Lifestyle Improvement Apps Every Person Should Use

Lifestyle Improvement Apps Every Person Should Use
Lifestyle Improvement Apps Every Person Should Use

See five lifestyle improvement apps that you should be using now to live a better life.

Our phones have become our lifesavers as staying at home and maintaining social distances have become the norm. Technology has been quite helpful in organizing things from the comfort of our homes as the fear of getting infected rises. As a result, we use technology to resolve tiny, yet essential problems in our daily lives.

With the help of technology providers, communities can avail lifestyle services from the comfort of their homes. Also, consumers appreciate the convenience such technologies provide. We have compiled a list of the top 5 major technology companies that offer quick and easy home services to residents.

Do you have a reliable internet connection like Spectrum or some other big name that won’t cause any inconvenience? Yes? Great, because that is literally all you need to improve your lifestyle.

Below are apps to install today.

Open Table

Lifestyle Improvement Apps Every Person Should Use | OpenTable

The Open Table app is a godsend for those who love to eat out. With Open Table, food lovers can get everything they dream of, wish for, and desire. Open Table caters to everything when it comes to food, from finding the best restaurants close by to planning a friend’s birthday.

One can easily navigate and find appropriate restaurants based on café feedback within seconds, as well as browse through the pictures of the restaurants, cafés, and lounges. One of the best features of Open Table is the ability to book dining and sync it with one’s calendar so one can get automatic notifications whenever a reservation is made.

Aloe Bud 

Aloe Bud | Lifestyle Improvement Apps Every Person Should Use

This app takes a unique approach to self-care. By encouraging you to take care of your health in non-intrusive and non-shaming ways it inspires you to take care of yourself. Unlike other self-care apps, Aloe Bud gives you the option to prioritize what is most important to you right now.

Unlike other self-care apps, Aloe Bud doesn’t make self-care a weird competition against yourself, where non-completed tasks may feel like failures and demotivate you. It’s quite the opposite. Described as “unobtrusive”, Aloe Bud’s notifications are actually phrased in a caring way that motivates you.

For people who are struggling, the language and wording are very carefully crafted and will not trigger them. Among the most vivid examples is the reminder to eat, which is referred to in the app as “fuel”.

While it may not be for everyone, there are certainly people who will appreciate it – those who work long hours, those who work online who need those little pushes to stay healthy.

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Urban Company

Lifestyle Improvement Apps Every Person Should Use | Urban Company

An Indian gig marketplace called Urban Company (previously known as Urban Clap) offers home installation, maintenance, and repair services, as well as beauty and wellness services. You can hire multiple services professionals on this platform, ranging from beauticians and masseuses to sofa cleaners, carpenters, and technicians. Over 5 million customers have been served by Urban Company across major metropolitan cities including India, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Sydney and Dubai since its inception. In FY20, beauty and wellness services accounted for 55% of total revenue, while home maintenance and repair contributed 45%. A network of 25,000 professionals and 800,000 service tasks were performed by the company in March 2020, which was servicing 22 locations within and outside India.


Forest | Lifestyle Improvement Apps Every Person Should Use

You can unglue from your phone with this productivity app. What makes this app different from others that provide productivity and pomodoro techniques? In five African countries, you can plant trees by avoiding your phone and earning coins that can be saved up and used for planting actual and very real trees.

Plant your tree between 10 and 120 minutes after setting the timer. The Forest app must be open during that time in order for your tree to grow. You will lose the tree if you exit the app or use any other feature of your phone, such as reading a message, answering a call, or checking that very important thing you just had to check. Your tree will die if you exit the app by mistake, so you have about one minute to go back in (a notification will be sent to you by Forest informing you that your tree is dying if you do).

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom | Lifestyle Improvement Apps Every Person Should Use

Apps for mobile photography are in high demand. It was Adobe’s real entry into the game that made a difference. You can use all the features your mobile camera has to offer with Lightroom for mobile, which is often not available with the standard OS camera app. A range of exposure options, a timer, instant presets, and more are available with Lightroom. You can gain even greater control over your photos by using professional and HDR modes if your camera supports them.

In fact, Lightroom is best known for the power it possesses when it comes to photo editing. Lightroom presets can be applied to your photos, as well as retouching, improving lighting, and enhancing colors in the mobile version. This app is one of the most advanced on the market, but it’s still intuitive.

Wrapping Up

Did you enjoy reading this post? Which app did you like the most? Also, if you have other names to share, please let us know. You can leave a comment below.

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