Maximalist Interior Design: The Best Guide To Maximalist Interior Decor

maximalist interior design
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If you’re looking to add a little bit of personality to your home, you may want to consider the maximalist interior design. This trend supports adding as much color, pattern, and texture as possible, creating a lively and unique space. While maximalist design can be overwhelming, it’s pretty easy to achieve. Start by adding in some bold wallpaper or colorful artwork.

Then, layer different patterns throughout the room. Finally, add some statement furniture pieces and accessories to make the space pop. If you’re not sure how to get your decor started, don’t worry. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know in this blog post.

What is a Maximalist Interior Design?

Maximalism can be defined as” the pursuit of excess.” In interior design, it means going above. Maximalist interior design is for you if you need to make a statement with your home décor. This style is about going big and bold, with plenty of colors. It can be overwhelming at first glance but done right, it can be stunning.

Here’s all you need to know about this over-the-top style. Maximalist interior design is all about making a bold statement. You’ll see plenty of texture in a maximalist space. The key is mixing and matching different elements. Go ahead and mix prints and patterns – the more, the better.

The texture is also vital in maximalism. Think velvet throw pillows, shaggy or vintage print rugs, and fur blankets. You want your space to be cozy and inviting, so don’t be afraid to layer different textures throughout the room. Color is another element of maximalism.

This isn’t a style for those who prefer muted tones – you’ll see plenty of brights and jewel tones in a maximalist space. If you’re unsure where to start, try using a color wheel as inspiration. When it comes to furniture, go big or go home. Maximalism is all about making a statement, so choose stylish and functional pieces.

And don’t ease up mixing different styles – vintage and modern, for example. Start small if you’re ready to try maximalism in your own home. Pick one area of your home, like the living room, and slowly add in design pieces. until you achieve your desired look. And most importantly, have fun with it.

Where Did Maximalism Come From?

Maximalism in interior design has often gotten thought of as a recent trend. However, you can trace the roots of this style back to the late 19th century. The Aesthetic Movement can also get attributed to maximalism. This philosophy influenced many facets of life, including fashion, architecture, and even interior design. It emphasized beauty and art for art’s sake.

One of the most notable figures associated with this movement is Oscar Wilde. He famously said, “More is more.” This quote perfectly sums up the maximalist philosophy: more is indeed better. In recent years, maximalism has been making a comeback in interior design. This bold and vibrant style is the perfect way to make a statement in your home.

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How to do a Maximalist Interior Design?

This approach is about layering different colors to create an exciting and unique look. While it can be challenging to achieve the right balance, the results are well worth it. Start with a neutral base. It will help anchor the other elements in the room and prevent things from feeling too chaotic.

Add in layers of texture. A mix of different materials will give your space visual interest and depth. Include a variety of sizes and shapes. Using different sized furniture and accessories will add dimension to the room.

 Maximalism in the Living Room

Maximalist Interior Design | Maximalism Home Decor
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Edit as you go. Remove something if it’s not working. The goal is to create a space that feels cohesive and balanced. Maximalism in the living room can be a bit overwhelming. After all, it is one of the busiest rooms in the house. But with careful planning and execution. Here are some tips:

  1. Start with a blank canvas. White walls will help to make the room feel bigger and brighter.
  2. Add in some pops of color. A few brightly colored pieces will add personality and interest to the room without cramping it.
  3. Include a mix of textures and patterns. This will add depth to the space.
  4. Choose furniture that is both functional and stylish. Don’t sacrifice one for the other

Maximalist Interior Design in the Kitchen

Minimalism & Maximalism: What's the difference?
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While you might think that having a lot of stuff in the kitchen is cluttered and chaotic, best believe it can be pretty beautiful. A maximalist kitchen can be stylish and functional when you choose everything and place it with intention.

  1. Start by considering your storage needs. Do you have a lot of cookware or small appliances that you need to store? How much counter space do you need? Answering these questions will help you determine what type of cabinetry and storage solutions you need.
  2. Think about your color palette. A maximalist interior design for the kitchen doesn’t have to be all black and white – you can use color to create exciting visuals in the space.
  3. Include some statement pieces. A kitchen is a perfect place to showcase your style, so don’t be afraid to include some bold or unique details in your design.
  4. Pay attention to details. Like cabinet hardware, light fixtures, and backsplash tile, the little things can significantly impact a maximalist kitchen.

Maximalist Interior Design Bedroom

Bold Maximalist Bedroom Decor Ideas
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Have you ever considered adding a little bit of extra personality to your bedroom by using the style known as maximalism? This style is all about making a vibrant splash with your decor. To pull off maximalism in the bedroom, start by choosing a few key pieces that you love. Then, build around those pieces with smaller accents that complement them.

The goal is to create a space that feels unique and cohesive at the same time. One of the remarkable facts about maximalism is that there are no rules. You can mix and match different patterns to create your look. So if you’re feeling adventurous, try and experiment with varying design elements until you find something you love.

With maximalism, too much is the watchword sometimes. So have fun with the decor and let your personality shine through. Check out some of our favorite maximalist bedrooms for inspiration if you’re unsure where to start. These spaces will get you inspired, from bold wallpaper to colorful bedding.

Maximalist Interior Design Bathroom

Extra Bold Maximalist Bathroom Decor Ideas
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The bathroom is one of the rooms to channel your maximalism. You get constantly bombarded with choices and overwhelming stimuli throughout the day. Having a serene and calming space to retreat to can be a lifesaver. There are a few elements that make up a maximalist interior design for bathroom.

  1. Firstly, there should be plenty of storage for your products and towels. A beautiful vanity is also essential, as is an oversized bathtub or shower.
  2. Of course, no bathroom would be complete without some luxurious finishing touches like fresh flowers or candles.
  3. If you’re looking to create your maximalist oasis, start by decluttering your space and eliminating unnecessary items.
  4. Then, focus on adding some key pieces to make you feel relaxed and pampered. You’ll soon have a bathroom that feels like a true haven with a little effort.

How do You Recognize a Maximalist Interior Design?

There are a few key things to look for when identifying a maximalist interior design. The first is an abundance of color and pattern. You can easily spot vibrant and busy, with plenty of bright colors and patterns competing for attention. Another telltale sign of such space is an excess of décor and furnishings.

These spaces tend to be crowded and cluttered, with every inch of space getting used for something. Finally, maximalist interior designs often have a sense of fun and playfulness about them. They aren’t afraid to experiment with different textures, materials, and finishes, embracing eccentricity over minimalism.

If you’re looking for a more unique and exciting take on interior design, then a maximalist space is definitely for you. So there you have it – a few key things to look for when trying to identify a maximalist interior design. If you’re looking for something different, this style is worth considering.

What Do People Get Wrong About Maximalism?

Maximalism has been having a moment lately. This opulent style often gets misinterpreted as being gaudy or tacky when it is all about creating a space that is unique, luxurious, and full of personality. Here are a few common misconceptions about maximalism:

Contrary to popular belief, maximalism is not about filling up every space in a room.  One of the critical principles of maximalist design is negative space. Negative space helps to create a sense of calm and order amidst all of the chaos and allows the eye to rest. So, if you’re going for a maximalist look, don’t be afraid to leave some empty walls or floors.

Another common misconception about maximalism is that it is only for those with a lot of money. While it is true that maximalist spaces can be quite luxurious, you don’t need to have a huge budget to achieve this look. There are many ways to incorporate maximalist interior design elements into your home without breaking the bank.

For example, you could add a few statement pieces of furniture or art or use bold and colorful fabrics and wallpaper. Think eclectic maximalist interior design.

The Minimalist vs. Maximalist Debate
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The Difference Between Maximalist And Minimalist Design

If you ever wondered what the difference is between maximalism and minimalism? Well, wonder no more; we’ll be exploring the key differences between these two design styles.

Maximalism is all about excess. More is welcomed when it comes to maximalist interior design. This style gets often characterized by bold colors and textures. Maximalist spaces are usually busy and can sometimes feel overwhelming. But that’s part of the appeal for many people. A maximalist space is always exciting and full of personality.

On the other hand, minimalism is all about simplicity. The minimalist design strives to create a calm and relaxing environment. This style has become typically defined by clean lines, a neutral color palette, and a lack of clutter. Minimalist spaces often feel tranquil.

So, which is right for you? It depends on your personal preferences. If you like bold and vibrant spaces, maximalism might be the way to go. But if you prefer a more calming and relaxing environment, minimalism might be better suited for you. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what style feels best in your home.

Still not sure how to get started? Here are a few tips:

  • Choose a color palette and stick to it: It will help create a cohesive look.
  •  Incorporate different textures and materials. Think velvet, leather, wood, metal, etc.
  • Be strategic with your furniture placement. Consider grouping pieces together to create a more impactful look.
  • Layer, layer, layer: is the key to achieving that maximalist aesthetic.


Maximalism is all about making a bold statement – so don’t be afraid to go big. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a maximalist space that is stylish and unique. So, start shopping for those perfect pieces. Your dream home is waiting. Happy decorating!

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