Everything you need to know before getting a rook piercing

rook piercing done with a curved barbell jewelry
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The ear offers so much space to have fun as far as piercings go. Once a person has gotten the ear lobes and other parts like the helix and conch pierced, they tend to get a little more creative, hence the rook piercing, which is a fresh and unique spot to get pierced.

Rook piercings are a form of cartilage piercing placed in the inner ridge of your upper ear, so jewelry can be used to adorn it. This spot is positioned in the anti-helix section of the ear, just slightly above the daith. This piercing option is on the rise since it acts as a centerpiece to bring a curated ear design together.

You might be in search of a piercing option or chances are this is the first piercing you’re getting. Not to worry, because this article contains everything you need to know before getting it done.

The rook piercing procedure

Choose a reputable salon to get the piercing. Once you get comfortable, the spot is marked and cleaned out. Then the piercer will use a sterile hollow needle to swiftly puncture the rook cartilage. Afterward, they’ll insert the jewelry.

A professional will ensure that they pierce a spot best suited for your ear type in a sterile environment.

How painful is a rook piercing?

During the procedure, you will feel pain as the needle passes through, which will lessen to a throbbing sensation that will last for the first few days. Although pain is usually relative and is based on the individual’s tolerance for pain, this type of piercing can be quite painful because it is done on the cartilage.

It is also unique since it is a ridge area that is bound to be thicker than some other parts of the ear. The first few weeks is when you will feel the most pain, but it will reduce gradually as the piercing heals.

Healing time

It takes anywhere between 6 months to a year for this piercing to completely heal. As is common with most piercings, the healing time is also dependent on how well you carry out the aftercare routine as well as your immune system.


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It is advisable to choose a professional piercer for the job because they will give you the best aftercare routine to follow based on the anatomy of your ear. Generally, you should avoid sleeping on your new piercing.

Be careful with the spot, and resist the urge to touch it, place foreign objects like headphones or scarves on it, as this can introduce bacteria that can lead to an infection.

You should also ensure your ear is cleaned two to three times daily with a saline solution or a fragrant-free soap. The rook is like a folded curve of the ear, so it will be easy for dirt to hang on. Take extra care as you clean the area. It is recommended to follow the aftercare routine till you are fully healed.

Side effects

This form of cartilage piercing is prone to infections, but before all that, the body might reject the piercing. There are other complications that can arise because of your new piercing.

Allergies: Most people react to metals like copper and nickel. It is best to use hypoallergenic metals or high-quality jewelry.
Swelling: Some people may experience swelling and redness due to the bruising of the ear. This can be treated with over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs.
Infections: The symptoms of an infection include prolonged pain and a burning sensation which may lead to a yellowish pus substance leaking out. Seek medical attention if you notice any of these.

Other side effects include bumps, ear deformity, scar tissue buildup, and the likes. Watch out for changes that occur in your ear after getting a piercing. This is the only way to detect the signs early and to be sure the piercing is healing properly.

The cost

You don’t have to break the bank to get your rook pierced, as it is not so expensive. You can get it done for as low as $30. Other places can change up to $40 excluding the price of the jewelry.

The price range depends on your location and the salon you choose to get the piercing. Disregard the cost as a criterion for choosing a piercer so you don’t go through all that pain and get a poorly done piercing which might lead to further complications.


Rook piercing is a quick process to get a unique addition to your ear adornments. Almost everyone can get the piercing done, but a few might not be able to due to the shape of their ear. It is an edgy piercing to get and you can go all out with the choice of jewels to show your style.

At the initial stage, a bar or hoop jewelry piece is recommended for use. Do not forget to go to the piercer to change out of the starter jewelry when you are completely healed.

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