Happy Trail: What Is It And Why Should You Keep It?

Happy Trail: What Is It And Why Should You Keep It?

Grooming the intimate area is a norm in this generation and the happy trail should not be left out. While some people think leaving the hair down there makes them dirty, others also say grooming it (cutting, trimming, waxing, shaving) makes them feel sexy.

Some people only groom down there and ignore their happy trail while others shave it off completely. Although grooming the happy trail has no health benefit, psychologically, it can help you to feel sexy and desired especially if your partner loves the look on you.

Happy trail, what does it mean?

The happy trail, also referred to as the treasure trail, is the hair that leads from your belly button into your pubic area. Both men and women have the happy trail but there are more men than women grooming theirs; it’s most likely because men are usually hairier.

The treasure trail can be a pivotal element to sex appeal for either men or women; most people underestimate the power of a well-groomed happy trail or how it can make you look very desirable to your partner. If you want to hit peak sexiness, you need to know how to manage your treasure trail.

How can you style your happy trail?

Some people are blessed with natural hair growth while others are not. When it comes to grooming your happy trail, you have to be deliberate—you want to avoid random tufts. Below are some of the ways to groom your happy trail.

Happy Trail
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It begins with fitness

Before you begin to groom your body hair, you need to understand that looking and feeling sexy doesn’t end with grooming the happy trail alone. When you have hard abs and a tight body, the treasure trail will accentuate your well-toned body.

If you have a big stomach, a treasure trail will look less attractive on you than on a person with a toned lower belly. Getting and maintaining a toned lower belly is not an easy task but nothing can stop you if you are determined.

Make a trail

The whole idea of this sort of grooming is to have a thin or slim trail that connects your upper body to your lower. What you intend to do is to reduce all general hair around that area to create a clear, and neatly cut-out hair trail.

When deciding on how to groom, there are two methods: one is to aim for softer lines that are not so detailed and clear-cut. Your treasure trail will look deliberately groomed but not with sharp precision. As you go down the trail, the hair gets shorter.

Make hard lines. Here, you will make sharp, clean trails that are deliberately designed to add an accent to your lower belly. This grooming method looks better if you have a full washboard below your chest.

Matching carpets

After you have decided on which grooming method to try, determining the length of hair is the next thing to know. Your treasure train length shouldn’t be so different from the length below your belt. If you are clean shaved down there, keep your happy trail as low as possible.

When grooming, consistency matters; if you want to maintain clean lines in your pubes, your treasure trail should follow suit, and the same should go for the hair on your chest. If your chest is quite bushy, don’t go smooth and bare below.

happy trail
The Cut

Why should I keep my happy trail?

Generally, when you look up happy trail, the pictures that pop up are that of men because society has made it cool for men to grow hair in and around their pubs but tag women who do it as dirty. As much as the trail is associated more with men than women, there are still a few women who grow out their treasure trail.

Deciding to keep your trail as a man or a woman is dependent on your choice as an individual. If you think keeping a trail makes you look sexier, hotter, and more desirable then you should groom your trail.

Keeping a trail doesn’t affect you medically, and neither does a lack of it. Some women also keep their happy trail because their partner finds it attractive, while others do because they want to defile society’s standards.

For whatever reason, you decide to grow your happy trail, bear in mind that it needs to be groomed often and the grooming method follows a pattern as stated above.

Items for grooming your happy trail

There are certain equipment you need when you chose to groom especially if you have thick and unruly hair. You will need a trimmer, a shaving stick, and a shaving gel. After mowing and trimming your body hair, remember to take a bath after shaving, this helps to restore your skin and reduce irritation.

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