9 Classy Ways to Dress up a T-Shirt for Women

10 Classy Ways to Dress up a T-Shirt for Women

A T-shirt outfit has a certain sophistication if styled well. If we learn anything from this street style season, it’s that the comfort rules supreme. And, of course, sweatpants are all we think of when it comes to leisure wear but that too are replaced by loose and high-rise trousers, which are best suited with a classic t-shirt.

Thanks to the pandemic-driven remote work trend, Women T-shirts – once regarded as a go-to leisure wear or for slouching on the couch – have instantly become the perfect capsule wardrobe.

The decent T-shirt, which once used to be too casual for offices, is now a worthwhile workday option, making it one of the most convenient and practical piece in everyone’s closet. 

So, whether you’re attending zoom meetings, heading to the office, hanging out with friends, or even on a Saturday stroll, throw a women’s leather jackets over a t-shirt and rock & roll!

Below, we have listed down the 10 classy ways to dress up a T-shirt for women:

1. Style it with a tracksuit

Give your athleisure a glam twist by donning a neck white tee with matching high heels and a quilted clutch. Even better, go for a scoop neck white tee to show off your necklace and extravagant earrings.  

2. T-shirt with cutoffs and blazers

Taking inspiration from a fashionista herself, Rihanna, pair your t-shirt with the shorts. While it may seem too casual depending on where you’re going, you can throw a blazer or bi-colored heals to enhance the overall look. 

3. Pair it with a matching dress

A white T-shirt looks best with a matching piece – be it a blazer and short or dress pants. Besides, it doesn’t take much of your effort or time and is easy to pick it on and off.

You can accessorize with sophisticated loafers or chunky white sneakers. Throw a tinted bold glasses on your way out to finish it off!

4. Style with Mules and Pleated Skirt

Another cute way to style a decent white tee is with mules, and metallic pleated skirt. You can throw some statement silver jewelry to elevate the whole ensemble. For an extra touch, wear a red a hot lipstick – literally, you will shine!

5. Rock it with stylish leather jacket and heels 

There’s nothing that can add a bold and edgy look to your attire than a leather biker jacket for women. It’s a perfect wardrobe staple that can go with any outfits, especially with a classic white T-shirt. 

You can even pair it with a black slouchy tee with skinny jeans. I prefer wearing it over a white t-shirt, blue denim jeans, and sneakers. 

6. Style T-shit with a Bustier 

Looking for a dramatic look? Style your T-shirt with a Bustier and there you have it! We have seen celebrities pairing a white tee with a lace bustier and they looked sassy, bold, and absolutely amazing!

You can rock this look too by combining your shirt with straight-leg jeans, hot heels (of any color) and a bag to complete the look. The emphasis are on your footwear – the brighter it is, the better!

7. Rock your T-shirt with a bold suit

How about a boss lady look this Monday? There’s no better way to do that than slipping into your T-shirt with a classic bold suit.  

Keep all the focus on your colorful suit – I’d suggest an elegant maroonish or magenta suit with a white tee underneath. Want to make it more extra? Throw some high-soled sneakers or pencil heels and you will be good! 

For accessories, however, go for hoops, some mid rings, wrist watch, and a classy pair of glasses. Woah, genius!

8. T-shirt with a dress

Take some styling inspirations from Hailey Bieber and pair a T-shirt with fishnet tights and combat boots. Woah, bold yet elegant, doesn’t it? You can rock the same look and play around with colors.

Even better, get an oversized t-shirt (you can even borrow it from your boyfriend) to make the hemline longer or for the one that’s particularly designed to be a dress.

To be extra, you can also throw an outerwear like leather or baggy jackets.

9. T-shirt with Overalls

For fun and aesthetic look, style a black T-shirt with a pair of polka-dot overalls. This wardrobe combination is perfect for balancing out a playful and stylish look.

You can throw in some accessories, such as a sleek and delicate necklace, earrings, and trendy cat-eye sunglasses. And no, you won’t look like a 5-year-old, believe me!

If that’s not enough, you can experiment with braided hairdos. Whether you’re going for a girl’s day-out, or night out for drinks, this look will keep you trendy.

Do’s and Don’ts of styling a T-shirt for women:

If you’re a fashionista yourself, you’d have noticed the star-studded thing of combing white t-shirt with dresses on the streets. This outfit is undoubtedly daring and we’re still scratching our heads to figure out what it takes to pull it off like Kendal Jenner!

So, before you leap the layer-land, we have assembled a quick dos and don’ts list of styling a T-shirt to get you started:


  • Go for a striped shirt under a black slip-dress for an edgy silhouette. 
  • Wear knee-high boots with your tank-over-T look. 
  • For a formal look, wear a button-down shirt under a tank. And if you’d like to experiment, a denim shirt will also do fine!


  • Avoid wearing a patterned t-shirt with a patterned tank. 
  • Don’t overboard yourself with accessories while opting for a T-shirt. Coz sometimes, less is better!
  • Avoid wearing a turtle neck under your dress. 

So, which T-shirt styling idea do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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