Smart Lipo: What Is Smart Lipo Cosmetics Surgery? Cost, Recovery, Aftercare, Side Effects, And Difference

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You might have a body goal of your dreams, and it seems like no exercise or diet is effective in getting you there; you might want to tilt towards cosmetics procedures like smart lipo. 

Getting rid of unwanted fat that won’t budge with surgery is nothing new, with liposuction being one of the most common methods. However, with technological advancement came Smart Lipo, which removes fat and tightens the skin cells. 

Smart lipo is the new way most people, including celebs, are contouring the body of their dreams. If you feel your clothes don’t fit right or need a rapid boost to achieve your ideal weight, you’ve hit the right article. 

What is Smart Lipo?

Smart lipo is an advanced liposuction type that utilizes lasers’ energy to dissolve fat tissue before getting sucked out. It is also known as laser lipolysis because a laser device is used to blast the fatty cells. It makes the process less invasive since the liquified fat can come out easier.

Besides that, Smart Lipo reduces the trauma to the skin and induces collagen production, enhancing elasticity to tighten the skin. 

Smart Lipo Cosmetics Procedure

Smart lipo is not a new procedure, and the FDA has approved it since 2006. You can get it done at a registered cosmetics hospital, but you must ensure they are professionals. That’s why it’s crucial before beginning your SmartLipo journey; you should research the hospital.

You can book a consultation to discuss further with the plastic surgeon when everything checks out. Smart lipo is more suitable for skin areas with fat, where you anticipate might have a few loose skins after the fat gets suctioned out.

The surgeon will physically examine the skin area, and you can also discuss what to expect from the procedure. In addition, you can state concerns you might have, whether on your physical appearance or health-wise. A good surgeon should be able to answer whatever you might have to eliminate doubts.

When you are okay with the answers, a date is set for the surgery. The procedure begins with the surgeon administering local anesthesia so that you won’t feel the effects of machines. Afterward, the doctor will make a small opening to insert the laser fiber. 

The lasers operate on different wavelengths; while some focus on melting off the fat cells, others will work on tightening the skin. When the lasers have finished working on your body, the fat can then get sucked out with a tool called a cannula.

The procedure can last up to 3 hours, depending on the amount of fat cell membrane. They can include a massage to help move the fat out when the passage gets obstructed due to the fat deposits. The surgeon will then give you aftercare instructions to boost your recovery. 

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How to Prepare for Smart Lipo?

It would help if you avoided a few things in the days before the Smart Lipo procedure. The first is getting off blood thinning medications if you are on any of them for at least two weeks before coming in. Another type of medication you should avoid is vitamin E supplements. 

It would be best if you also skipped any skincare or beauty fix that can potentially irritate your skin. This means no tanning or shaving for at least a week before the laser lipolysis procedure. The list goes on, but it depends on your medical records. Your doctor of choice will have other things to do before the surgery.

Healing time/Smart Lipo Recovery 

Smart lipo is a less invasive surgery but will still cause mild to intense pain according to your threshold for pain. After the procedure, expect the area to feel sore and sort of number amongst other side effects. Most people require a week or more from work and other daily activities to nurse their body post-Smart Lipo procedure.

So, if you plan to do Smart Lipo, schedule it on your leave days if you get to work. A professional surgeon will require you to come for a checkup before you are given an all-clear to resume regular activities. That’s because if you rush into performing strenuous activities like exercises, it can cause complications.

Smart lipo Arms Before & After
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How Much Does Smart Lipo Cost?

Smart lipo is a pricy cosmetics procedure, and the cost ranges from $2000 to $9000. On average, expect to pay $5000 for a professional surgeon. When you use established surgeons with many years of experience, you will pay higher, so be ready to splurge to get the body you desire.

However, most hospitals will give you cost based on the amount of work you need to get done on your body. This means a person performing smart lipo on their arms will not pay as much as individual planning to add other body areas.

To help cut back on some costs, some establishments might offer packages that cover some body areas at a discounted rate. During your research and consultation, you should be able to get all this information. 

Aftercare for Smart Lipo

Generally, it usually takes a week to feel up to the task again, but during the days after the procedure, you must stick to the aftercare instructions. Following an aftercare routine doesn’t only ensure you heal nicely but also cuts back on the recovery time. If you plan on returning to total capacity in no time, below are some aftercare tips you must adhere to.

Rest: The importance of getting maximum rest in the first few days cannot be overemphasized. We have mentioned earlier that you must take time off work, which includes household chores. During your rest break, do not carry out even the most straightforward activity like cooking. If you cannot get a family or friend to do it for you, then employ someone. All your time should be spent resting to get your body up to speed. So, think of it as a vacation, at home in the comfort of your bed. 

Avoid unhealthy habits: If you are a person that indulges in one or more bad habits like smoking, alcohol, and drug intake, then you need to stop to boost your healing process. When these harmful substances like tobacco from cigarettes get introduced into your system during your healing time, it competes with the oxygen needed for a full recovery. The best way is to stay off these items a week before and after the intelligent lipo session. 

Get a compression garment: Getting a compression garment is one part but wearing it for the recommended hours is what helps. That’s because compression garments are designed to aid the body in recovering from an injury by reducing liquid build-up that slows down your healing process. You know that your body has many fluids without being told, and when the skin area you need healing keeps holding on to liquids, it doesn’t heal fast. You might need to wear a compression garment for a few hours for up to 2 months after the surgery. Ultimately, you can wear it for as long as you need the support and comfort of the garment. 

Pause your exercise routine: You must suspend all forms of exercise for at least a week if you wish to start flaunting your results in no time. You are most likely on schedule; trust us, it can wait until after you have recovered. Even with the results the smart lipo will give you; chances are you wouldn’t need intense workouts anymore. So, resist the urge to visit the gym, even if it’s just once, as you’ll end up overexerting yourself, which you need to avoid. 

Go for a scheduled checkup: After the surgery, the doctor will most likely schedule you for checkups to see your progress and if there might be any complications. Attending these follow-up meetings is an essential part you cannot skip if you plan on hitting your body goal in no time. If needed, the doctor can quickly see and recommend follow-up sessions to benefit you in achieving your results. 

Side Effects of Smart Lipo

Although smart lipo is like liposuction, its side effects are minimal; since lasers aid the fat removal process, you can expect lesser drawbacks from the procedure. While you feel some pain, it won’t be as much. Swelling for up to 2 weeks is expected but should ease up as time progresses.

Also, the injury is lesser because it requires a small incision to complete the process. Another to watch out for is an irregularity in skin contours instead of the smoothness you should get. There is also a risk of bruising and increased swelling if you don’t practice a good aftercare routine.

You can sometimes develop a mild infection due to the laser device’s incision, itching, and skin rash. So, overall, it eliminates lots of side effects since it’s a smart procedure. 

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What is the Difference Between Smart Lipo and Liposuction?

Smart lipo is similar to liposuction because both procedures can suction fat from the body to reduce the body size. However, many people now prefer to do a Smart Lipo to enjoy the benefits of skin firming instead of losing skin areas with liposuction.

The device used in carrying out the procedures also differentiates them because while a 3-5mm cannula gets used for liposuction, smart lipo uses only a 1mm cannula. The cannula size impacts the size of the incision for the surgery, and a small cut equals a shorter recovery time.

In addition, smart lipo doesn’t require much fuss for the fat to get suctioned, so it is less painful and can also reduce the healing time, unlike liposuction, which causes pain and bruising.

Liposuction is limited in terms of the body area it can reach, which isn’t the case for smart lipo, which is tiny enough to get to the hard-to-reach areas. So, it suits Smart Lipo for places like your upper arms and calf, unlike liposuction, which works well with large skin areas like the stomach and thighs. 

How Long do the Results of a Smart Lipo Last?

The effects of a smart lipo procedure are meant to be permanent since it suctions fat out of the body. However, if you fail to maintain a healthy diet, your body can start storing fat again, defeating the purpose.

Before committing to such a cosmetics procedure, ensure that you are ready to make changes towards achieving your body goal. So, be prepared to combine exercises and a diet plan to get desired results. 

Who Shouldn’t Get Smart Lipo?

Smart liposuction is for people with fat tissues that have refused to get broken down after trying out exercise and dieting. The procedure is excellent for those who already maintain a healthy lifestyle but require a little help reaching their desired results.

Even though you lead a healthy lifestyle, smart lipo might not be for you if you are a nursing mother or pregnant. It would be best to pause the procedure when you are on heavy menstrual flow.

Also, you cannot get smart lipo if you have health conditions like cancer, heart conditions, multiple sclerosis, abnormal tissue growth, blood clots, and implants.

A certified surgeon should be able to tell if it’s safe for you to get smart lipo during the consultation. So, you must be honest during your talks. 


Let’s face it, exercise and a weight loss diet might not get you the body you desire. So, seeking smart lipo to contour your body artificially might be your best option. It targets fat in unlikely areas one would usually get liposuction, like Chin, knees, back, and arms.

Everyone wants a visually appealing body as it boosts confidence, which shouldn’t be the case as true beauty comes from within. But if your body doesn’t make you happy, nothing should stop you from exploring cosmetic procedures to improve it. 

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