These apps will help you find out how hot you really are

You may have been called pretty, handsome, or beautiful by family and friends even strangers. Getting your thoughts to affirm with the statement is another struggle on its own. As technology grows every day, they have found ways to make phone applications rate a person’s face. It leaves one to wonder how beautiful you will be on the attractive scale of an application.

While studies have shown that the ideal face is just the spaces between each feature of the face such as the eyes, nose, and mouth. In the real sense, beauty is much more complex than that. If you’d rather believe the judgment of a computer program, we have rounded up the most efficient beauty and face apps to try.

However, you should remember that a mere application cannot tell you how beautiful or how ugly you are. These applications were only developed for entertainment purposes.

Ugly meter

This app uses a maths ratio to detect a person’s face and structure. The features of a person’s face with the facial proportions give the final result. The app rose to popularity and climbed to the top of the iOS store due to the constructive words it gives to users even if they score low points on the attractiveness scale.

ugly meter app
Source: Everyday health

This is one app that boasts of telling you the truth that your friends won’t tell you. Maybe this is why people trust it so much. The results are in descending order, this means if you score low then you are a cutie. But if you score a high point like a 9, it means you’re ugly.

Beauty meter

Beauty meter is a friendly app with an animated display to cheer you on as you check the attractive scale of your face. Some reviews say they are too nice and would even call a chair beautiful. This is the kind of app that you use to distract yourself after receiving bad feedback about your looks.


This is a dating app that doubles as an attractive scale meter. You can use this added-on feature before going for the original purpose of the app. Find out if those beauty products are working with the blinq scale. This app is unique because it guesses your age just from your face. It might get it wrong anyway, but it’s fun to see what you’ll get. You can download it on your phone’s app store.

Pretty scale

The website rates people’s faces by the symmetry of the face. The scale gives a percentage-based score and even the average individual can score an 80. They do not judge smiling pictures well, so it’s better to keep a straight face to get a fair judgment. The website is designed like an app and tells you how it got the final score. It lists your facial features like a small nose, normal chin or mouth size, and also your facial symmetry, rather than the outright score of ugly or not that most apps give.

pretty scale
Source: pretty scale

The Tik-Tok attractiveness scale

There is a popular filter on TikTok called the shapeshifter. It used to compare tiktokers’ faces with celebrities’. The face chart is divided into the male and female categories with set ratings that help to determine how closely you can be compared to the celebs. It rates from 1-10 and scoring a 10 proves you are beautiful.

Insert your picture into the attractiveness chart, it is easy to locate when you get on the app. Then apply the shapeshifter filter to match you to a celebrity, and you get to see where you rank. It is that simple.

A little warning though: the filter isn’t perfect as it can even pair a female with a male celebrity. And the original rating of the celebs might not be acceptable to you. It gives hilarious results most times, but it’s just the fun of social media.

Tiktok attractiveness scale
Source: Ladbible

Asides from these apps, there are online quizzes that aim to tell you how attractive you are by answering some set of questions, such as the shape of the face, the color of eyes, hair, and your general lifestyle. The results of these apps should not be the final verdict to you, as it is more random than real, and as such should not affect your self-esteem or outlook. It is boldly written as a warning on most apps.


Beauty is not about how symmetrical your face looks. People spend so much time fishing for compliments about their looks and comparing their faces to others forgetting that we are all unique. Even with perfect faces, beauty and attractiveness go beyond the physical.

You cannot put one hundred per cent trust in these apps. A little smile can influence the results, also the same face that ranks low on the attractive scale in one app can rank high in the other. Even using the same app on different occasions can give different results.

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