10 snakes eye piercing inspirations that will have you running to the tattoo parlour

snakes eye piercing
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Body modification as we know it is not limited to the outer part of the body. As such, the tongue is not left out; while it gives a broad space for jewelry placement, only a few stand out like the snakes eye piercing which is done on the tips of the tongue so the jewelry head protrudes outside on two ends.

Snakes eye piercings, also called venom piercings are sometimes mistaken for the snake bite piercing since the two balls end of the jewelry sits outside horizontally to look like the eyes of a snake. They are the right kind of edgy piercing you will want to add to your body because they stay hidden till you are ready to show them off.

In this article, we will be sharing ten variations of the snakes eye piercing to get you inspired for your next body art.

1. Colorful snakes eye-piercing

Colorful piercing jewelry is a unique aesthetic to add to your snake eyes piercing. It elevates the most basic piercings from ordinary to artistic pieces. There are many jewelry choices. Opt for colors like pink, white, or neon shades that will give a flashy pop of brightness as you rock the piercing.

colourful barbell for piercing
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2. Wide placement

The wide placement in snake eye piercings keeps the jewelry at the left and right sides of the tongue rather than the tips. This wild variation of the piercing is a bold look you should be rocking. They can be done with a chunky barbell to enhance the beauty of the placement.

left and right wide placement snakes eyes piercing
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3. Spiral spin piercing

Normally, a snake’s eye piercing is done on a straight horizontal plane but can be elevated by a piece of spiral jewelry. It is unique because this won’t look like any other tongue piercing, with the two bead ends that give the snake eyes illusion.

spiral snakes eyes piercing
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The spiral shape might require making a little effort to get accustomed to the addition to your mouth. However, it will be worth it by the attention you’ll be receiving whenever you show it off.

4. Snakes eye with the crossing rod

The piercing is done with the connecting rod to the two snake eye ends staying visible, other than the normal buried look. This means the centerpiece that holds the two beaded eyes will stay on top of the tongue and just a small part will be buried to give the snake eyes illusion. It’s pretty extreme to get a piercing like this but if you are a hard-core fan of piercings, then you will love the look.

visible connecting barbell rod piercing
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5. The classic placement

Do not be left out of the tongue piercing gang, and opt for a classic snake’s eyes placement. It is subtle, effortlessly beautiful, with a cool appeal. The single piercing also looks cute when paired with a lower lip piercing. Use the same jewelry for both piercings so it is subtle yet creative.

the classic snakes eye piercing
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6. Close surface piercing

This style aims to tone down the edginess of snakes’ eyes piercings. Since the ends are closely placed to each other, the snake eyes illusion will look nice and glam, as it takes the shape of double-placed jewelry.

surface snake eye
source: Scoop piercing

7. Charm snake eyes

Stay fashionable with a charm or encrusted snake’s eye piercing. A different ornament can be used to adorn the tongue, such as diamonds, beads, and themed personalized jewelry that will bling as you flash your piercing.

rainbow charm jewelry
source: Infinite body piercing

8. Double snakes eye-piercing

If you’re in for the extreme thrill of piercings then you can go for a double dose of the snakes’ eyes. It will look cute and bold and should be done only if you are ready to commit to the tongue-piercing lifestyle.

double snakes eyes piercing
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Due to the risks and pain involved in getting such piercings, it is advised not to get the two piercings at once, but rather wait till the first one is fully healed before going for seconds.

9. Reverse snake

This is an unconventional take on snakes’ eyes placement. The piercing is done under the tongue rather than on top of it which is unique and stylish enough for anyone to try. Be careful as such placement is prone to be more sensitive than the upper tongue.

reverse under the tongue curved barbell piercing
source: outfittrends

10. Middle tongue snakes eyes

This piercing style is an update to the classic snake eyes piercing by placing the jewelry in the middle of the tongue instead of the tips like we are used to seeing. The perks of getting such placement are more pain and a serious dedication to aftercare since the middle tongue is thicker than the tips.

If you think you can handle this unique design, then you should go for it. The compliments that come from such piercings will convince you.

middle tongue placement spot jewelry
source: rogue piercing

In conclusion, snakes eye piercings look cute when paired with nose and lip piercings for the ultimate cool-girl look. If you’re a piercing enthusiast, this may be the placement you need to complete your curated body modification journey.

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