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The world of footwear was thrown into hysteria when rapper Kanye West released the first Yeezy foam runners back in 2019, which was first worn by his daughter North. The vermillion is here two years later — a vibrant scarlet pair of shoes constructed to look alien fashion due to its weird holes.

The striking footwear just seeks attention — made without eyelets or the movable sneaker tongue, with a non-slip cradle heel, and comfortable footbed, this makes the shoe easy to wear.

In terms of materials used in making them, Kanye chose to use Eva foam, algae, and the red tone from the mineral cinnabar to back the movement of using sustainable products for the ecosystem. The design is unique to the musician. Footwear enthusiasts argue that it looks like crocs and it has since been dubbed Kanye’s crocs, but that’s a discussion no one wants to get into.

From the days of the public release of the colorway Ararat on the Yeezy Supply website for $75, which sold out instantly, the foam runner has continued to prove its market value by retailing for thrice the initial price in the market.

We have been teased with the colorways of the new Yeezy foam runner, and after finally launching on 29th October alongside the Beige ochre, the race is on for the first to get the chunky and oval cutout sneakers on their hands.

Not to worry, we have scoured the internet for places you can easily own a pair. Disregard the original retail price of $80 if you have hopes of rocking a pair.

Buy the Yeezy foam runner on the Adidas website

The first place to snatch up an original pair of these shoes is on the Adidas website or shop. As part of its futuristic footwear partnership with Kanye West, they offer all the Yeezy footwear and the shoes are sold for $148 in a wide range of sizes.

Get the Yeezy foam runner at Yeezy supply

This is the next best place to get a pair of foam runners. Unfortunately, they are most like to be sold out here first. If you’re going to use it just so the authenticity is sure, you’ll have to order the shoes early. Other than that, all things Yeezy can easily be found on the website.

The Edit LDN

This is yet again another great site to get your Yeezy foam runners. The Shopify powered website is based in the UK but ships globally, comes recommended but like all good things, they are a bit pricey, retailing for about $245. Thanks to their installment payment plans, at no extra fees you can own a pair with ease. According to the website, they are the number one online consignment store for limited sneakers and streetwear.


You can get the most coveted items on StockX, with the prices determined by the users as well as demand. Buy outright or bid down the price to get the best deal. The team verifies the seller and item before you buy, but what makes the website unique, is the price history chart it features. The helps you set the right price if you decide to sell any product.

Klekt-Europe’s original sneaker marketplace

The quest to own a Yeezy vermilion is easily sorted with Klekt, an established platform for buying authentic products. The price of the sneakers differs with sizes, and on the website, it is tailored to the specific shoe size. Sign up for early access so you don’t miss out on limited stocks and the latest arrivals.


eBay is yet again another site to get almost any item your looking for, and with its bidding feature, you are sure to get the best price for your sneakers. Read and confirm the seller’s terms before buying.

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How to spot a fake Yeezy foam runner?

The sources we have listed above are all great choices to get the sneakers, but there’s a high number of replicated copies flooding the market. We want you to be double sure of your Yeezy foam runner, so here are some ways you can spot the differences between a real and fake pair.

Generally, you can tell from the appearance. The original Yeezys have a pointed tip as opposed to the fake which is more round. It is hard for the fake pair to maintain its shape because it is made from a softer foam, rather than its counterpart that stays the same since it is made of durable foam.

Also, the holes on the fake pair are of different sizes, while the holes of the original pair are more defined and narrow. The fake pair tried to replicate this but failed in making the holes detailed. The difference is easy to spot by taking a look at the heels, as the original is bigger than the fake version with a small rounded heel. When you get yours you can also check the sole and the toe box for more distinguished features to be double sure.

On a final note, do not let the large Adidas logo on the shoes sway you into thinking that makes it original as the branding is subtle on the original pairs. Check for these differences as you shop so you don’t get caught sliding in a fake pair of shoes. You shouldn’t have to miss out on the red October-themed size-inclusive (including infants), futuristic shoes.

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