Galaxy nails ideas and how to do it yourself

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If you have been spotting galaxy nails around this season, no cause for alarm, they are back in fashion. The nail design has been trending on-and-off for a few years now and has proven its staying power due to its alluring intergalactic vibe.

Generally, nails are a form of artistic expression, and galaxy nails art is used to channel your inner star power and love for nature. You can hardly go wrong with galaxy nails, as they can get updated with different designs.

Besides being chic and posh, they can easily suit anyone; unless you are not a fan of dark-themed nails. Regardless, with the details of the shiny stars, even conservatives might be tempted to give it a try. Since it is dark-colored nails, most people wrongly consider them ‘Halloween nails ideas,’ but they can be worn all season long.

You can also brighten the nails with pastel nail polish like purple, pink, and green to be rocked to work, events, and during these festive times. Megan Thee Stallion flashed her galaxy nails for this year’s Governor’s Ball, and everyone was obsessing over it. Aside from her body and hot legs on display, the starry universe represented on her nails was everything, with rhinestones for the extra glam.


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Hailey Bieber has also served some galaxy nail inspo worth checking out not too long ago. You, too, can recreate these looks on your fingertips, and here’s how.

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How to make galaxy nails

There are many galaxy nails inspirations online, and your faves have shown off quite a few. While it is always best to book a professional manicure session to get the perfect nails, you can easily DIY at home, as this nail design is not hard to achieve. If you want to get creative, there are many combos you can perform with galaxy nails design.

The items you will need for the nail design

You will need different nail polish sets such as Navy blue or black nail polish, sparkly (silver) nail polish, white nail polish, purple nail polish, green nail polish, topcoats, makeup sponge, and toothpicks. These nail polishes can be gel or acrylic, but note that you need UV light to dry off the gel. There are no special skills required to paint this design; you only have to be careful.

Prepare the fingernails

Prep your fingernails and keep them in a shape of choice, whether long or short, of receiving the dose of constellation art. You start by wiping off the old nail polish, then use a file to get your desired length and shape. Apply oil to the cuticles, some ultra-bond, and your nails are all set.

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Painting the nails

Step One: Apply either the black or navy blue polish as the base coat — one or two coats should be enough — and leave to dry for a few minutes. Then apply the pink or purple nail polish to lighten up the nails.

Step Two: Add some purple nail polish, and use the makeup sponge to dab on white nail polish. Apply a little sparkly nail polish to create the galaxy effect but do not apply the sparkly polish in one direction, as they can take varying forms, so it looks like a natural cosmic sky.

Step Three: Dab on some green glitter for more brightness (optional) and you can also add flecks of gold nail glitter or sequins for an extra pop of color. Layering the nail polish can give a 3-D effect or add stars and moons charms.

Step Four: To create the stars, use a toothpick to add the white nail polish as dots to form stars. If you have the skill, use the toothpick to extend the four edges of the dots to make stars. You don’t have to add details to all your nails, as some fingernails can be painted in bold colors for a mismatched design.

Step Five: Finish off with a generous amount of topcoat, which allows the nail polish to set in and gives it a shiny appearance. The topcoat polish is also essential since it helps the nail last longer. Tidy up the edges from any spillage on the side of the nails.

It is advised to have a design in mind before you start painting. Anyway, going with a fresh new take is always great.

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With these easy steps, galaxy nails art is the one you should be trying now. You can get inspiration from clothes and other accessories, and they can be customized to any unique pattern you desire. The bold nail design is for anyone who dares, with a glitter flare to soften up the look.

Although you will have to spend so much time applying each nail coat and all the extra shimmery details, the effort will be worth it, so be ready to experiment with different nail polish combinations. You may also like to read, Wave tattoo: meaning, translations and ideas.

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