Try these 12 clear mascara for fluffier, thicker lashes & brows

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Makeup routines do not stay the same — while they can be bold sometimes, at other times a minimal look is needed. Clear mascara is a transparent gel formula that defines your lashes without the thick dark pigment look that the traditional black mascaras do.

Often made in small tubes, the glossy sheen it leaves on the lashes is very appealing. For a barely-there look and to preserve the natural beauty, you will not need a mascara primer. They lock in lashes and can even catch stray baby hairs. Amazing, right?

Most clear mascaras also double as an eyebrow gel, which makes them a multipurpose product that should be in every makeup bag. If you’re ready for a clear natural look, check out these 12 mascaras that will help you achieve it.

Maybelline great lash clear mascara

Maybelline great lash mascara
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Maybelline products are always top-notch, just like the black version most people use as an introduction to mascara. For fluffy and enhanced lashes, this is your choice as they still help you look natural. The transparent ones do the same — all you’re doing is just getting the same quality in a different color.

Clarins double fix clear mascara

clarins double fix
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This clear mascara has a great hold on the hair and is perfect if you want to get curly lashes without leaving any flakes. It is also a water-resistant seal for both your brows and lashes. Two coats of this product and you’ll be ready to take on the day with your lashes in place.

Perricone MD no makeup mascara

Perricone md no makeup clear mascara
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Healthy lashes start with this Perricone mascara. It is clinically tested to give fuller lashes because it contains boosting ingredients such as biotin. The enhanced two-sided brush sweeps every hair which leaves every last hair coated. You get both treatment and a perfect set of lashes with this product.

Jane Iredale Pure brow gel in clear

Jane iredale pure bow gel
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This is originally a brow gel but it also functions as a mascara. After using them to gather up your brows, you just clean the spoolie-brush, put on some extra product, and use them on your eyes. It is an eye makeup tool you’ll want to keep close.

e.l.f. cosmetics brow and lash mascara

e.l.f. lash and brow gel
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Get the best value at an affordable price with this two-in-one brow and lash gel. One side is a brow clear and the other is a clear mascara with separate brushes yet it is small enough for you to carry about. All the fuss about defined eye makeup is solved with this versatile product.

Ere Perez Aloe gel clear mascara

ere perez brow and lash clear mascara
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Here is a nourishing choice for you: the aloe-infused products help your hair stay healthy as you define them. Since they are good for your lashes, you can also apply them to your brows. Using such gems as this ensures over-plucked hairs are a thing of the past.

CoverGirl professional natural lash mascara

covergirl professional natural lash mascara
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This product is formulated to condition your lashes to give a natural dewy defined eye, which does not leave an excess shine, neither do they crunch. It comes with added points as the curved brush leaves no hair untouched. Even if you’re new to mascara, you will get a professional touch as this product has got you covered.

Essence lash & brow gel mascara

Essence lash and brow gel
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Here is a slick gel formula that will snatch up all your fine lash hairs while moisturizing them. It separates them to give a polished result, with an extra shine for all day long dewy eyes. A little warning: this product might be too slick for people with thicker hair textures. Overall, they do not disappoint in giving you a glam look.

Dr. Hauschka translucent brow and lash gel

Dr. hauscka brow and lash gel
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A mascara with your hair in mind and which is packed with all essential ingredients to strengthen them. Using this product on your lashes is like applying a protective coat over your eyes while you maintain a beautiful makeup look. Your lash grooming kit is not complete without this gel.

Zuzu luxe mascara in clear

Zuzu Luxe mascara in clear
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Add volume to your lashes while hydrating them with this herbs and vitamin extract packed product. No matter how many swipes you layer on, it won’t leave clumps. The product is also a great find for people that are sensitive since it’s vegan. Natural makeup lovers just drool over this product.

The body shop brow and lash gel

the body shop brow and lash clear mascara
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This is a natural-based product that yields a glossy result. A few swipes will set both your lashes and brows in place which leaves you prepped for any makeup look you’re trying to achieve. You can reach for it anytime because it is gentle on the eyes since it’s made from natural products.

Wet ‘n wild mega clear mascara

wet n wild megaclear gel
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Bland eyes are a no-no since stunning lashes are achieved with this lifting transparent gel. It aligns both the lashes and brows for a separated yet defined look. Even after drying off, it doesn’t get crusty. This means your lashes stay in place while looking tidy.

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