10 Most Searched Songs On Google Trends In 2021

best songs of 2021
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See the top 10 most searched songs on Google in 2021 and why they became so famous.

The statement ‘music is the food of the soul’ has never been truer since the pandemic struck. Sounds were used to fill the days, many dance challenges were created from them. It was the year of the breakout artists, with social media to thank for the widespread popularity of some of the best songs of 2021.

We also witnessed some epic comebacks and record-breaking music. In the ranking of which they were searched for, evidently not all your faves made it. This list features the 10 most famous songs from diverse genres that topped charts and global trends.

10. “Good days”- SZA

sza-good-days- best songs of 2021
source: stereogum

SZA is not new on the music scene and in “Good Days”, she sings about the Bible stories of Job, Jesus, and Jericho in this ballad. While the outro is a record on its own for being two-minutes-long, this single is what got SZA to number 9 on the Hot 100 chart. I guess the ethereal and chill vibe of the song is appealing, to many people and has formed the catchphrase for many tweets.

9. “Wellerman”- Nathan Evans

wellerman Nathe Evans best songs of 2021
source: YouTube

From an unexpected source, comes the viral #SeaShantyTikTok song. Nathan Evans is the Scottish mailman behind the cover of the New Zealand, sea Ballard. His rendition of the 18th-century song has sparked several discussions. While some are claiming it is not a sea shanty but a folk song used for maritime recreation purposes, fans of the sound on socials are not having it, as the sea shanty hashtag continues to trend.

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8. “Jalebi Baby”- Teser

teser Jalebi baby best song of 2021
source: YouTube

When “Jalebi Baby” went viral, the wish of Teser, a Canadian producer and rapper, to unite the world with music came alive. The Hindu-English song, which had the perfect blend of cultures, stayed hooked on repeat for months the lyrics just stuck. When he featured Jason Derulo on the remix, the song blew up yet again on all social platforms. I cannot recount all the videos and dance moves inspired by this sound.

7. “Butter”- BTS

BTS butter best songs of 2021
source: Theindependent

The K-pop boy band BTS, is crushing the pop scene after their success with “Dynamite” in 2020. When they released the “Butter” single, it shot straight to number one on the Billboard charts, and remained there for weeks that I got tired of counting courtesy of the BTS Army. “Butter” was the song of the summer, and the remix with Megan Thee Stallion only banged harder.

6. “Good 4 U”- Olivia Rodrigo

source: stereogum

Olivia’s “Good 4 U” made it to the Hot 100 chart. The pop-rock song has a vibe that makes you want to sing it all day and it solidified her place as a new storyteller to watch out for. It prepared us for the release of her debut album Sour.

5. “Mapa”- SB19

mapa sb19 best song 2021
source: Spotify

SB19 has proven that they are here to put Filipino music on global stages. The song pays tribute to the parents of the member of the boy band. Although the song is rendered in their language, with the band version featuring Ben&Ben, the passion in the execution makes it appealing to listen to. This fact made “Mapa” the sixth most searched song for its lyrics.

4. “Fancy Like”-Walker Hayes

fancy like best songs of 2021
source: musicrow

Walker Hayes never thought his song will get used for Applebee’s adverts. After eleven years of trying, he set his bar to enjoy himself while telling his story through music. Even after dropping “Fancy Like” on his Country Stuff EP, the song did not trend. It only went viral after his daughters did a TikTok dance video, soon everyone was vining to the bubbling country jam and it found its way to the 2021 best songs countdown.

3. “Industry Baby”- Lil Nas X featuring Jack Harlow

Lil nas x industry baby
source: knowyourmeme

Lil Nas X has certainly had a great year when another track from the album Montero is doing great on the charts. For the song, he features Jack Harlow, where they both sing and rap about fame. The music video did not disappoint to spark up some controversy. Set in a prison, many guessed Lil Nas used it to reflect on the impending lawsuit with Nike over his Satan Shoes. However, the singer cleared the air stating that he only wanted to express his sexuality and visualize breaking free from a masculine space.

2. “Montero” “(Call Me by Your Name)”- Lil Nas X

lil nas xmontero call be by your name best song 2021
source: napster

This song has a catchy chorus that sticks to your head. On the day of its release, Lil Nas X posted on Instagram that he wrote the song with “love from the future, fearful of his 14-year-old self”. Then getting to watch the video, with him going down to hell on a strip pole to give the Devil a lap dance. You will get to understand why it made it as one of the best songs of 2021.

1. “drivers license”- Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo divers licence best song of 2021
source: Umj.ink

No surprise as “drivers license” tops the list for the best songs of 2021. The hit single from the ex-Disney star rocked the airwaves from radio to TikTok. In a matter of hours after its release, it became an anthem for 2021. It has an infectious tune, that makes anyone from teens to adults blare the song out loud. You may also like to read, My Thoughts On 2021 Top 10 Most Searched Movies On Google.

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