8 effortlessly cool & unique ways to wear eyeliner

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When used properly to frame the eyes, eyeliners present a great possibility to use different ways to enhance your eyes. Eyeliners are so trusted that they’ve become a part of almost everyone’s makeup bag. You can draw them as a line over your lash line, make them wing your eyes, smudge them a bit, and even try on different eyeliner colors.

They make the eyes more expressive, but you may have been wearing the eyeliner look in just one way all this time. To help you get the right dimensions, they come in pencil, liquid, and gel form with a range of applicators to guide you on how to use them in versatile ways to create a stunning makeup look. Here are eight ways to elevate your eyeliner look.

1. Winged eyeliner look

The winged eyeliner look never goes out of style. Start thin on the inside, and make it thicker as you get to the outer eyes to achieve a perfect flick at the end. This is the classic way to wear eyeliners, but you can put a spin on it to make it pop. Use an eyeliner liner pencil to make the top and bottom lash line connect at the corners with a tiny flick of your wrist.

Another way to switch up the winged eyeliner look is to make the wings thin. You will have to angle the brush and apply it outwards to the corner of the eyes just once to get a thin line. Liquid eyeliners help to achieve the perfect width for this look.

2. Two-color eyeliner look

Wear two different shades of eyeliner, to get this look. You use one color on the upper lash line and a different color underneath it. This look is cool because you can try on just about any two colors of eyeliner. Just experiment with different colors till you get the two perfect colors for you.

3. Smoky eyeliner look

Smoky eyes are a showstopper for any occasion. Most people like to use eyeshadow to get a smoky look. But you can also do it with the eyeliner — apply the eyeliner then use a soft brush to smudge it.

For the parts of the eyes that the brush can’t get to, use your hand to completely smudge. You can use colors that match your skin tone to tone down the smokiness of the eyes or use bright colors to get a more dramatic eye look.

4. Glitter look

Let your eyes shimmer gorgeously by adding some glitter to your eyeliner. Draw the liners as thick as you want then apply a thin line of glitter on top of the eyeliner. To complement the look, you can wear a bolder eyeshadow color.

On the other hand, you can get this eye look by applying glittery eyeshadow all over your eyelids, then add any color of eyeliner across the lash line. It is a bold way to get your sparkle on.


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5. Thick upper eyeliner look

Give more definition to your eyes with this eyeliner look by laying it on thick on the upper eyes and thin for the inner. For this, you will have to ensure that the eyeliner pencil on the upper lash line is very thick. Be sure to get the corners of the eyes to connect the upper and lower lash line.

6. Double line eyeliner

This allows you to wear two lines with different colors of eyeliner on one eye. Apply a line of preferably black eyeliner, then allow to dry. Afterward, apply any other color of choice just above it to achieve this chic look.

The other way to nail this look is a bit tricky and requires steady hands. Some refer to it as the floating eyeliner. You take the eyeliner pencil from the lash line and connect the second line on your eyelid crease where you would normally apply eyeshadow for the cut crease technique.

7. Minimal look

This is a fast and easy look for those who like light makeup, which is also good for everyday use. Just apply a thin line of eyeliner and you’re good to go. You can elevate this look by applying some mascara. This gives you defined eyes while helping you maintain a natural look. Your trusty gel eyeliner can get this done for you.


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8. Graphical art eyeliner

This is for the artistic fashionistas who can truly use their eyes as a canvas and the eyeliner as the paint to draw. This is a futuristic look, where you can get creative and draw on lines and matching patterns or shapes that balance each other out. It requires a little more effort than the regular eyeliner look, but if you can let your art flow then give it a shot.


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Eyeliner techniques and styles have evolved from the classic wing and cat-eye look and changing every day, so wherever you look there’s a new inspiration peeking out. The many available colors make it more fun to try. Experiment with different eyeliners, add some flair, and style this look in ways that lets your eyes do the talking.

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