What Is An Ashley Piercing? Everything You Need To Know

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Lip piercings are currently trendy, and the Ashley piercing is gaining momentum, even though it is still new to many. The Ashley piercing is beautiful and it is a type of vertical labret piercing; If you love piercings, you would definitely love this type of piercing.

If you have gotten any form of lip piercing before, the procedure of getting the Ashley might not seem new to you, but if you have never pierced any part of your lips before, there are a few things you need to know about the Ashley piercing before deciding to get one.

What is an Ashley piercing?

The name of the piercing has nothing to do with the technique used in creating the piercing; people think the name originated from the first piecer who invented it.

The Ashley piercing is a single piercing that goes through the middle of your lower lip with one end visible on the top of your lip, while the other end is hidden inside your mouth.

 How much pain do you need to endure?

People who have gotten the Ashley piercing reported that it is one of the most painful lip piercings they ever got – including those who had pierced their lips before. The reason for the pain can be attributed to the location of the piercing.

The exact amount of pain you will experience when getting an Ashley piercing depends on your pain threshold. On a scale of one to 10, the pain you will experience getting the Ashley piercing is somewhere between 5 and 6.

So, before you get your piercing, be certain you can bear the pain.

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How much does it cost to get an Ashley piercing?

The Ashley piercing is a bit pricey compared to other lip piercings, this might be due to the complexity of the piercing. The price ranges between $30 and $85 depending on your location and the piercer.

The area in the mouth where the Ashley piercing is placed contains a lot of nerves, so the procedure should be done by a professional piercer who is quite intimate with the way the mouth works. A misplaced Ashley piercing can do permanent damage to the movement of your lips.

How is the procedure done?

Unlike other labret piercings, the Ashley piercing is done based on your anatomy – that is, the shape of your lips and teeth. The first thing to do is to determine where to place the piercing, taking into account your lips and teeth to prevent damaging your gum lining or teeth.

After determining the best place for your Ashley piercing, your piercer will sterilize all equipment to be used before cleaning and marking the area with a surgical pen for the placement. Your piercer can also decide to use a clamp to hold your lips in place but most prefer to do it freehand.

The lip is then perforated with a 14G needle that is pushed through the lips from the outside to the inside. Once that is done, your chosen jewelry is installed.

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Healing time

Typically, the Ashley piercing takes two to four months to heal but it could take longer for some people. Before you discontinue your aftercare practice, ensure you speak with your piercer.

Because of the location of the Ashley piercing on the lips, people who get it done experience more swelling during the healing stage compared to other types of lip piercings.

After the piercing is done, the installed jewelry needs to be a longer barbell for the first few weeks to create room for swelling. After the swelling goes down, you can switch to a smaller labret stud of your choice.


Due to the location of the Ashley piercing, you must be careful with your aftercare routine. When the piercing is still fresh, you need to avoid touching the jewelry, but it might be difficult because of the location.

You should also be careful when touching your teeth to the jewelry as jewelry rejections are some of the effects related to Ashley piercings. Other things to do to ensure your Ashley piercing heals in good time are:

  • Avoid playing with your jewelry to avoid getting the piercing infected
  • Avoid tight jewelry while your piercing is still new as that can lead to swelling
  • Soft and cold foods like ice cream and yogurt can help reduce pain and swelling.
  • Wash your hand before touching the piercings
  • You need to exercise caution when brushing your teeth and use soft bristle brushes.
  • Do not apply makeup or any cosmetic products to your lips until your piercing is fully healed, bearing in mind that the outer part heals faster than the inner.

How to clean your Ashley piercing

Like other piercings, you need to clean your Ashley piercing to avoid issues and infections during the healing process. Here are steps for cleaning your piercing:

  • Wash your hands before touching the piercing
  • Use saline solution with clean towels to clean the outer part twice daily
  • For the inner lip, use non-alcoholic mouthwash to rinse your mouth twice daily and also after eating or drinking.

What type of jewelry is used for the Ashley piercing?

The best jewelry for the Ashley piercing is the labret stud. The labret stud has a flat back and a removable, threaded accessory in front. It is typically used for lip piercings, but some people use it for nose and ear piercings.


The Ashley piercing is a show stopper and one you should get if you are into lip piercings.

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