Doctors Say Don’t Get Rid Of Your Hairy Bush. Here’s Why

Doctors Say Don't Get Rid Of Your Hairy Bush. Here's Why

Your hairy bush is a part of the human body and one most people do not understand the role it plays; over the years, society has embraced removing pubic hair as against leaving it to grow or remain undisturbed. Refusing to shave or remove your pubic hairy bush is now tagged as unhealthy and very unhygienic by society.

The pubic hair is there for a reason and serves various health benefits that we will talk about in this post; when next somebody asks you why you left your hairy bush, you can also educate them about the benefits and dangers of removing it.

What’s the function of the hairy bush?

Although humans are the only mammals with hairy bush, it doesn’t mean it is an anomaly that serves no purpose. Your hairy bush does the following:

Reduce friction

The skin underneath where your pubic hair lies is quite delicate, and the hairy bush serves as a form of protective buffer to reduce friction during activities like sex. During sex, your groin rubs against that of your partner, and the hairy bush serves as a dry lubricant to prevent your skins from rubbing against each other.

More so, your pubic hair helps to keep your privates warm which comes in handy during sexual arousal.

Protects you from bacteria

The pubic hair is similar in function to your eyelashes and nose hair, they help to protect and trap dirt, debris, and any harmful microorganism from getting into the privates. Also, your hair follicles around the pubic region produce an oil called sebum that prevents bacteria from reproducing.

Doctors Say Don't Get Rid Of Your Hairy Bush. Here's Why

Your hairy bush can protect you from infections like cellulitis, urinary tract infections, STIs, yeast, and vaginitis.

Signals reproductive ability

People generally do not start growing pubic hair until they attain puberty – which is a sign of sexual maturity and a sign that you can reproduce. In the olden days, it might have been a visual cue for a prospective mate.

Pheromone transmission

Another school of thought links the function of pubic hair to pheromone transmission that affects your mood and behavior. Pheromones come from apocrine sweat glands and the pubic region is a part of the body that contains lots of these glands. Your pubic hair helps to trap pheromones that will increase how attractive a potential sexual partner finds you.

Is having pubic hair unhygienic?

When you ask different people why they remove their pubic hair, the reason they give is because of hygiene. The pubic hair like other hair in the body is there for protection, the idea that it’s unhygienic is a misconception.

Due to the location of your hairy bush, it might have a stronger odor than other parts of your body because it traps sweat, bacteria, and oil but if you have your bath regularly, you should not concern yourself about lack of hygiene.


Why do people remove pubic hair?

You might wonder why people dedicate so much time to removing their hairy bushes if it serves these health reasons. Let’s talk about the possible reasons people shave.

Social norms

It has been agreed socially centuries ago that removing pubic hair makes us look neater, well-groomed, and more attractive – in this time and age, such practice is still the norm. Some people prefer to remove their hairy bush because of the standard set by the adult movie industry where being hairless is the norm.

Partner expectations

Women in some countries have made known that pubic grooming is connected to their partner’s preference. Also, studies show that men have more liking for a waxed sexual partner than the ones with the hairy bush. With this in mind, women were able to justify that they would rather have trimmed pubic hair.

Doctors Say Don't Get Rid Of Your Hairy Bush. Here's Why

Personal preferences

For others, it is a personal preference; they often do it for relief, sexual or self-confidence, or for some, it might just be a habit. Some women also report feeling discomfort when they leave their pubic hair to grow wild.

Increased sensation

People have the belief that waxing their pubic hair leads to an increase in sexual sensation and satisfaction. As much as this might ring true, hair removal is not the reason for enjoying sex better.

Let’s talk about the risk associated with hairy bush removal.


In the process of removing pubic hair, a lot of people sustain injury due to the removal equipment or process. Other people suffer burns and rashes.


Like I stated above, your hairy bush helps to protect your intimate areas from getting infected. When you remove the pubic hair, you open yourself up to common infections like UTIs, yeast infections, or Vaginitis.

Staph boils

For people with very sensitive skin, hair removal can result in boils in the genital areas.


Abscesses develop just like boils due to irritation of the pubic region. Where a boil is on the surface, abscesses are deep, under-the-skin infections that can cause pain, redness, and swelling.

With these few points of mine, we hope that we have enlightened you about why getting rid of your hairy bush is a bad idea.

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