No wonder why we see so many Instagram models wearing this combo and rocking their everyday-casual look so smoothly! 

Materials Used

Aside from leather, the most common materials used to make bomber jackets include nylon, suede, cotton, and polyester. However, nylon and leather-made bomber jackets are bought more frequently due to their durability, elegance, timelessness, and comfort.

Available Colours

The good thing about bomber jackets is that you can find almost all colours in it. This makes it easy for you to style them according to your event, be It casual or formal. Some of the most prominent colours include beige, dark brown, navy blue, black, olive green, white, maroon, red, mustard, and grey. 

Outfits to Try With Bomber Jacket  

#1. Monotone Outfit Option

A suede bomber jacket with a fur-lined hood is another style trend followed by famous fashion icons. However, you can go an extra mile and make a monotone outfit out of it to look your finest. For example, a beige suede bomber jacket with a matching pair of woven crop top and pants could be a great choice. With such an outfit, we would suggest wearing leather loafers to compliment your graceful vibe. 

Women's Sherilyn B-3 Maroon Leather Bomber Jackets 6

#2. Diva on Date Night

A perfect date night is incomplete without a classy attire that holds your date’s attention throughout. Get your nylon bomber jacket on (in olive green color) and wear it with a leather pencil skirt (slit from the side), a matching ribbed vest, and strappy heels to make your date fall in love with you instantly.

#3. Be Cozy in Chilly Weather

Everyone wants to count on an outfit that provides maximum warmth as well as style in those cold chilly days when nothing seems good enough. A puffer bomber jacket is great when to wish to remain on the cozy side. Choose it in a navy-blue colour and style it with your favourite turtleneck, leather pants, and platform shoes.  

#4. Classy and Comfy

An outfit that is good for both casual and business-casual look could be a duo of a knitted dress and a quilted bomber jacket! Knitted midi dress is on-demand these days, no wonder they make you look like a cover star of Vogue.

If you are choosing to wear this outfit, make sure to choose neutral colours. For example, you can never go wrong with a white quilted bomber jacket and pink knitted dress paired with long boots!  

Women's Ava Ma-1 Brown Leather Bomber Jacket 3

#5. For a Funky Vibe

To be on the groovy side, you can choose bomber jackets in floral prints. A lot of bomber jackets come in funky prints that can emphasise your unique personality.

With such a jacket, it is better to wear a black graphic tee and loose-fit pants. Skinny jeans are out of fashion now, so don’t wear them until and unless you have no other option. Lita matches the vibe of this jazzy outfit like nothing else!

#6. Oversized Affair

Laidback women like to wear oversized clothes, which is unquestionably a fashion trend too. For such an oversized affair, a cotton bomber jacket is perfect! You can choose any solid colour of jacket and pair it with your slouchy sweatshirt, trousers, and sporty trainers. This is also one of the most favoured outfits to wear on lazy college days.

#7. Bold, Eye-catching Bombers

Bomber leather jackets for women come in bold, shiny colours as well, which are great to wear at parties and fun-filled events. You can go for colours like red, mustard, pink, and even orange to wear with black overalls.

Jumpsuits and boilersuits are another option with which you can experiment this bomber jacket. Wedges seem too classy with this attire, so make sure you don’t ignore your shoe game here!

Concluding Remarks

Wearing your bomber jacket with style is surely an art, which (the good thing is) every woman can master! It’s incredibly easy to dress up with a bomber jacket, although you sure need some help with it. This is exactly why we have brought you this blog to give you 8 most popular outfit ideas to style with bomber jackets. 

Besides classic old leather bomber jackets, you got an option of mix and match your clothes with suede, nylon, polyester, and cotton bomber jackets. Now is your moment to flaunt your creativity, so take inspiration from this blog and dress your finest!

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